Cell Phone has taken the domain position in our human being communication. We don't need to take much care about the storage of contacts since the limitation has been up and up with the increasing development of smart phones. But every coin has its two sides, data loss concerning phone communication comes easier maybe due to a single swipe or a tap. When a contact is deleted accidentally, it means the communication bridge between you and this person is lost to the great extent.

However, you don't need to be miserable when this situation happens. Because DVDFab iFoneRestore can help you get contact back and fix the communication bridge between you. This powerful iPhone restore software even provides you three contacts recovery methods: Recover it from iDevice, iTunes Backup and iCloud Backup. And choosing which way more convenient to retrieve your contacts is just at your disposal.

Now, let's begin the trip about recovering the deleted iPhone contacts with DVDFab iFoneRestore.


Step 1: Prepare for the iPhone contacts recovery

If you haven't installed one DVDFab iFoneRestore yet, then you could download one either from the product page or the download page. The installation is painless, just follow the wizard. Then input the registration code you received from DVDFab when you arrive at the product activation.


Step 2: Run DVDFab iFoneRestore, and connect your iPhone to your PC

Run DVDFab iFoneRestore, and then connect your iPhone to your PC. As mentioned before, DVDFab provides you three methods for restoring your contacts, you can choose to restore contacts directly from your iPhone, your iTunes Backup if you have created iPhone backup plans, or from your iCloud Backup if you've uploaded your iPhone data to your iCloud account.

Let's just set recovering contact from iPhone as an example. Click it, then move down, and hit the Start button.


Step 3: Preview and choose the contacts you need to recover

By hitting the Start button, you arrive at the operation window with all your data including notes, messages, apps, photos, contacts, etc. scanned and displayed. Click on the icon of Contacts, then DVDFab iFoneRestore will scanned your device and list all the contacts including both exit and deleted items. Then you just need to pick out the contacts you need to recover by checking them.


DVDFab iFoneRestore empowers you to directly recover the deleted contacts to your iPhone, you can go to the lowest interface and click Recover to Device. Likewise, you can recover them to your PC and set the output location for the recovered data.



Step 3 Begin the contact recovery

Click on the Recover button, then contact recovery will be started immediately. The final process is seems like finished in just an eyeblink.



That's all! You can see the whole process is just finished in three steps, really simple, right? Now, it's your turn to get your lost contact back. Wish you every beautiful day!