After completing the purchase, you will receive an email from DVDFab support center. In the email, you will get your own registration code consists of 25 digits and letters.


Step 1: Download and install DVDFab PC Backup

First of all, download DVDFab PC Backup from the official website, either on the download page or product page. And then install it according to the instructions on the wizard.



Step 2: Input the registration code on the activation window

Double click the desktop icon to call up DVDFab PC Backup. When first running this program, an activate window will pop up to ask you to activate your DVDFab PC Backup. Just input the registration code got from the email, and click OK button, the activation is completed by then.



If the first-time activation request is skipped or you have tried the free trial use for several days before buying, this time, for the activation, just click the Active Now button at the bottom left corner/top right corner of the main interface to bring you back to the activation window, and then input your registration code at the popup registration window. By doing so, the trail version will be transferred to the paid version.



So much for the activation of DVDFab PC Backup, really simple, right? Now, time to enjoy your DVDFab PC Backup, begin your data backup and recovery trip.



Internet connection is a must for the activation.