Despite being a popular platform with billions of monthly users, YouTube still needs to be blocked in some countries due to non-compliance with specific policies, which can be frustrating for those who want to listen to music to watch their favorite videos.

However, with the help of a YouTube proxy site, you can easily bypass these restrictions and enjoy all the features that YouTube has to offer.

YouTube Unblocked Sites

Today we will take you through 10 best-unblocked YouTube online sites and a video downloader to unblock YouTube offline to help you stay hidden behind the veil of anonymity while relishing your favorite content.

Top 10 Best YouTube Unblocked Sites Online 2023

1) CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy is one of the most reliable ad-supported unblocked YouTube sites that effectively unblock YouTube and other video sites like Facebook, Google, Gmail, and Twitter.

It ensures anonymous and private browsing by utilizing advanced technologies to enhance compatibility with modern web applications while maintaining website integrity. 

CroxyProxy unblocked youtube sites

  • No installation is required
  • A free and sophisticated solution that is very easy to use
  • Comes with SSL encryption for greater security
  • Offers basic web proxy functionality
  • Unavailable in some regions

2) ProxySite

Proxy Site acts as a youtube unblocked website that connects people worldwide while safeguarding their online usage from prying eyes. It is a powerful tool that helps users bypass regional restrictions while keeping their IP addresses and locations hidden.

In addition to YouTube, Proxy Site provides access to other blocked content on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. 

unblocked youtube sites

  • It uses SSL encryption to prevent spying and tracking
  • It offers unlimited streaming without any quality compromise
  • It has servers in multiple locations
  • It has potential security concerns
  • Annoying ads

3) HideMyAss

HMA (Hide My Ass) is a free unblocked YouTube site that helps bypass restrictions in schools, workplaces, and even countries where YouTube is blocked. Such unblocked YouTube sites offers streaming-optimized servers for connecting and unblocking YouTube videos.

In addition to the free proxy server, HMA provides a paid VPN service with added features and services. It offers options like specific server connectivity, URL encryption, disabling cookies, and removing scripts.

unblocked youtube sites

  • This youtube unblocked website can also bypass government blocking
  • It has a strict policy against illegal usage, which helps prevent cybercriminals from accessing sensitive data
  • Hides users' personal details and IP addresses by routing traffic through remote servers
  • It has limited P2P support

4) KProxy

KProxy is a free unblocked youtube site that hides your IP address and personal information, making it impossible for your ISP to trace you. The site offers browser extensions compatible with popular Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

KProxy operates through internet proxies, making your connection appear as a standard HTTP connection while encrypting the communication between your browser and the destination server and preventing data theft. 


  • Offers easy access to censored and prohibited websites
  • The interface is both simple and easy to use
  • It doesn't require registration
  • The free version has limited features

5) AtoZProxy

AtoZProxy is a popular proxy site that helps access popular content on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, and more. Users must paste the URL and browse to access the desired website. AtoZProxy claims to use less bandwidth than peers, ensuring reliable internet speed.

It provides secure and anonymous access by changing IP address and location, with no data stored on the server. 

unblocked youtube sites

  • AtozProxy supports multiple video formats
  • It prevents tracking while visiting blocked sites and watching videos
  • Comes loaded with SSL encryption
  • Has a limited server network

6) FilterBypass

FilterBypass is a secure proxy site that ensures SSL encryption for a safe and private browsing experience. It encrypts data using SSL encryption, even on non-SSL websites, and further enhances security by AES-256 GCM encrypting proxy page URLs.

This proxy site allows users to unblock YouTube and other websites with customizable settings for encryption, cookies, scripts, and objects. 

unblocked youtube sites

  • This youtube unblocked website supports HD video streaming
  • Delivers a smooth user experience by bypassing web censorship and geo-restrictions
  • Can also circumvent social media website restrictions
  • Offers limited customer support

7) 4everproxy

4everproxy levies utmost importance on user privacy and security and prevents DNS leaks by maintaining its own DNS service for each proxy and VPN server. This unblocked youtube site is compatible with various devices and encrypts all communications between the user's computer and the proxy servers.

Users can secure their connection and access their favorite websites while ensuring data encryption and security. 


  • Pleases with a straightforward interface
  • Doesn't impose any bandwidth limitations
  • Users can enjoy various customization options such as URL encryption, cookie deactivation, script control, and the ability to change IP while on a site
  • Has a limited server network

8) GenMirror

GenMirror is a free YouTube proxy website that allows browsing YouTube anonymously. You can also stream high-quality videos without restrictions on various devices banking on such unblocked YouTube sites. The web proxy server of GenMirror is secured with SSL technology, ensuring complete security and encryption.

Unlike other proxy servers, GenMirror offers a fast internet connection without slowing down the speed. It is mobile-friendly, making it accessible on PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and more. 

unblocked youtube sites

  • There is no upper ceiling on browsing time
  • You can also access sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and more alongside YouTube
  • You don't need to install anything
  • The connection drops now and then

9) Zalmos

Zalmos is a YouTube proxy site that allows you to unblock YouTube and access other popular websites like Google, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. It can be browsed on various devices, including iPhones, Android, and Windows phones. Zalmos keeps searches through the site anonymous and effectively bypasses filters and unblocks websites.

To use Zalmos, you need to enter the URL in the provided bar, and you will be redirected to a mirror version of the website with the same content. The data is encrypted to ensure safety and privacy while browsing.

unblocked youtube sites

  • It helps access other sites like Reddit and Google alongside YouTube
  • It helps in easy navigation without any restrictions
  • Some decent quality of life
  • improvement
  • It offers limited customer support

10) VPNBook

VPNBook allows users to unblock websites like YouTube and Facebook using 256-bit SSL-encrypted communication to bypass government censorship. It ensures your IP address remains hidden, protecting you from network surveillance. VPNBook is compatible with any web browser and doesn't require additional software.

unblocked youtube sites

  • It has a potent privacy policy
  • The server is located in multiple places
  • Completely free to use
  • The connection drops now and then

All the youtube unblocked websites listed above aren't free of limitations. While some have sub-par customer support, others need more adequate servers. Users of some other proxy websites often complain of faulty connections.

In such a backdrop, opting for a tool like the StreamFab YouTube Downloader is much better for the reason that it can help you enjoy YouTube content sans the loopholes. Scroll below to learn about the software in detail.

Unblock YouTube offline: Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

StreamFab YouTube Downloader offers a comprehensive solution for accessing content from various websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Download YouTube videos from any country for an unlimited period.
  • Unlimited downloads with 4k/8k resolution.
  • Save YouTube HDR & VR 360° videos freely and fastly.
  • MP4 saving for flexible access to downloads on any device.
  • Playlist batch download with its in-built browser.

Operation steps

Step 1

Install StreamFab YouTube Downloader

Download and install StreamFab YouTube Downloader on your device.

Step 2

Choose the streaming site 

Launch the software and select the YouTube icon from the Explorer section. You can also copy and paste the movie link on the homepage to access the website.

unblock youtube downloading

Step 3

Select the video format and quality 

Now a pop-up window will appear offering various options for video and audio output. Make the desired customizations.

unblock youtube downloading

Step 4

Start the download 

Once you have customized the settings, click the Download button to initiate downloading.

unblock youtube downloading


Can you legally use a proxy server to unblock youtube videos?

Many individuals and businesses utilize unblocked youtube sites to safeguard their privacy and online activities. 

The use of proxies is legal in most countries. However, it is essential to note that laws regarding youtube unblocked sites can vary between jurisdictions. 

Will a proxy server hide your IP when you unblock youtube?

Using a proxy server to connect to the internet masks your IP address to protect your privacy and provides an additional layer of anonymity.


Whether you're interested in downloading music or videos, StreamFab YouTube Downloader provides a reliable solution. It is highly regarded as the preferred choice for individuals who appreciate premium content and seek a convenient way to access and enjoy it. If you are a hindi movie fan and want to get Pathan movie download outside India, this video downloader might provide some tips.