Despite not being as popular as they once were, DVDs are still being used by countless people and will continue to stick around for years to come. But while the DVD format might not go out of style anytime soon, there’s no guarantee that your discs will also stand the test of time. Discs slowly deteriorate with each passing year even if they’re not being used. That’s why it’s a good idea to copy DVDs to ISO format and create backups in order to prevent that from happening.

Creating backup copies of your favorite DVDs may seem like a challenging process but that’s not really the case. Well, at least not if you use DVDFab DVD Copy to smoothen the process. This great piece of software does exactly what it says on the tin and allows you to create copies of your discs by converting their contents to ISO files or folders. The resulting files can be stored locally on your computer or you can use the software to burn the contents of your DVDs onto blank discs.

That’s just merely scratching the surface, though. In addition to allowing you to copy DVDs to your computer or a blank disc, the software also comes with some nice extra features that will definitely come in handy from time to time. But even if you don’t want to use the extra stuff, the ability to create backups of your DVDs is valuable in and of itself and will ensure that you will never lose your precious content due to wear and tear.

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at how DVDFab DVD Copy works and how you can make the most of it. We’ll break things down into small chunks to make things easier to follow.

Download and Installation

Before you can learn how to copy DVDs to ISO or blank discs, you’ll obviously first want to download and install the software. Luckily, this is a very simple process. Just hit on one of the two downloading buttons in accordance with your computer operating system.

 i  Free Download                                    i  Free Download   

Once there, pick your operating system and then simply click the Free Download button to begin. Next, hit the Click to Install button. You can also click the little nearby button labeled “Custom” to choose a different installation path if you’re not happy with the default one. Wait for the installation process to complete and you’re good to go.

It’s worth pointing out that there are three versions of DVD Copy available – Full Trial, Free Version, and Paid Version. Upon first downloading the software, you benefit from a free 30-day trial, which turns into the Free version once it expires. This variant is quite limited so you’ll want to activate the Paid version in order to take full advantage of the software’s many features. You can read more about the differences between the three versions on the DVDFab DVD Copy main page.



  • Copy DVD to computer
  • Copy DVD to hard drive
  • Copy DVD to blank disc
  • Copy protected DVD
  • Work on Windows and Mac
DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper

  • Rip a protected DVD
  • Convert DVD to digital
  • Upload DVD to USB
  • Rip the highest audio quality
  • Rip DVD in 3-5 minutes

Now, the bundle of DVD Copy and DVD Ripper is on sale. You can get them both by saving up to $29. For more FAQs about DVD Ripper, go to its official website.

Differences between Windows and Mac Versions

As you may have noticed upon visiting the Download section, DVDFab 12 is available on both Windows and Mac. By extension, so is DVD Copy along with many other DVDFab products. The two versions are pretty much identical in terms of how they work but there are a couple of differences when it comes to the installation process.

If you’re on MacOS, simply select the Mac option in the Download section and then click Free Download to get started. Double click the resulting .PKG file and then follow the on-screen prompts to install DVDFab 12 like you would any other software package. The Mac installer looks a bit different but simply click “Continue” or “Agree” when prompted and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re on Windows, the only other thing worth mentioning is that DVDFab 12 is available in two variants – 32-bit and 64-bit. The software will download and install the version that’s best suited to your particular operating system so there’s no need to worry about choosing manually. However, if you want to download a different version for some reason, you can find the installer in the Download section of the official website.

Six copy modes in DVDFab DVD Copy

How to Use DVDFab DVD Copy

Step 1: Select a Copy Mode

To get started with the software you’ll first want to open DVDFab 12 and click on the button labeled “Copy” found in the upper menu. The software will select a module by default but you can change it to anything you like by clicking the “Copy Mode” button located in the upper left corner of the user interface. You’ll notice several options there but you don’t have to worry about the last three of them for now.

Copy DVD to computer

The remaining options are the six available Copy modes offered by the software. Namely, Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split, Merge, and Clone/Burn. Each option is pretty self-explanatory but we’re going to briefly touch upon each of them in order to avoid any confusion.

Choose a copy mode

If you’re new to the software, you’ll probably want to pick either the Full Disc, Main Movie or Clone/Burn modules at this point. Full Disc will let you copy the DVD to a hard drive in its entirety while Main Movie while only copy the main title of the disc and ignore everything else. Note that both modules will copy the DVD to ISO format. You’ll be able to choose later whether you want the contents as an ISO image file or an ISO movie folder.

Meanwhile, the Clone/Burn module will allow you to create backup copies of your DVD that you can burn directly onto new blank discs. The software is able to create 1:1 copies of the original content so there’s no need to worry about any loss of quality. It’s also worth noting that you can actually use the little dropdown menu found towards the bottom to have the software create multiple copies of your disc.

As far as the Split module is concerned, you can use this to split the contents of a DVD into two separate discs, each containing only the chapters you select. Meanwhile, Merge does the exact opposite and will let you combine the contents of two discs into one DVD. Finally, the Customize module can be used to select titles and make certain changes to the contents you want to copy.

Step 2: Load the Source

With the module now selected, it’s time to load the DVD you want to copy. There are a couple of ways of doing this. First off, if you have a physical disc and you want to copy the DVD to ISO or Clone/Burn it, simply insert it into your optical drive and the software will load it up automatically. Alternatively, you can use the “Add” or “+” buttons to navigate to the location of the source and load it up manually. Finally, if you want to copy an ISO image or folder that’s already stored on your computer, you can load it by simply dragging it to the main interface.

Step 3: Customize the Disc

Most of the time with this software you’ll probably want to either copy a DVD to your computer in its entirety to Clone/Burn it onto a blank disc. However, you can also choose to copy specific parts of the disc if you don’t need the whole thing. To do this, you can select Main Movie to copy just the longest title or you can choose to copy multiple titles by picking the Customize mode. Once selected, simply click the “Choose Other Titles” button to bring up a new window that shows you all the titles you can copy.

While you’re here, you can also make a few more changes to the output, such as picking the specific chapters, audio tracks, and subtitles you want to copy. If you’re not really familiar with how chapters and titles work it’s probably best to simply go with the default settings just to be on the safe side. Also, keep in mind that some DVDs may have more options available than others. Regardless of the disc, however, all available options will always appear just underneath the DVD in the main interface.


Step 4: Additional Settings

Whether you want to copy a DVD on Mac or Windows, there are a few more settings you may want to be aware of. You probably noticed that there’s a wrench icon that you can click when selecting some of the modules. Hitting this button will bring up the Advanced Settings window. Here, you can change the name of the volume label or select between DVD-9 and DVD-5 for the output. A few additional options also allow you to copy non-DVD files or rewind the disc when done playing.

Copy DVD to DVD 5 or DVD 9

Furthermore, you can find even more useful options by clicking the little arrow button located in the top right corner of the UI and selecting Common Settings. Here, you can go to the DVD Copy section to select options not just related to copying but also splitting and customizing. For example, you can choose to create a dvdid.xml file that can be read by Windows Media Center or pick between adding more titles on Disc 1 or Disc 2 when using the Split module.

Customize a DVD in common setting

Step 5: Select the Output Location

DVDFab DVD Copy offers you several options to choose from when you want to select the output location. The options available will differ a bit depending on which module you’re using and they can always be accessed via the dropdown menu and nearby icons located in the lower-left corner of the UI.

If you want to copy the DVD to ISO format, use the dropdown menu to select the destination and use one of the two nearby icons to choose whether you want the disc contents to be saved as an ISO image file or an ISO movie folder. If your preferred destination doesn’t appear in the dropdown list don’t worry because you can manually choose any location you want upon selecting one of the aforementioned icons.

Instead, you can use the dropdown menu to select your optical drive as the output destination.

Step 6: Start the Copying Process

Once everything else has been taken care of, you can now start to copy the DVD to a hard drive or blank disc, depending on which mode you chose during step 1. To do this, simply click the green Start button to begin the process now or click the dropdown arrow and click Start Later if you want to schedule it for another time.

Once the process is in full swing, you can use the green buttons in the lower right corner to pause, cancel, or tell the software to continue the process later. If you look to the lower-left corner you will also notice a dropdown menu that lets you tell DVDFab 12 to exit the program, hibernate or shut down your computer once the process is complete.

Start to copy DVD to computer

Final Thoughts

DVDFab DVD Copy is a remarkable piece of software that lets you back up all your DVDs quickly and efficiently. Not only can you copy DVDs to ISO format and store them locally but you can also use the software to create brand new discs for your physical collection. Whether we like it or not, all hardware deteriorates over time and DVDs are no exception. Don’t take any chances and future proof your valuable content with DVD Copy. DVDFab offers a 30-day free trial along with a very affordable paid version if you want to upgrade afterward so don’t hesitate to check it out.