Summary: Do you know how to transfer iPhone videos to DVD free and easily? This article has everything you need to burn iPhone videos to DVD for better playback on DVD player or smart TVs. Read on to master how to burn DVD from iPhone videos with professional menu playback within 3 simple clicks.

Want to know how to burn iPhone videos to DVD on Mac/Windows free and easily? Never mind! Due to the outstanding performance and diverse features of the iPhone's video camera, you might love shooting videos with it instead of a cumbersome camera. However, as time goes by, the iPhone has the limited storage capacity to preserve all your captured HD videos. To delete, or to transfer iPhone videos to DVD for lasting storage or better playback on TV or home player?

In the long term, a professional iPhone to DVD video converter will ensure you a stunning viewing experience and keeping your iPhone videos in a whole skin. After all, it’s hard to bear the pain to give up your favorite or paid videos via the Delete key. Nevertheless, you might question How do I burn iPhone video to DVD? This article provides an effective solution to burn iPhone videos to DVD, both applicable to Mac or Windows.

PART ONE: Transfer iPhone Videos to Mac/Windows

Before burning iPhone videos to DVD, it’s the gateway to transferring iPhone videos to Mac/Windows with the necessary tools. Here quotes a simple way to load iPhone videos onto Mac/Windows before making DVDs.

Import videos to Mac via Photo app

  • Step 1: Install iTunes 12.5 or later versions.
  • Step 2: Connect iPhone to Mac with a USB cable.
  • Step 3: Unlock the iOS device with a passcode, and you will be asked to Trust This Computer. Choose Trust to continue.
  • Step 4: Launch the Photos app and click the Imports button or tab the device name in the Photos sidebar
  • Step 5: Tab the Import Selected to load your wanted videos

Of course, iCloud Photos or other alternatives can be helpful to transfer iPhone videos to Mac before using an iPhone to DVD video converter.

Import videos to Windows via Airmore

  • Step 1: Connect PC and iPhone with the same Wi-Fi
  • Step 2: Log in to the through Google/Firefox
  • Step 3: Open Air more app on iPhone, click Scan to connect, then scan the QR code shown on the web.
  • Step 4: Tab the Videos icon to transfer them to the PC

When all videos pop up on the main UI, choose desired videos and click on the Download button to load selected videos to PC. Similarly, there are other ways to import iPhone videos to PC before burning iPhone videos to DVD.

PART TWO: How to Burn iPhone Videos to DVD

After transferring iPhone videos to the desktop, it is high time you burned iPhone videos to DVD. It is always worthwhile to seek a professional iPhone to DVD converter that gives you the power to customize output DVD and make menu navigation personalized. To save you time shopping around, here comes the best professional and full-featured DVD Maker, DVDFab DVD Creator that suits all your personal needs.

Then how to burn DVD from iPhone videos fast and well? The following steps are for your reference.

Step 1: Launch DVDFab 12 and choose the Creator module

After downloading and launching DVDFab 12, you will see the following interface. Tab the DVD Creator from the upper-left mode switcher bar. Mind that this DVD Creator allows for a 30-day full trial before your final decision to make a purchase.

 i  Free Download  

Step 2:  iPhone videos and choose the output directory

After importing videos from iPhone to Mac or PC, click +Add from Local or + located in the center of the main UI to load videos to be burned from iPhone to DVD. Also, you can simply drag & drop them to the center of the window before burning a DVD.

Note that DVDFab DVD Creator can read various video formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI, M2TS, TS, MOV, WMV, WMA, 3GP, FLV, M4V, and VOB.

To save time, you can load source videos as many as possible, leaving them waiting in queue to be converted. Then hit Save to, namely, file directory, to store your burned DVD. Here you can select the save to DVD folder or DVD ISO file as labeled in the following arrows.

Step 3: Customize output and start to burn iPhone videos to DVD

After loading source videos, choose your wanted output size at the output size selection box, or click the Advanced Settings button in Picture 2 of Step 2 and then choose the output size and quality as you wish.

In terms of output size, there are DVD-5 (4.7G) and DVD-9 (8.5G) for your option. This iPhone to DVD video converter supports the following output formats: DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL. Note that DVD-9 excels in storage capacity, HD quality, and copyright protection compared with DVD-5.

Concerning video quality, you can select the Same as Source, Fit to Disc, customize as you like.

Well, it’s far from enough setting parameters before starting to burn iPhone videos to DVD. A professional-looking DVD menu will bring you a flexible and considerate playback control experience.

Now tab the Menu Settings button in Picture 2 of Step 2. DVDFab Creator offers multiple sets of static and dynamic menu templates to create homemade DVDs more professional and filled with studio-level feelings. The technical designers of this DVD maker will update this intuitive built-in menu library periodically.

You can select your loved images as background art and tab personalized text as shown in the screenshot because menu templates allow for switching audios and subtitles during the playback process. Above all, you will feel free to personalize all elements and widgets inside the templates such as background art, Play/Pause, Previous/Next, Thumbnail, text font, color, and size. Thus, turning to this full-featured menu maker before burning iPhone videos to DVD means a lot.

When the iPhone to DVD video converter is in its full swing, you can click the little green bar in the following picture to preview the whole conversion progress. This tab lets you oversee the real-time iPhone videos to DVD conversion. If you are satisfied with previous modifications, the Creator will save them by default. Otherwise, go back to the preset.

Once done, click the OK and go back to hit the Start button to burn iPhone videos to DVD. Supported by Hardware Acceleration technologies, this DVD maker will finalize burning iPhone videos to DVD within a short time.

Here, DVDFab DVD Creator has an in-built Task Queue tab, allowing users to check the current tasks, finished tasks, scheduled tasks, and even archived tasks. If you have tasks unfinished caused by sudden factors like unexpected exit, this iPhone to DVD video converter will remind you to continue archived tasks first next time you launch the Creator. This feature displays its human nature, saving much time for users.

When you have burned iPhone videos to DVD, the interface reminding Process Complete Successfully will pop up as below.

Up to now, the whole process of burning DVD from iPhone videos has wound up. With this DVD Creator, it takes less time for you to burn iPhone video to DVD in contrast with homogeneous products.

PART THREE: Play DVD with the Best Media Player

Aside from watching DVDs on TV with a home DVD player, you might need to search for a reliable media player to watch your created videos on Mac or PC after converting iPhone videos to DVD. When it comes to a versatile 4K media player, DVDFab Player 6, the world’s best 4K UHD media player with the navigation menu and HDR10 support, will be your top choice.

As can be seen from the triangle icon (red box) in the following picture, this tab directs you to the ‘Buy Now’ page after DVDFab Creator has burned all iPhone videos to DVD. Of course, you can download and launch this magical player from the download tab below. For more details please visit its download page and launch it for a smooth video experience. Of course, if you want a Porn DVD for private play, you can turn to other modules.

Wrap Up

Now you have understood how to burn iPhone videos to DVD on Mac/Windows with the best iPhone to DVD video converter, DVDFab DVD Creator, within three simple steps, with lightning-fast speed and stunning quality. Anyway, you have other alternatives such as iPhone video to DVD Walgreens DVD Transfer, DVD Maker, and DVD Styler to convert iPhone videos to DVD.

In a nutshell, next time when you are wondering how to transfer iPhone videos to DVD, resort to this post and make a DVD with a customized menu to enable optimal playback on a DVD player. By the way, before burning iPhone videos to DVD, you can edit video with the world’s most versatile video editing software.