Backing up Blu-ray movies on Mac system is not that difficult as you might have thought of. As long as you got an external Blu-ray drive, a Mac Blu-ray copy software which is capable of making copies of Blu-rays, you can back up Blu-rays on your Mac computer as easy as you do it on Windows version. Check this tip out to learn how DVDFab Blu-ray Copy for Mac can help you with that task, in just three simple steps.

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Backup Blu-ray on Mac > Step 1: Download and install the latest DVDFab 9 for Mac onto your computer;

Backup Blu-ray on Mac > Step 2: Launch DVDFab 11 for Mac, choose Copy option in Option Bar, and then insert a Blu-ray disc into the external BD drive;

Backup Blu-ray on Mac > Step 3: Select Full Disc or Main Movie mode on Mode Panel, click the yellow fold icon available at the “Save to” section to select a directory to save the output movie folder, and then press down the “Start” button to issue the backup.

Software you need: The latest build of DVDFab 11 for Mac

Product you need order: Blu-ray Copy for Mac

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