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DVDFab DVD Creator is very helpful for users to back up their happy moments or big days by creating DVD discs, ISO image files or movie folders out of various videos. Nearly all video formats are supported. This tutorial is about how to create a DVD with DVDFab DVD Creator.


1. Enable DVDFab DVD Creator

Start DVDFab, choose Creator option. Please note the mode should be DVD Creator. If it’s not, just click the mode icon on the left to choose DVD Creator.


2. Load in the source videos

Click the Add button to load in the source, or drag and drop the video files you want to process into the program.


3. Set up output type

After all the source files are imported in, go to select the size/type for the output between DVD5 and DVD9 on the left panel. And on the bottom of the interface, please set the output type as DVD disc, ISO image file or DVD movie folder/fileset.


4. Next go to customize the DVD menu

Click Next button, then you can customize the DVD menu if you would like your output DVD has a menu. For example, you can choose your favorite menu template, you can define the font on your menu, and so on. You can also choose “No menu” on the right panel so that the output will have no menu.


Moreover, you can upload a picture to use it as the background of the menu. Of course, there are also many built in background templates for you to choose.


5. Next go to do some advanced settings

Click Next button then you can see the following screenshot. You are free to change the volume label, set up properties of the menu, and choose your favorite playback mode.


6. Start the process

OK. Now hit the Start button to start creating DVD. If you have set to output the source into a DVD disc, you will be asked to insert a compatible disc into the drive to start write process. Just do it.


If you have chosen to create a DVD ISO or a DVD folder, then the process will begin directly after hitting Start button. Soon, everything will be done.


For playing the output DVD on your PC, you can use DVDFab Media Player.

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