With the involvement of smart phones leading by iPhone in our daily life, smart phones' role in our life has been more and more important and even be an indispensible part. We use smart phones to keep in touch with the person we want to connect with, deal with a myriad of tasks and search for the instant information. So when the data on iPhone is lost, that's really horrible. It is dangerous not only about our privacy, but also for the information regarding our work and the big names in our business.

However, even if your iOS data is lost or carelessly deleted, it doesn't matter now. DVDFab iFoneRestore will help you find all sorts of data on your iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. back. It's totally clean, safe, and reliable, and the iOS data recovery process is not time-consuming, it can be finished in just one second.

Following, let's enjoy the charm of DVDFab iFoneRestore to see how to recover iOS data efficiently and effortlessly.


Notes: before taking any operations, please firstly download and install one DVDFab iFoneRetsore, and activate it by inputting the registration code you received after purchase.


Step 1: Launch DVDFab iFoneRestore, and connect your iDevice to your PC

Launch DVDFab iFoneRestore, and connect your iDevice to your PC. DVDFab iFoneRestore offers users three methods to recover iOS data: recover from iOS Device, iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup. Recovering iOS data from iDevices is the most direct and convenient way and shall be the first choice especially under the circumstance that you haven't created any iTunes Backup or uploaded data to your iCloud.

Choose Recover from iOS Device (usually is selected by default), and then move down, and click the Start button.


Step 2: Preview and select what you want to recover

All sorts of data on your iOS device will be scanned and displayed after you clicking the Start button. Here, select the data you want to recover by clicking the icon to enter into the related operation window.


After seconds of scanning and analysis, all the data including the exit and lost items show. You can choose to check all or the specific items you need to recover after previewing the content.


And then move to the bottom right corner, and click the Recover to PC button to set the output directory for storing the recovered data temporarily after the settings window pops up.


Note: DVDFab supports to recover notes and contacts directly to the iOS devices.


Step 3: Begin the iOS data recovery task

Click the Recover button on the settings window, the iOS data recovery will be started immediately and finished just in one second. Yes, right, one second, just like blink of an eye.

If what you are about to recover are notes or contacts, you can click the Recover to Device button, which also only requires you one second to finish the whole task.


Now, just transfer the recovered data to your device, then the whole process is completed! If you are interested in this one second iOS data recovery software or you still doubt it, just try it yourself!

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