DVDFab will ask you to insert a DVD9 double layer disc when burning a DVD. Have you ever encountered this problem?

So what is the cause of inserting DVD9 in a pop-up request? This article describes four causes.

Cause 1: You may have chosen DVD9 as output, please just set DVD5 as output.

Cause 2: Compression overcapacity.

If you have selected DVD5 as the output, the compressed file size is still larger than the DVD5 single-layer disc can hold. Then you need to click Common Settings>Drives>DVD Write to confirm the set output size of DVD5. Generally, 4300MB is a safe size. If it is larger than this number, it may be required to use a double-layer disc.

Generally 4300MB is a safe size.

Beyond 4300MB, you may also need dual-layer discs.

Originally 4300MB, you'll need a log and movie purchase link, and the tech department will solve the problem.

Cause 3: The blank disc (Verbatim recommended) is not of good quality.

DVD5 output is selected and compressed size is within 4.7 GB. Try replacing the blank disc with a higher quality.

Alternatively, go to the Common Settings > Drive > DVD Burning panel and change the writable media size to a smaller size.

Generally speaking, however, 4300 MB is a relatively safe size.

Cause 4: The original disc has new protections that DVDFab does not yet support.

Even if you can back up, the output file may be too large to play properly even after setting DVD5.