As a result of the limited 3D Blu-ray releases, there are increasing appetite on converting 2D Blu-rays into 3D videos, so that 3D fans do not need to wait for the studios to release new 3D movies. They can convert their regular Blu-rays at home into 3D ones with the help of a Mac Blu-ray ripper software. This tip below is right on that topic.


Want to know the details of that process? Read on:


Rip 2D Blu-ray to 3D Video > Step 1: Download and install the latest DVDFab 9 for Mac onto your computer;


Rip 2D Blu-ray to 3D Video > Step 2: Launch DVDFab 9 for Mac, choose Ripper option from the Option Bar at the Main Interface, then load the target 2D Blu-ray into the Blu-ray drive, DVDFab shall automatically detect and load the disc as source;


Rip 2D Blu-ray to 3D Video > Step 3: Click the “Profile Switcher” which takes you to DVDFab Built-in Profile Library, and then select one profile from the “Format > 3D Format” column, here we use“3D AVI” profile as example;


Rip 2D Blu-ray to 3D Video > Step 4: Click “Advanced Settings” button under the “Profile Switcher” to do corresponding settings regarding to video, audio, subtitle and 3D formats; You will need to scroll down the window using the sliding bar to show the settings of the 3D format section. And there you can select “Split Screen” (left/right, top/bottom), “Anaglyph”, “Two separate files” or “Two video streams in one file” and set the value of Gain and Visual Depth as well.


Rip 2D Blu-ray to 3D Video > Step 5: Click the “Edit” button at the upper top area of Operation Window if you want to customize the resulting 3D video. After you have done here, return to the main interface to “Start” the converting process.


Software you need: The latest build of DVDFab 9 for Mac

Product you need order: Blu-ray Ripper for Mac


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