Email is one of the main internal communication ways in work, also a common and important information exchange method. After a long period of time, you may have received or collected a lot of emails contain significant information and data. In order to prevent occasional email loss, email backup is necessary. For completing this task, just leave it to DVDFab PC Backup. It is a totally clean, safe and high-effective email backup software, accommodates both inexperienced users and experienced users.Just need few clicks, the whole email backup process will be finished painlessly.

Next, let's follow the detailed steps on how to backup emails with DVDFab PC Backup.


Before taken any steps, please ensure that you have installed DVDFab PC Backup correctly. For completing this step, you can choose to make a purchase or download the free trail.


Step 1: Start DVDFab PC Backup up, and opt for Mail Backup

After installation, start DVDFab PC Backup up. When arriving at the main window, navigate to Mail Backup located at the upper part.


Step 2: Select email to backup, and make settings

By clicking Mail Backup tab, the operation window will be brought out, and your email management system has been recognized. You can choose all, or select any specific folders you need. You can click the folder icon to modify the output directory in the Destination part, or the backed up emails will be stored in the folder created after DVDFab PC Backup is installed. Also, you can define the plan name and description.


Further, you can schedule the email backup to determine how often the backup executes, make more detailed settings like backup compression, encryption, performance priority, email notification, backed up image file reserve strategy, etc.




Step 3: Get this task run

If all settings are right for you, go ahead and take the last step. Just hit the Proceed button, this task will be executed immediately. Thanks to DVDFab's multi-core CPU, the newest NVIDA and CUDA support, the backup will be finished with leading speed.


OK, done! It's your turn to backup and protect your emails and contacts. Don't immerse yourself in the pain of losing. Act now!