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How to Transfer Data of Current Hard Drive to Another?

For this or that reason, you may have the need to transfer data or system to another computer. Say, if you bought a new computer, then you need to migrate your personal and important data from the current computer to the new one to let your new machine equipped with the ideal configuration you use most often. Or if you are used to collecting good movies, music, pictures, etc., time past, what you collected are increasing, however, the storage of your hard drive is limited, which is not able to satisfy your increasing need. Then you purchase a bigger one, and need to transfer part or all the data to it.

Usually, for small size data, you can just simply transfer it with the short cut key "Ctrl+C" and "Ctrl +V", or clicking the right-mouse button: "Copy" + "Paste". While for system file and other big size data, you need a professional data transfer software to help you achieve your goal better.

Although there is no shortage of such kind of data transfer software, you don't need to fret about which one is the best. DVDFab PC Backup, a full-featured but easy-to-use PC backup solution will satisfy all your need. It functions as both a professional data transfer software and data cloner, which can migrate all data from one hard drive to another with just four simple steps.

Following, please follow this guide to see how to make it.


If you haven't got one DVDFab PC Backup, download one, and then according to the wizard to complete the installation.


Step 1: Run DVDFab PC Backup, and opt for Clone

Double click the desktop icon of DVDFab PC Backup you've successfully installed. When it runs, navigate to the upper right part of the main window, and click the Clone button.


Step 2: Select the data you want to transfer

By choosing the Clone option, DVDFab PC Backup will scan and present you your current data according to the disks/partitions of your computer. You can select all, or the specific partition data you need to transfer by checking the checkboxes on, and click the Next.


Step 3: Select the target destination for storing data

With the following window pop up, all the available disks/hard drives show. You are required to select one for the to-be-transferred data storing. Notice that the target disk shall be different from the disk of which the data you want to transfer. And if you choose one contains data, the original data may be overwritten.


After selecting the target disk, click the Next and then preview and confirm the disk layout.


Step 4: Begin transferring data

With all things get ready, now you can take the last step. Click the Proceed button, this data transfer task will be executed immediately. And you can choose to set your computer to automatically shut down when the task is finished.


OK, done!

For more information, please visit: https://www.dvdfab.cn/pc-backup.htm.

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