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1.     Best DVD Converter to Convert video to DVD in 2020

DVDFab DVD Creator, is the best DVD converter that could convert multiple videos into a new DVD with easy operation and great compatibility. Well-received, professional, as well as boasting a modern UI, it supports all sorts of videos, including the downloaded ones and even the self-recorded ones. Besides, all sorts of DVD discs formats are supported as for output, including DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL, making it the most popular video to DVD converter software on the market. 

Basic Features of the DVD Converter Software:

1)     Produce Studio-level Home DVDs Out of All Formats of Videos

How to create DVD of your own? That would be easy if you have a good video to DVD converter software just like DVDFab, which is able to produce studio-level high quality DVD out of the videos of various formats. With easy and simple-to-use functions, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issue on different video formats.

best video to dvd converter


2)     Multiple Output Formats, including DVD, ISO Files or Folders

This best DVD converter software support all types of blank discs like DVD±R and DVD±RW, and you could import the ISO files or folders into this video to DVD converter software and convert them into a completely new DVD to free up the storage on your laptop. Moreover, it also supports to convert videos into ISO or folder files to save it digitally on your laptop.

4) Intuitive Menu Templates with Premium Designs 

This best DVD converter software offer multiples sets of beautifully crafted menu templates for you to make your own DVD menus, for better DVD navigation experience, this function is a must try. 

best video to dvd converter creates menu


5) Fast DVD Conversion Speed Supported by GPU Hardware Acceleration

This DVD maker software can process many videos at one time and allows you to arrange the playback order of the videos in the output DVD. In addition, you can preview video in real time to check if the content is what you want. With the multi-threading, multi-core CPUs and the newest hardware acceleration technology applied within, this DVD movie maker can ensure users a blazing fast converting and burning speed.

gpu acceleration function in dvd creator

After introducing so many useful functions, let’s move on to the practical part: how to convert video to DVD with this best video to DVD converter software. Scroll down to find out!

2.     Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Convert Video to DVD

As DVDFab DVD Creator can be used as a video to DVD converter, it can convert nearly all the popular format videos to DVD folders or image files or burn these videos into DVD discs. And multiple videos can be converted into one file or disc. That’s fantastic. Next we would show you how to convert video to DVD with this best video to DVD converter in just 4 easy steps as follows. 

Step 1: Run DVDFab DVD Creator

Download and install the best DVD converter software. Run it. Then go to the Creator option to choose DVD Creator as the creator mode by clicking the Creator icon on the left mode switcher. 

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Step 2: Import the Source Video into the best DVD Converter

The second step is to import the videos into the best video to DVD converter. You can load in as many videos as you like into this best DVD converter, and convert them into one DVD. Just click Add button, or drag and drop the videos into the program, very easily. 

If you’d like to download online videos and convert them into a DVD with this best DVD converter, you could try DVD video downloader to download your favorite videos from 1000+ websites.

Step 3: Create a DVD Menu and Customize your DVD

In this DVD converter software, you could customize the DVD settings at the Advanced Settings button. Also, you can create and customize the DVD Menu in this DVD converter for the output with the Set Menu function. If you don’t want any DVD menu playback experience, just don’t click it.

Step 4: Start video to DVD conversion

Now go back to the main interface to click Start button and the video to DVD conversion begins. During the process, you can view detailed progress info, and you can also set your PC to shut down or hibernate when all tasks are done.

Voila. For more info regarding this best DVD converter, go check its website.

3.     Extended: How to Enhance the Quality of the Videos to be Converted into a DVD?

The Top-notch DVD converter software isn’t just a video to DVD converter, it also has other amazing abilities, that is, enhance the video quality up to 4k resolution. You might ask, how? Let me tell you. Through AI technology, you could achieve that easily. 

Gone are the days that you could only upscale the video size but not the quality. However, as AI technology has been penetrated into many fields and applied successfully in our daily life to solve many issues, image and video is a good case in point. DVDFab, through millions of tests done on the objects, has trained its technology to restore the lost textures, add colors and details to the video based on its AI machine learning as well as super resolution technology.

Breaking down a video into many frames, analyzing all images contained one frame, enhancing the quality of them and restoring the lost details, colors as well as textures one by one is what the AI technology does when it comes to enhancing the video quality.  For more info regarding how to upscale a video up to 4k resolution, please refer to this guide to learn more. You could also read the top 10 video enhancers in 2020 popular with customers to choose the one suits you the best! Hope you enjoy today’s tutorial.