Utilities that can convert a video from one format to another have been around for a very long time. Most people use these utilities to convert files between common formats, however, you can use some of them to rip even 2D/3D Blu-rays and convert them to 3D videos. There aren’t many tools out there that can perform this difficult process, however, we just happen to know of one that can pull it off remarkably well – DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper.

With that in mind, in this article we’re going to show you how to rip Blu-rays to 3D videos the easy way. The software can be used to both rip already existing 3D Blu-rays and convert 2D ones to SBS 3D and other 3D video formats. SBS stands for side-by-side and is a format that’s a bit different that standard 3D but looks pretty much the same when viewed on a compatible display. We’ll touch a bit more on SBS 3D later in this article but first let’s take a look at how the software works.

How to Rip Blu-rays to SBS 3D or Other 3D Video Formats

Step 1: Select the Ripper Module

Download and install the DVDFab 11 software suite from the official website if you haven’t already. Now simply select the Ripper module from the top menu to get started. It’s the second icon from the left. Although the software suite includes a 30-day trial and has a Free variant, it’s worth mentioning at this point that we’re using the Paid version for the purposes of this article.

how to rip blu-ray to 3d videos

The Paid version includes unrestricted access to all the advanced features, some of which we’re going to use in this article. If you can’t use some of the features described here, you might not be running the full version so make to upgrade at your earliest convenience. If you want to learn more about the differences between the various versions of DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper make sure to visit its page on the official website.

Step 2: Load Your Source

In order to load the source, simply insert the Blu-ray disc you want to rip into your optical drive and DVDFab 11 should load it up automatically. If it doesn’t for some reason or if you’re working with a digital source, you can use the “Add/+” buttons to navigate to the source’s location on your computer. If the source is an ISO folder or folder, you can also load it up by dragging and dropping it anywhere inside the software’s main user interface.

rip blu-ray 3d to sbs 3d

Step 3: Select the Output Format

DVDFab 11 makes it very easy and intuitive to figure out how to rip Blu-ray to 3D videos, or any other type of format for that matter. To begin, click the button located in the upper left corner of the UI to access the Profile Switcher. Here, you’ll notice three different tabs, each containing a number of options. The most important tab you’ll want to focus on right now is Format. Just as its name suggests, this is where you can pick the output format of the Blu-ray you’re preparing to rip.

Since we’re primarily interested in ripping Blu-ray to SBS 3D videos right now, it’s worth mentioning that only some of the available formats will actually support this process. For example, if you pick something generic like MP4 the option to convert 2D to 3D SBS will not appear. Instead, click the Filter button and then tick the 3D button to have the software show you the formats that can support the process. You can also use additional filters like 4K or H265 if you have a very specific format in mind.

rip blu-ray 3d to sbs 3d

We’re using a regular 2D Blu-ray just for demonstration purposes but you can just as easily use the software to rip a 3D source. Whether you also want to convert it to SBS 3D that’s up to you, but you’ll still need to use the Profile Switcher to pick a suitable format in either case.

Step 4: Advanced Settings

Accessing the Advanced Settings menu can be done by clicking the little wrench icon highlighted in the image found below. Here you can find a large variety of very useful options that you can use to customize the output video.

blu-ray 3d to 3d videos

The first section includes options for changing the codec, resolution, encoding method, frame rate, split, and overall video quality. If you’re not sure what some of these options do, simply select one of the presets found under the Video Quality drop down menu. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a certain quality to size ratio, feel free to adjust the Bits/Pixel slider to your liking.

Just underneath the Video category you can find the Audio section, which features its own set of options. Here, you can adjust the codec, channels, sample rate, bit rate, and of course, the volume. Just below the Audio section you can find the subtitles menu which gives you three options to choose from – Direct render to video, Remux into file, and Extract to idx/sub file.

Choosing the first option will result in hardcoded subs while the other two will result in subtitles that can be turned on or off.

Finally, learning how to rip Blu-rays to 3D videos requires you to make good use of the final category in the Advanced Settings menu suitably labeled “3D.” Here, you’ll want to pick one of the available options from the dropdown menu.

Depending on which format you choose, you might see some additional options underneath. For example, with the Split Screen format (SBS 3D) you can check the box underneath if you want the Interfaced option to be on, as well as use the two sliders to adjust the Gain and Visual Depth when converting from 2D to 3D. We went with Split Screen just as an example but feel free to choose any format serves your needs the best.

blu-ray 3d ripper

Once you’re done making adjustments in the Advanced Settings menu you can come back to the main interface and play around with a few additional options. For example, here you can change the name of the source or pick which titles and chapters you want to rip. By default, the software will select the main movie title so make sure to click the Choose Other Titles button if you want to change that.

Similarly, you can also choose certain audio and subtitle tracks, if there are multiple of them available. Finally, on the main UI you can also find a dropdown menu that allows you to quickly select a quality preset for the output video. If you don’t feel like messing around with all the options found in Advanced Settings simply use this menu instead.

convert blu-ray 3d to mkv/mp4/m2ts/avi

Step 5: Video Edit

Accessing the video editor can be done by clicking the little icon found right next to the Advanced Settings menu. If you just want to use the Blu-ray 3D ripper and nothing else you don’t really need to access the video editor at this time. However, there are a lot of very useful tools here that will definitely come in handy if you ever need to edit your videos so it doesn’t hurt to take a couple of minutes and learn how to use this menu for future reference.

how to rip blu-ray to 3d videos

Add Watermarks

The first two icons found just beneath the Preview window can be used to add watermarks to your videos. Clicking the Text icon will allow you to not only type in the text you want to display as a watermark but also edit it by changing its font, size, color or transparency. If you want to add an image watermark instead, click the second icon and then upload the picture you want to use. You can change the size and position of the image by dragging its corners or set its transparency by adjusting the slider.

Add External Subtitles

The third icon from the first row can be used to add subtitles. Simply click the icon and then upload the subtitles you want to add to get started. Here, you also have a number of useful options to work with, including the ability to change the font and size of the subtitles. In addition, you can also make them bold or italic, add a delay, and change their color or position.

Video Proprieties

The first icon from the second row can be used to adjust the video proprieties of your source. You can use this window to rotate videos clockwise or counterclockwise and change things like Contrast, Brightness or Saturation by using the three sliders.

Cropping and Trimming

The last two icons from the second row are the cropping and trimming tools, respectively. The first tool lets you quickly crop the video until it reaches a specific aspect ratio, such as 4:3 or 16:9 for example. Use the dropdown menu and select an option from the list. Alternatively, you can set a custom aspect ratio by adding specific values to the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right fields.

Meanwhile, the trimming tool is just what it sounds like and allows you to trim certain parts of the video. Use the little red arrows to select the start and end time or manually insert values in the fields underneath if you’re looking to be as precise as possible. If you want to trim additional parts, drag the blue arrow to anywhere outside the boundaries of the first clip and click the Trim icon again. This will create two more red arrows that you can use as described before.

Step 6: Select the Output Location

Before you start ripping Blu-rays to SBS 3D videos you may want to change one more thing. Namely, the destination folder for your new video. Use the dropdown menu located in the lower left corner to select whether you want the output to be saved on your computer. You may also notice that there’s a third option available labeled Mobile, however, this only works with MP4 files so we can’t use it in this particular situation.

blu-ray 3d ripper

If you want to save the file on your computer and your preferred destination isn’t already available in the menu, click the folder icon next to it. Doing so will let you navigate to any other location on your system. Clicking the little globe icon will let you upload converted videos directly to YouTube, but you’ll need to first sign in to your account in order to use this option.

Step 7: Start the Ripping Process

Now that we’ve made all the adjustments we wanted to make it’s time to fire up the Blu-ray 3D ripper. You can either click the green Start button if you want to begin the process now or the little arrow next to it if you want to schedule the process for later.

Once the process is in full swing, you can use the bottom menu to tell DVDFab 11 to exit the program or hibernate/shut down your computer once the task is finished. Meanwhile, the three green buttons in the lower right can be used to cancel, pause or postpone the current task.

how to rip blu-ray to 3d videos

Further Details on SBS

At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive to rip Blu-ray 3D to SBS 3D. After all, converting to SBS may lead to a slight drop in quality in some situations. That said, there are certain advantages that make this process worthwhile. One of the popular reasons for using this format is that SBS 3D videos can be viewed using a VR headset like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. SBS also works with VR phone cases, which means you can easily watch 3D videos even on your smartphone.

As far as ripping from 2D Blu-rays to 3D videos is concerned, the benefits are again rather obvious. This amazing feature will let you experience your favorite movies like never before. This is particularly nice for some older movies that didn’t have a 3D version, to begin with. However, it goes without saying that not results will vary when converting from 2D to 3D as some videos look better than others in this format.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our tutorial helped you gain a better understanding of how to rip Blu-rays to SBS 3D and other 3D videos. Whether you’re using an existing 3D source or a 2D one, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper works equally well in both scenarios and will always yield great results. But you don’t have to take our word for it. The software offers a 30-day trial along with a Free version that you can grab right now and see for yourself. Do keep in mind, though, that you’ll need the paid version if you want to take advantage of all the features.