Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that is used all over the world by millions of users. There comes a time when people wish to download content from Instagram. At such times, Picuki comes in handy. This article will talk about whether Picuki is safe and legal to use and its best alternatives. Read below to know more.

What Can You Do with Picuki

The increasing use of Picuki is due to the platform allowing users to watch and even download videos and photos from Instagram profiles. This is done without the need to register for any Instagram account. With Picuki, users get a sneak peek without any hassle or trouble.

In order to make Picuki's features and shortcomings clearer and simpler, here we present a comparison chart to detail what Picuki can and cannot do. 

what picuki can and cannot do

Is Picuki Safe and Legal to Use

Picuki is secure. Picuki users may believe Picuki is risky since they can browse Instagram posts without logging in. Picuki, on the other hand, has a good trust rating on Scamadviser. When using the Picuki app, you do not need to log in or provide any personal information. Picuki is not a fraud, according to Trend Micro.

Although, if you download any image that does not belong to you, you may face legal consequences; however, this is exceedingly uncommon. There are no safety concerns to be concerned about when using Picuki. Instead, the problems may be tied to what you do with the Picuki:

  • Use Picuki to obtain copyrighted information from Instagram and utilize it for commercial reasons.
  • Edit or manipulate any photograph, the owners may file legal reports against you. If you wish to make changes, you may always ask the owner's permission.
  • Republish someone else's photographs as your own

Is Picuki Safe and Legal to Use

How to Use Picuki to View Instagram Profiles and Download Posts

On Instagram, there is no option to download posts and videos. Picuki allows you to browse other people's Instagram profiles and posts in a variety of ways, one of the most common and simple beings to search for an Instagram username. You may also try searching for your partner using his name or tags, but the Instagram username works better for a precise match, so get it first.

Step 1 Open a web browser app on your PC or mobile device and go to Picuki's official website: Copy and paste the username of the person whose Instagram profile you want to access into the Picuki search box.

Step 2 Select the right account and view its profile, scroll down to load the details

Step 3 To modify an uploaded image, navigate to Picuki's Instagram profile and click the Edit or Download option

Other Alternatives to Picuki

There are other alternatives to Picuki as well. Users can have a look at them if they want to. Some popular options are presented below. It's a good idea to compare the different options and see which one best meets your needs and interests.


Inflact is one of the best Picuki alternatives since it is recommended by a number of Instagram users and is one of the best viewing apps. This app is lightweight, simple, and easy to understand, with a clean UI and simple to use.

It allows users like and comment on posts, view their feed, searches for users and hashtags, view stories, and more. Similar to Picuki, this app is free to use, and users can download unlimited number of videos from any public profile on Instagram. 

Other Alternatives to Picuki


The next user-friendly and free alternative to Picuki is StoriesDown. This platform allows users to view any post that is on Instagram. There is no requirement to sign up for an account to use this platform, similar to Picuki. Just go to the platform and search for the username on Instagram you wish to view.

The website gathers all the public posts of that account and shows them in a grid view. Users can then save any post that they like after browsing through them.


This application makes it possible to download and read stories on Instagram. To use it, all you need to do is input the username of any Instagram account. Then, the application will search for it. It will then download pictures and stories from that account. 

Another great feature of InstaDP is that it can zoom Instagram photos, but they will remain high-quality. Moreover, it also allows you to save a collection of posts for later viewing. It is a great option for those who want to download Instagram stories but don't want to spend time looking through them.

Other Alternatives to Picuki

4K Stogram

Last, but not least, 4K Stogram is an Instagram downloader available for both Mac and Windows. The tool can be used to download images from private and public accounts, as well as hashtags. This app is a great software if users are seeking to download large numbers of images at once since the tool can download almost 600 images at a time.

When it comes to features, the app provides users with the capability of downloading both videos and photos. In addition to this, it comes with its own photo editor and viewer. 

Best Choice to Download Videos from Sites Like Instagram

Best Way to Download Contents from Instagram: StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader

StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader

If you often download streaming video from ott platforms, not limited to Instagram, don't miss this tool; but if you only seek a method to view ins, the following alternatives above could suit your needs. 
  • Ability to download videos not only from a lot of websites, such as ins, facebook, youtube, etc.
  • Download the video in the highest possible quality and in batch mode.
  • Unlimited downloads with 1080p resolution & EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track.
  • MP4 saving for flexible access to downloads on any device.
You can see comments, likes, and your following list.
No bothering ads and pop-ups.
Only audio and videos can be downloaded. You cannot use it to download pictures. 

Step 1: Open this software. On the main home page, users will see a list of social media platforms. Click on Instagram to proceed.

picuki alternative: streamfab main interface

Step 2: Next, log in to your account with your ID and password. After entering your ID and password. Search for your favorite accounts or celebrities. View any video from the platform. This m3u8 downloader will analyze the video automatically.

download ins videos with streamfab

Step 3: As soon as the analysis is done, the tool will offer you different options to download the video. Select the video quality. Once everything is adjusted, click on the Download Now option.

Android phones and devices provide more portability and a more enjoyable experience for on-the-go entertainment. To keep up with the times, StreamFab has created a mobile version: StreamFab for Android. The operation steps are substantially the same as in the PC version. Scanning the QR code below will immediately start your free ins adventure. Keep in mind: There is only what you cannot imagine, nothing is impossible.

picuki alternative: streamfab for Android


Picuki is a free tool that allows you to download and watch Instagram stories. It's safe and secure to use, and the developers have designed it with reputable users in mind. It guarantees you'll remain anonymous, which means your privacy is protected. It also allows you to download Instagram stories without the need to log in or register.

While Picuki is free, it is limited in its functionality. Anyway, if you want to find a new way to save videos or browse ins, alternatives are presented in the content above for you. Moreover, if you are searching for an OnlyFans Downloader or YouTube downloader, StreamFab will satisfy you well.