Maximize the video quality while compressing a full disc Blu-ray


As far as shrinking or compressing a genuine Blu-ray disc to fit a smaller blank BD-25 disc is concerned, there is always a headache on how to achieve the best video quality while still bring down the output size to the minimal, because deep down in people’s concept, they believe compression always comes at a cost of compromise on video quality.


Well, that might be true in the past, but no longer the case, since DVDFab now comes up with a perfect solution, which allows Blu-ray movie lovers to shrink and burn their BD discs onto smaller blank BD-25 discs so that they can save up a lot on the budget, but at the same time, get the best video quality. The solution is implemented in Blu-ray Copy and only works when users choose to compress an original Blu-ray disc to BD 25 size. Here below are the detailed procedures to do that. And also, Blu-ray Ripper of DVDFab helps you convert Blu-ray to MP4/WMV/MP3 without quality loss.


1. Install the latest version of DVDFab


Make sure to use the latest DVDFab version, or you may not be able to use this feature. You can use the online update feature within the software to perform an incremental update, or you can download the complete installation file to run a clean and fresh installation.   


2. Launch DVDFab 9 and go to Full Disc mode under the copy option


Directly navigate to the Full Disc mode under the Copy option, and then insert the to-be-compressed Blu-ray disc into your Blu-ray drive; wait for DVDFab to access and analyze the disc from there.




3. Choose the wanted audio tracks to keep


Click on the Advanced Settings button from the left panel of the main window, and then enable the option Choose only the wanted audios to get better video quality at the pop-up window; next, from the drop-down menu, choose the audio track (s) you really want to keep, by really want, we mean the audio tracks that are native to you or the ones you specifically want to have. 






1) This step is very critical if you want to get the best possible video quality, because the unselected audio tracks will be removed during the compression process to male ample space on the blank disc for holding more data, e.g, the AC3/2 audio track is usually the secondary commentaries which you don’t necessarily need.


2) By default, DVDFab will choose your native language concerning audio tracks to keep, which is done according to your system language, but you can reset that at the Common Settings panel.


3) If a title has only one audio track, then that one will be preserved regardless of the settings you made at the Advanced Settings window.


4. Choose an output location


Select an output location. You have the options to save the final results into a movie folder from your HDD, or as an ISO file on your computer, or burn directly onto a blank BD25 disc.




5. Let go of the backup process


When finishing all the necessary settings, it’s time to start the copying, just hit the Start button. All the details of the backup progress are shown at this window, you can check up anytime. You are also given the choice to automatically shut down the computer once the process is completed successfully.




6. Compare the video quality


As shown in the comparison picture below, the video bit rate increases almost two thirds with the unwanted audios being removed, in this case, it reaches to 11.7 Mbps down from the 6.918 Mbps when no audios are removed. And the higher nominal bit rate means better video quality.   



① Burn Blu-rays to blank discs or copy to HDDs as ISO files/folders
② Offer 5 different copy modes to meet versatile backup needs
③ Support all types of blank discs: BD-R, BD-RE, DVD±R and DVD±RW
④ Copy the Blu-rays in a lossless manner or compress them smaller
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to back up much faster