Do you know the real intentions for Apple to release a new smaller 4 inch iPhone SE? According to analysts, there are at least three primary goals behind Apple’s anti-traditional behavior. Of course, those are just logical reasoning’s based on some facts. The No. 1 goal is to encourage those small screen lovers to upgrade their outdated iPhone 4s, 5, 5c and 5s, which the currently flagship line 4.7 inch 6s and 5.5 inch 6s Plus both fail to; the 2nd intention is to attract those first time smart phones buys to jump into the Apple ecosystem with a financial friendly midrange iPhone SE; and the 3rd one is that Apple probably wants to steal some Android fans to convince them make a switch, by offering flagship equivalent iPhone but only with a comparatively smaller screen.


As to whether or not these goals can be realized, guess we have to wait until the shipments get started. The new iPhone SE will be shipped carrying the latest iOS 9.3 which has just been released alongside the iPhone SE at the March 21 event. For those who are interested in this iPhone 5s replacement, we have this iOS data recovery software for you, just in case you mishandle some data when getting them from your old phone to the new one, such as the call history, notes, messages, WhatsApp messages, etc.     


Move on for a detailed tour on how to recover the missing call history on iPhone SE.


Recover Lost Call History from iPhone SE: Step 1Download and install the latest version of DVDFab iFoneRetore on to your computer, and then choose the first recovery mode after starting it up;



Recover Lost Call History from iPhone SE: Step 2 – Do what the onscreen instruction asks to connect your iPhone SE to your computer via its data cable;



Recover Lost Call History from iPhone SE: Step 3 – Click the Start button to proceed, and then click on the Call History icon from the Text Data section to start scanning your iPhone SE, which might take a couple of minutes, please wait until the scanning finishes;



Recover Lost Call History from iPhone SE: Step 4 – When the scan finishes, you can select the wanted threads from the list to put them back to your PC hard drive.



Sidenote: you can use the toggle switch at the top left corner to display only the deleted items to narrow down your searching scope, or use the search box at the top right corner to locate the missing Contacts you are specifically looking for.


Above is all about how to get the deleted Contacts back with iFoneRestore from DVDFab. It’s incredibly easy to do. No worry of data loss any more. For more information, you can visit