Looking to backup your Blu-ray discs for free? If Yes! Then you just have hit the right page on the internet. Making backups of your Blu-ray discs is crucial because Blu-rays are expensive. Just like other discs Blu-ray discs are prone to scratches which may make them unreadable. So, to prevent such scenarios you should always make backups of your precious Blu-rays. For some users the best option of Blu-ray backup is to create a duplicate disc using some Blu-ray burning software. This way they can treat the duplicate BD as the backup disc.

The another best option of Blu-ray backup is to save your physical BDs as ISO files or Blu-ray folders on your computer’s hard drive. These Blu-ray ISOs and folders can then be burned to a blank BD disc whenever you want. So in this article we are introducing DVDFab Blu-ray Copy which is the required software to create Blu-ray backups.


Part 1: Backup Blu-rays Without Any Software: An Uncommon Approach


If you just want to save time and want only Blu-ray disc data backup then you can just simply copy the Blu-ray disc data and save it somewhere on your PC. But remember that this only copies the data stored on the disc as normal folders on your PC. You won’t be able to burn this copied data to an actual Blu-ray disc without a special Blu-ray copy softwareprogram. However, you’ll be able to play videos stored in the folders on your PC and USB supported BD players.

Please note this that if your Blu-ray disc is encrypted or copy protected then this part 1 will not even work for you. Encrypted Blu-ray discs can’t be copied straightaway. You’ll need a software program like DVDFab Blu-ray Copy to remove the disc encryption and make proper backups as Blu-ray ISOs or folder. So we highly recommend you using DVDFab Blu-ray Copy without any second thoughts if you’re any serious about making backups of your precious and expensive Blu-rays.


Part 1.1: DVDFab Blu-ray Copy Download and Installation


To start backing up your Blu-ray discs you first have to download DVDFab Blu-ray Copy which is included in the DVDFab 11.

·         DVDFab 11 Online Installer for Windows (32/64-bit) and Mac – Download Now

·         DVDFab 11 Offline Installer for Windows (32/64-bit) and Mac – Download Now

Please scroll down the webpage and download either the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of DVDFab 11 if you are using Windows OS. Download and install the software and then move on to the part 1.2.


Part 1.2: DVDFab Blu-ray Copy: Quick Intro and Main Functions


DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is a powerful Blu-ray copy software program with which you can copy your Blu-ray discs. With this software you’ll also be removing the copy protection and can burn them to another blank BD disc, ISO files, or even save as a BD folder. The main functions of this software are given below in full details.

·         Full Disc: This Blu-ray copy mode copies the entire contents of the disc to another blank disc, ISO, or a folder.

·         Main Movie: The ‘Main Movie’ copy mode lets you copy only the main movie from the Blu-ray disc. This main movie is the largest movie file on the Blu-ray disc. However, you can select the movie from the BD disc which you want to treat as the main movie. But in this copy mode only one movie can be selected.

·         Customize: The ‘Customize’ Blu-ray copy mode allows you to select or deselect multiple movies from the Blu-ray disc. So, in this mode you can decide which movies you want to keep for copying and which ones to reject.

·         Merge: With this copy mode you can simply merge multiple Blu-ray discs into one single BD, ISO, or folder.

·         Clone: This copy mode allows you to copy your Blu-ray disc to another blank disc, ISO, and folder in a 1:1 ratio without any loss of video quality.

Note: Only the first two functions are supported by the free version of the DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. You’ll see more limitations of the free version below in this article.

Part 2: DVDFab Blu-ray Copy: Backup Blu-ray Discs as Blu-ray ISO, a Folder, or Burn to Other Blank BD

So, you are now familiar with the DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. You just have learned its special functions and now without wasting much time we should start the tutorial.


Part 2.1: Full Disc Blu-ray Copy Mode


·         Open the DVDFab 11 software and click the ‘Copy’ tab. Then click the ‘Copy Mode’ selector button and select ‘Full Disc’.


free blu-ray backup


·         Now insert the Blu-ray disc in the BD-ROM drive of your computer. Select The Blu-ray region if prompted. After loading the disc the interface will look like this below.


free blu-ray backup


·         Click the ‘Advanced Settings’ button and select the ‘Output’ as ‘BD50’. In the image below you can see ‘BD25’ but in this free version you aren’t allowed to burn it. Only a BD50 Blu-ray disc can be burned in the free version.


free blu-ray copy


·         Since we are using the free version then to burn the disc, or ISO you will need ImgBurn. Simply install the ImgBurn software form its official website.

·         After installing ImgBurn click the ‘Settings’ button in the DVDFab 11 software window which is just before the ‘minimize’ button and just next to the ‘Themes’ button in the top right corner. Click ‘Common Settings’.


free blu-ray copy


·         Click ‘Drives’ tab and select ‘Blu-ray Write’ in the left panel. Now select ‘ImgBurn’ in ‘Burning Engine’. A popup will open asking you to select the ImgBurn’s installation path. Select the path and click ‘OK’.


copy blu-rays


·         Now the third-party free burning engine has been setup. Click ‘OK’ and return to the main software window of Blu-ray copy.

At this final step you have three options to create the backup of your Blu-ray disc which are as follows.

1. Blank BD Disc: If you are selecting this option then you can burn another blank BD disc and make a duplicate copy of the original Blu-ray disc. Remember that you can only burn a BD50 disc in the free version. Select the BD-ROM drive in the ‘Save to’ field and click ‘Start’. Insert the blank BD disc when prompted the software.


copy blu-rays


2. Blu-ray ISO: This is far better option of backing up your Blu-ray disc. This ISO can be saved on your PC and can be burned later. Simply click the ‘ISO’ button, select the save directory and then click the ‘Start’ button to start creating a Blu-ray ISO out of the original BD. See the image above for ISO option.

3. Blu-ray Folder: Again if you don’t want to burn a blank Blu-ray disc then you can save the Blu-ray disc as a folder. Simply click the ‘Folder’ icon, select the directory and click the ‘Start’ button.

·         Once you click the ‘Start’ button a popup will open asking you to login to your free DVDFab account.


copy blu-rays


·          If you don’t have one then click the option to create one. After creating and logging in to your free account click the ‘Start’ button to finally complete the last step.

·         After this you will either have a duplicate BD, a BD ISO, or a BD folder as the backup of your original disc.


Part 2.2: Main Movie Blu-ray Copy Mode


If you don’t want to copy the entire Blu-ray disc and only wants the ‘Main Movie’ as the backup then use the ‘Main Movie’ Blu-ray Copy Mode.

·         Select the ‘Main Movie’ mode from the copy mode selector.

·         Load your Blu-ray disc, ISO, or folder by clicking the ‘+Add’ button.

·         To select the ‘Main Movie’ of your choice click the ‘Choose Other Titles’ button and select the main movie which you want.


free blu-ray copy


·         There’s a green player button just next to every main movie title’s number. Use this player to play the movie which will let you find the correct main movie.

·         Now click the ‘Advanced Settings’ in the main interface and select the ‘Output’ as ‘BD50’. Other BD types aren’t supported in the free version. Click ‘OK’ and go back.

·         In the main interface you also have the options to select ‘Audio Language’, ‘Blu-ray chapters’, and ‘Subtitles’. Some Blu-ray discs may not have multiple audio languages and even subtitles.


copy blu-rays


·         After making all the changes you are ready to either burn a blank Blu-ray disc, ISO, or a folder which will serve as the backup of the main movie from your original Blu-ray disc. Please see part 2.1 for selecting the BD-ROM, ISO, or folder to copy the Blu-ray disc to.

·         Finally click ‘Start’ button to create the Blu-ray backup.

We just have covered the detailed tutorial for the free DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. If you want to utilize all the functions then please buy the paid version.


Part 3: DVDFab Blu-ray Copy: Free vs Trial vs Paid


After going through the article you now know that the free version of the DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is pretty much limited and you won’t get full essential features. Here are complete limitations of the free version.

·         You can’t use all the Blu-ray copy modes. ‘Full Disc’ and ‘Main Movie’ are the only two Blu-ray copy modes available in the free version. The free version of DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is also known as HD decrypter.

·         Newer Blu-ray encryptions won’t be removed. But in the paid version you’ll be able remove newer Blu-ray protections and encryptions.

·         You can’t output to BD5 or BD9 Blu-ray disc types in the free version. You can only output to BD25 or BD50 in the free version. Paid version supports BD50, BD25, BD9, and BD5 Blu-ray disc types.

·         For burning Blank BDs, and ISOs you’ll need third-party burning engine. While there is no such limitation in the paid version.

·         Free version isn’t capable of using the hardware acceleration technologies like Intel Quick Sync, Nvidia Cuda, or AMD Acceleration. These technologies boost the copy process and software takes less time to create a duplicate disc, ISO, or a folder.

Therefore we strongly recommend you to use the paid version instead of the limited free version.

Full Trial Version: Ifyou are a little sceptical about buying the paid version then you should first check the DVDFab Blu-ray copy’s full trial version. In full trial you can use and test all the features of this software and can copy a maximum of 3 Blu-ray discswhile using all the functions and options. Full trial doesn’t require an account. After the full trial period gets over you can make a better choice between the free and the paid version of DVDFab Blu-ray copy.


Part 3.1: Why Choose DVDFab Blu-ray Copy


The internet is full of Blu-ray copy softwareprograms. But are they any reliable? The only way to find out an answer is to test the productivity of the software yourself. But you may not get desired results always. Here we have shown you the capabilities, features, and usefulness of DVDFab Blu-ray Copy when it comes to copying Blu-ray discs. No doubt DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is highly reliable, productive, fast, and versatile software for Blu-ray copying needs.

You should choose DVDFab Blu-ray Copy if you want a reliable, powerful, and trustworthy software for all your Blu-ray copying related needs. You should start with trial version now and then move to the paid version.



So you just have completely learned to backup Blu-ray discs on your Windows 10 or Mac computer. However, you used the free version which is limited to two copy modes only. We strongly recommend that you use the paid version of DVDFab Blu-ray Copy because it is a fully functional, fully featured Blu-ray Copy software with 6 unique copy modes. These copy modes enhance a user’s productivity when it comes to backing up a Blu-ray disc to another blank disc, Blu-ray ISO or a Blu-ray folder. There’s no hurry, start with the full trial period of the DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and then decide whether you should upgrade to the paid version or not to backup your precious and expensive Blu-ray discs smartly.

This tutorial shows how to back up Blu-rays as Blu-ray discs/folders/ISO files freely, but if you also want to convert Blu-rays to video formats for backup, you may have a look at the Free Blu-ray Ripper to rip Blu-rays freely.