Customize Blu-ray with menus


Starting from ver. 9243, DVDFab allows users to preserve the native navigation menus or add their favorite custom menus while making Blu-ray backups with the Customize mode of Blu-ray Copy product, which is so far the only Blu-ray copy software available on the market achieving such an amazing level. Shortly speaking, this new feature gives Blu-ray lovers more options to make backups of their expensive Blu-ray collections.


Here below is a tutorial on how to utilize this feature at its full potential.


1. Install the latest version of DVDFab


Make sure the DVDFab version installed on your computer is update, or you may not be able to use this feature. You can use the online update feature within the software to perform an incremental update, or you can download the complete installation file to run a clean and fresh installation.  


2. Launch DVDFab 9 and go to Customize mode under the copy option


Directly navigate to the Customize mode under the Copy option, and then insert the to-be-copied Blu-ray disc into your Blu-ray drive; wait for DVDFab to access and analyze the disc from there.




3. Select the titles, audios and subtitles you want to keep


When the analyzing finishes, all the titles, audio tracks and subtitle streams of the inserted Blu-ray disc are all displayed right in front of your eyes, you just need to customize your selections by choosing the wanted titles, audios and subtitles.






1) Currently, only protected Blu-ray discs and ISO image files are supported, but the unprotected ones will be supported in the future versions.


2) You may run into a black screen issue during the playback if you try to play back the titles which are not selected at this stage.


3) Chapter selection is not available if you want to keep the original navigation menu.


4. Decide how to handle the menus


At the left panel, you have three choices to make, the 1st one is the volume label, just type in what you want to name your final output; the 3rd one takes care of the output size; now focus on the 2nd one, Menu Option, which asks you to choose either the Original Menu or the Custom Menu. In case you prefer the Custom Menu, move to 4.2, otherwise, stick to 4.1.


4.1 The Original menu


Literally speaking,original menu means the native menu users see on a Blu-ray disc when whaching it on a standalone home Blu-ray player, which is of course the best navigation meun. Presumably, most of the Blu-ray users would like keep this native menu as long as technology allows.


4.1.1 Select the Original Menu


To do that, simply select the Original Menu from the dropdown list at the Menu Option.    




4.1.2 Choose the wanted menu titles


After deciding to keep the original menu, move to the Operation Window and scroll down to the bottom where you can find all the Blu-ray menu titles available on the disc; choose the ones you want to keep; if you don’t know for sure which menu you want, use the preview feature to watch and then make your choice accordingly.






Sidenote: not all the Blu-ray menu titles will be scanned and displayed here at the Operation Window, for example, if the navigation menus are made into independent M2TS files, or they are only Java-based playlist, or if the Meta Info feature is enabled. However, users don’t lose the menus whether they are displayed here or not.  


4.1.3 Some other necessary settings


Before hitting the start button to initiate the backup process, take a few more seconds looking at these settings here, you can save much free disc space by removing HD audios or converting large sized DTS and LPOM audios into AC3 audios.




4.2 The Custom Menu


Despite the fact the original menu may have, DVDFab still allows users to add custom menus while making Blu-ray backups with the Customize mode.


4.2.1 Select the Custom Menu


To do that, simply select the Custom Menu from the dropdown list at the Menu Option.    




4.2.2 Choose a favorite menu template


At the right panel, there are 4 sets of predesigned menu templates for users to choose from, and they also have different themes. Users are even allowed to freely relocate the decoration widgets and customize the text font, size and color inside each menu template.  




4.2.3 Customize the background art and other widgets


If users are not satisfied with background art of a menu template, there is a way to change that. Simply click the picture icon (the 1st one from the left) at the bottom part of the window, and then choose whatever seems nice from the available alternatives; if none of those alternatives matches the standard, then just add users’ own photo or picture by clicking the “+” button.




Users can even customize the widgets like the playback button, return button, and the home button; if deleting an unwanted decoration widget is possible, just click on that widget and push the Delete button on the keyboard.




4.2.4 Choose playback mode and other settings


Before finally let go of the backup process, take a few more seconds to see how you would like to play back the final Blu-ray disc, and also some other necessary settings available at this window.



① Burn Blu-rays to blank discs or copy to HDDs as ISO files/folders
② Offer 5 different copy modes to meet versatile backup needs
③ Support all types of blank discs: BD-R, BD-RE, DVD±R and DVD±RW
④ Copy the Blu-rays in a lossless manner or compress them smaller
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to back up much faster