A DVD is the revolutionary advancement over the compact disc. It was developed to deliver good video quality on older CRT screens. Many people still prefer movie DVDs over BDs and UHDs because the latter ones require expensive equipment to deliver entertainment on a TV screen. Few years ago DVD format was only supported by DVD players but now we have media players, TVs, media servers that can directly play DVD formats via USB.

To make this happen you’ll need a free DVD copy or free DVD burning software. A DVD copy software has the ability to copy a DVD disc to another blank disc, create an ISO or a folder from a DVD. This ISO or folder created by the DVD copy software has nearly the same video quality as that of the original source. And the ISO can be directly played on various devices like smartphones (via VLC player) and some home theaters via USB.

In this article we are introducing DVDFab DVD Copy which is currently the best free DVD copy software with six essential DVD copy functions. This article describes the full details of this software program and a brief step-by-step tutorial.


Part 1: How to Use DVDFab DVD Copy: A Step-by-Step Tutorial


The part 1 is comprised of four detailed parts. These parts explain the hows, whats, and whys of the DVDFab free DVD Copy software for Windows. Without going through these parts you should not move directly to the usage tutorial. Read each and every part carefully to know about this software’s purpose and functions and what it can do for you?

DVDFab DVD Copy can perform three main DVD copying tasks which are listed below.

1. Simple Copy: This task lets you copy your existing DVD to another blank DVDs. This way you can have multiple physical copies of the same disc. DVDFab DVD Copy uses an advanced error free burner for copying DVDs. The free version doesn’t support the DVDFab’s advanced burner but provides an option to use third-party DVD burners from within the program. Also only DVD9 output is supported.

2. Copy DVD ISO: If you don’t want a physical copy then you can save/copy your DVDs as ISO files. Creating DVD ISOs and saving them on your computer’s hard drive is more convenient because you’ll save yourself from burning DVDs unnecessarily. These DVD ISOs can be directly played on a PC and smartphones (using VLC player).

3. Copy DVD Folder: The DVDFab free DVD Copy software can create a folder out of a DVD disc. The folder so created contains audio, video, and subtitles data in an organized way. You can save this folder on your computer’s hard drive. The DVD folders can also be played on various devices directly like LED TVs, smartphones. A DVD folder is nothing more than a directory of audio and video files. These videos (.VOB) are easily playable on various devices like smartphones and TVs.


Part 1.1: Installation and Setup


DVDFab DVD Copy is available for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS. For Windows OS 32-bit and 64-bit software versions are also available. For this you have to download DVDFab 11 because DVDFab DVD Copy is an integral part of it. The program can be installed via an installer file or the offline installer (whole software package). Check out the download links below.

·         For the online installer file  for Windows/Mac– Go Here

·         For offline installer files Mac/Windows – DVDFab Offline Installer

Scroll down and look for DVDFab offline installer. It is available for Mac and Windows. Please note that the free version of DVDFab DVD Copy is only available for Windowsat present.

Download the required package and follow the on-screen instructions provided by the DVDFab 11 program to install it successfully. Now move on to part 2 below.


Part 1.2: DVDFab DVD Copy Main Functions/Copy Modes


Now after installing the program on your computer just open it. Before actually starting it to use you should learn about the different copy modes of DVDFab DVD Copy. Without knowing these essential functions you won’t be able to use the software correctly. Please read the detailed descriptions of various copy modes in DVDFab 11 below.

Copy Modes In Free Version

1. Full Disc: If you want to copy the entire DVD disc to another blank disc, ISO, or a folder then use this mode.

2. Main Movie: DVD discs have multiple video files. So most of the time you may want to copy only the main movie to save time and space. This copy mode can also create a DVD ISO, folder, or also lets you burn a blank disc with the main movie.

Important Note: In the free version of DVDFab DVD Copy only ‘Full Disc’ and ‘Main Movie’ copy modes are available. You can’t use the other four copy modes. The free version can only output to a DVD9 disc/ISO/folder. And for creating an ISO you’ll also need a third-party DVD burner. These are the limitations of the free version. A detailed comparison between the free and the paid version is given in the end, so keep reading the article.

Copy Modes In Paid Version

1. Customize: The ‘Customize’ copy mode lets you select multiple video files on a DVD disc. It is similar to main movie but in customize mode you can select more movie files along with the main movie.

2. Split: This copy mode works well with DVD9 discs. A DVD9 has double the storage space of a normal DVD disc. So if you have a DVD9 and you want to split it into two DVD5 discs then use this copy mode. You can also create ISOs, folders, and can directly burn two blank DVD5 discs. Please note that normal DVD discs are also known as DVD5.

3. Merge: This copy mode is the exact opposite of split function. This mode can be used to merge multiple DVD5 or DVD9 discs in a single DVD9 disc, ISO, or a folder.

4. Clone/Burn: This copy mode is used to copy a DVD to another blank disc, ISO, or a folder in 1:1 ratio. The copied ISO, folder, or the blank disc that you’ll burn will have the same video quality as that of the source DVD.


Part 1.3: Common Functions of All The Copy Modes


·         All the copy modes of DVDFab DVD Copy work with physical discs, ISOs, and even folders. So it is not necessary that you always possess physical discs as ISOs and folders will work the same way which is meant for DVDs.

·         All copy modes can create an ISO, folder, or burn a blank disc. The choice will always be yours to choose between an ISO, folder, or a blank disc for burning.


Part 1.4: Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial To Use DVDFab DVD Copy Free


At this point we hope that you are now completely aware about this software’s purpose and main functions. Now here we will discuss the step-by-step tutorial for using this free DVD copy software. Remember that the free version only supports ‘Full Disc’ and ‘Main Movie’ copy mode.

Full Disc Copy Mode Tutorial

·         Open the DVDFab 11 program and click the ‘Copy’ function tab.

·         Click the ‘Copy Mode’ selector button and select the ‘Full Disc’ copy mode.

·         Click the ‘+Add’ button to load a DVD disc source. Insert a DVD disc in the optical drive and it will automaticallybeloaded in the software.


full disc copy mode tutorial


·         Click the ‘Advanced Settings’ button (wrench) icon to see if you can customize some of the DVD settings in the free version.

·         If you want to burn a blank DVD then click the ‘Save to’ option and select the optical drive from the list.


click the advanced settings to customize dvd settings of the best dvd copy software


·         Then click ‘Start’ button and later you’ll be asked to register an account. Just do it as the pop-out window says. Then you will need to insert a blank DVD for burning. Please also note that to burn the disc you’ll need a third-party DVD burner as free version is not allowed to use the DVDFab’s inbuilt DVD burner.

·         If you don’t want to burn a disc then you can copy the DVD as an ISO file or a folder. Click the ISO or the folder button and select the save location.

·         Finally, click ‘Start’ to launch the DVD copy process.


* When you load a DVD source into the software, a copy mode will be selected by default by DVDFab. Before switching it to another copy mode, please remember to toggle off the current mode. See the picture below.


copy dvd freely


Main Movie Copy Mode Tutorial

You just learned to use the ‘Full Disc’ mode. Now check out the ‘Main Movie’ mode below.

The procedure of loading the disc, selecting the copy mode, changing ‘Advanced Settings’ is also same for ‘Main Movie’ copy mode as described above for ‘Full Disc’ mode.

·         Now after selecting the ‘Main Movie’ mode and loading the disc/ISO/folder in the program the UI will like this below.


main movie copy mode tutorial


·         You can select audio language from here, select subtitles, select chapters, and choose other video titles.

·         You can also check the ‘Advanced Settings’ by clicking the wrench icon to see which DVD settings are customizable.

·         Then click the ‘Save to’ location and select the optical drive if you want to burn a blank disc.

·         Alternatively you can create an ISO or a DVD folder just like you did in the ‘Full Disc’ mode.

·         Finally click ‘Start’ to start copying the DVD’s main movie to another blank disc, ISO, or a folder.


Tutorial For One of The Copy Modes Of Paid Version

The free version of DVDFab DVD Copy doesn’t support ‘customize’, ‘merge’, ‘split’, and ‘clone/burn’ copy modes. These are essential DVD copy modes without which your DVD copy needs may not be fully satisfied. We are describing only one copy mode here, because rest of the copy modes you can try yourself.

·         The ‘Customize’ copy mode lets us select multiple video files from a DVD disc, ISO, or the folder. Please note that this function is not available in the free version of DVDFab DVD Copy.

·         After selecting the copy mode you will need to either insert the DVD disc into the DVD drive, or load a DVD ISO or a folder.

·         If you are using a DVD disc then insert it in the DVD drive and DVDFab 11 will automatically recognize and load it.

·         To load an ISO or a folder click the ‘+Add’ or the larger ‘Plus’ button in the main software window. Clicking the ‘+Add’ or the ‘Plus’ button will open the file selector dialog box. Load the ISO file or folder from the desired directory.

·         After loading the disc, ISO, or folder the interface will look like this below in case of the ‘Customize’ copy mode.


Tutorial For One of The Copy Modes Of Paid Version


·         Here you can select the subtitles, audio language, chapters, other DVD titles, and change ‘Advanced Settings’ for a DVD/ISO/Folder. These sub-functions are same for all the copy modes except for the ‘Clone/Burn’ and the ‘Full Disc’ mode. Check the image with descriptions above.

·         To change DVD ‘Advanced Settings’ click the wrench icon to open the DVD settings. In ‘Advanced Settings’ you can select the output DVD type as ‘DVD5’ or ‘DVD9’ and allows you to remove menus. These settings are slightly different or the same for all the copy modes. These settings aren’t available for ‘Clone/Burn’, or ‘Full Disc’ modes.


advanced settings


·         After changing the settings, selecting subtitles, audio languages, and chapters you are good to start the DVD copying process.

·         But before clicking ‘Start’ make sure that your DVD drive is selected in the ‘Save to’ location (If you want to copy your DVD to another blank DVD) because after clicking the ‘Start’ button you will be later asked to insert a blank disc for burning.


make sure your dvd drive is selected to save to location before start


·         If you don’t want to create a physical disc and want to create an ISO or folder instead the click the ‘ISO’, or ‘Folder’ icon then select the save location on your computer’s hard drive and then click the ‘Start’ button to initiate the DVD copying process.


creat dvd iso/folder out of the physical disc


Part 2: DVDFab DVD Copy: Free vs Paid


The free version of the DVDFab DVD copy offers only two copy modes which are ‘Full Disc’ and ‘Main Movie’. The descriptions of these two copy modes are given above in detail. In the free version you won’t be able to use the DVDFab’s disc burner and have to use a third-party burner which may be cumbersome to install and configure. The free version can only output to DVD9 disc/ISO/folder. In free version you can’t copy more than three DVD discs.

In the free version you can’t use the ‘customize’, ‘merge’, ‘split’, and ‘clone/burn’ function. The ‘Clone/Burn’ function is the essential and the required copy mode if you are looking not to compromise on DVD video quality. This function is not available in free version but you can use the ‘Full Disc’ copy mode for satisfactory video quality. If you ever wanted to split or merge DVDs then free version of DVDFab DVD Copy won’t allow you to do so.

free version vs. paid version

What about DVD protection? Do you know that manufacturers encrypt movie DVDs with a certain encryption technology which prevents it from being copied. However, if you ever managed to copy the DVD then it would be in the form of encrypted blob which it completely useless.

So, DVDFab DVD Copy takes care of this and removesall kinds of older and latest DVD encryptions with ease. But do remember that the free version will not remove multiple VTS protections for you. Also, the free version can’t remove copy protection from adult DVDs.

We strongly recommend you to use the paid version instead of the free version. The paid version is an all-in-one DVD copy software which has essential functions which will satisfy your DVD copying needs.

Actually you don’t need to purchase the software to test it completely if this is your first time. DVDFab is quite lenient in this regard. If you never installed DVDFab 11 on your computer before then you can try the full software for the first 30 days. In the full trial period you can try all the features of the paid DVDFab DVD copy software but you can copy only 3 discs. After that you can decide whether to buy this software or not.




So we think that we have described the DVDFab DVD Copy software in a detailed way. After reading this article you’ll gain proper knowledge about this software like its purpose and what it is used for. The internet is full of free DVD copy software programs. But ask yourself a question, are they worth installing or are versatile like DVDFab DVD Copy. Though, the free version of DVDFab DVD Copy has limited functionality but still it is good for utter basic DVD copy needs. If you are looking for a complete DVD copy software program then go for DVDFab DVD Copy without any doubts.

If you also want to find a free DVD ripper to rip DVDs freely, please have a look at the best free DVD ripper software.