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Convert Blu-ray movie for iPhone 5

There is no argument that Apple used to make the world’s best smart phones. But, with the long awaited iPhone 5 coming out recently, there are some arguments spreading on the cyberspace that Apple just released a somewhat disappointing iPhone. Some even goes further, stating that making a previous phone taller, thinner and lighter does not qualify as innovation. Others say that even Galaxy S III from Samsung belittles iPhone 5. True or not, you have you own verdicts. As said, its Retina display features a 1136*640 resolution and 326 ppi, now, let’s convert a high definition Blu-ray movie for this enlarged screen to see if it is worthy of your investment. Check this tutorial thoroughly to see how to do that by DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper. It’s as easy as you do for iPhone 4S and others.         


1> Software Requirement:


DVDFab Qt or later: Downloadable at


2> Get Prepared:


2.1 Download the latest version of DVDFab from the above listed website and install in on your computer, then start it and navigate to Blu-ray Ripper section.


2.2 Click the iPhone icon at the left navigation panel, and then insert your Blu-ray disc into the optical drive;



Sidenote: If your source is Blu-ray movie folder or ISO file on your local HDD, just click the yellow folder icon or ISO disc icon right behind the source selecting box to load them respectively.


2.3 After DVDFab analyzes the Blu-ray being inserted, choose the main movie title at the center part where all the titles are listed, the audio track and subtitle stream you want to retain at the upper and lower windows right on the main interface respectively; choose one location from your HDD to save the resulting video file and select the profile of “iphone5.h264.multichannel” "ihpone5.h264.1080p" or “iphone5.h264” from the drop-down menu at bottom;



Sidenote: You can preview the title via the inbuilt video player at the bottom left corner before converting; You can feel free to display forced subtitles or not. It’s up to you.


Additional option: Select the chapters you want to convert, in case you need just part of the movie, by clicking “Title Start/End Settings”



3 > Personalize Conversion Settings:


Click “Edit” to direct you to Conversion Setting window, where you have your own options to edit all the parameters, say, Frame Resolution, size, frame rate of the output video, and also the bite rate of the output audio etc. If you do not want to change them, just leave them to DVDFab, the default setting will meet your common needs.



4 > Specialize Video Effect Settings:


Click “Video Effect Settings” button to open this window, where you can do following:


4.1 Click “Resize” to define the Source Aspect Ratio or customize your output size;



4.2 Click “Crop” to edit the displaying part of the output video at your will;



Sidenote: At the bottom left corner are the detailed information.


“OK” this window and back to main interface.


5> Start to Convert:


Press the “Start” button to trigger the conversion process:


5.1 Trace the progress at this window, the detailed information will be included here, even the error code, if there is any;



5.2 Preview the processing progress visually;



5.3 You also have the option to shut down your Mac automatically when the conversion is done.



6> Mission Accomplished:


When the conversion is done right after a reasonable time depending on your Blu-ray movie size, computer configuration and profile you choose, you will be popped up by a window called “Process Completed Successfully”, “OK” it.


For further knowledge on DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, please go to

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