DVDFab Blu-ray Copy - Main Movie


Main Movie mode of DVDFab Blu-ray Copy can be used to easily copy only the longest movie title of a Blu-ray. The operation is very simple as follows:


1. Choose Copy option of DVDFab, and load in the source

Start DVDFab then choose Copy option. Now insert the source BD or drag and drop the backup file from your PC into the program so that DVDFab will load in the source.


2. Select Main Movie mode

After the movie is in, just click on the copy mode icon on the left panel to bring about all supported copy modes by Blu-ray Copy. Choose Main Movie.


3. Do some settings

You can preview the main movie title, and set audio tracks and subtitles.


Click Advanced Settings button, then you can choose to remove HD audio if you’d prefer a smaller output size.


On the left panel, you can rename the label for the output, and choose the output size/type from BD50, BD25, BD9 (DVD9) and BD5 (DVD5).


4. Start copy

Before hit the Start button, you should set the output directory at first. If you want to burn the source into a BD or DVD disc (Blu-ray format remained unchanged in a target DVD disc), please select a write drive; if you want to save the output as an ISO image file or a movie folder on your PC, just choose an image file or folder directory.


Now press Start button to start copy. Please note that for a write drive target, you will be asked to insert a compatible media to start write process, just insert a blank BD or DVD according to the type you chose for Output in the above step 3.


During the process you can view detailed progress info and set your PC to exit the program, auto shut down or go sleep for the moment the task is done.


OK. That’s it. You’re recommended to use DVDFab Media Player to play back the copied Blu-ray on your PC.

① Burn Blu-rays to blank discs or copy to HDDs as ISO files/folders
② Offer 5 different copy modes to meet versatile backup needs
③ Support all types of blank discs: BD-R, BD-RE, DVD±R and DVD±RW
④ Copy the Blu-rays in a lossless manner or compress them smaller
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to back up much faster