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Top 15 DVD Copy Software Windows/Mac 2020


   Posted by WiKi

2020-07-08 23:45:11


Summary: Free DVD Copy Software is listed here to help you copy DVDs to any format of files. You will be able to play DVD videos on portable and mobile devices beyond the limit of time and space.

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What is the best DVD copy software? In order to help you copy DVDs, even protected DVDs, for personal and legal use, there are 15 DVD copy software introduced in this article. You can use any of the free DVD copier to copy DVD to a Blank disc, hard dirve or folder.  Now, follow me to meet such copy protected DVD buring software and tell apart which is the best DVD copy software Mac/ Windows you are looking for. 





1. What Is DVD Copy and Its Possible Difficulties?


From “What does digital copy DVD mean” and “What is digital DVD copy”, I find it is necessary to make “DVD copy” clear. Digital DVD copy can be explained that “One copies a movie from a DVD and enjoys it on a personal device in his or her spare time”. In order to achieve this goal, DVD copy software is needed, so is DVD copy protection removal software free download


When you copy DVD Windows 10 or Mac, there are many difficulties you may encounter. Here I've listed four aspects you have to take into consideration.



(1) How to Remove DVD Copy Protection?

• “What is DVD copy protection”?

• “How to Duplicate copy protected movies”?

• “How does DVD copy protection work”?

• “How to Copy DVD without region code”?


For all these questions, get down to DVD copy protection removal software free download. In order to protect DVDs from copying for commercial use, DVD copy protection comes into being. Till now, DVD protection has developed into various forms, including 99 titles, APS, Sony ARccOS protection, DRM, Cinavia, DVD Region Code, etc. All of them can be get rid of by free DVD copy software able to remove such DVD protections automatically.



(2) Copy DVD to Which External Device:

• “How to copy DVD to computer”?

• “How to copy DVD to Windows 10/7”?

• “How to copy DVD to laptop”?

• “How to copy DVD on Mac”?

• “How to copy DVD to iPad”?

• “How to copy DVD to flash drive”?

• “How to copy DVD to USB stick”?

• “How to copy DVD to UltraViolet(UV)”?

• “How to copy DVD to Pen drive”?

• “How to copy DVD to hard drive”?

• “How to copy DVD to Hard Disk Drive (HDD)”?


According to the output device you want to copy DVD to, there are free DVD copy software Windows 10/8/7 and DVD copy Software Mac. For a convenient DVD viewing, you can also copy DVD to USB stick/iPad/HDD indirectly using DVD copy software on different operating systems.



(3) Copy DVD to Which Format:

• “How to copy DVD to ISO”?

• “How to copy DVD to MP4”?

• “How to copy DVD to MKV”?


If you want to enjoy copied DVD on smart phones or other portable devices like iPad. Copying DVD to which format compatible with portable device you use is important. In order to help you convert DVD to digital formats directly, there are the best DVD copy software provided, or you can call it DVD ripping software.


(4) The best DVD copy software free:

• “How to Copy DVD with Menu”?

• “How to Copy DVD with subtitle”?

• “How to Copy DVD without watermark”?

• “How to Copy DVD without losing quality”?


Our last concern about DVD copy is video and audio quality, or whether DVD is output with something we want like subtitle or something we don’t want like watermark. Is there the best free DVD copy software able to copy DVD with menu and subtitle, without watermark and quality? Yes, let’s explore together.



2. Top 15 Free DVD Copy Software 2020


The following DVD copy software I am going to introduce has both free version and paid version. The only difference between the two versions is the number of services you can enjoy. To judge which free DVD copy software more suitable for you, look at its compatibility, functions and see whether it is easy to use.


(1) DVDFab DVD Copy (Windows, Mac)

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10

• Read and copy any DVD to blank DVD disc (DVD-5/9)/ISO file/DVD folder

• Save copied DVDs on HDD or media server

• Support batch copies at top speed and with superior quality

• Remove any DVD copy protection like Cinavia, BD-J, etc. (Cinavia Removal)

• Copy DVD to Blu-ray to upscale video image

• Provide “Advanced Settings” to customize your DVDs

• Six DVD copy modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split, Merge, Clone/Burn

Note: With DVDFab Video Converter, you can convert copied DVDs to any popular video/audio formats. Or, use DVDFab DVD Ripper to convert DVDs to regular video formats straight.




(2) DVDFab DVD Ripper (Windows, Mac)

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10

• Rip and convert DVDs to any mainstream audio/video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, etc.

• Make ripped DVDs available on any portable devices like iPhone

• Enhance video quality by 300% up to 1080p empowered by Enlarger AI

• Allow you to trim/crop/adjust your videos and audios including subtitle, etc

• Finish ripping multiple DVDs once at Turbo-speed


(3) Ashampoo Burning Studio (Windows)

• You have to register for free access

• Appear with simple and clean interface

• Data types are available to be set

• Output DVDs to Blu-rays and CDs

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10


(4) BurnAware (Windows)

• Maybe disturbed by extra apps in download

• Accept any standard data disc and audio CDs

• Copy DVD to DVDs, Blu-rays and CDs

• Clean and tidy interface

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10


(5) WinX Burner Author (Windows)

• Only absorb video discs rather than audio DVDs

• Offer custom menus and subtitles service

• Support batch DVD copy of YouTube videos

• Work fast and copy DVD without quality loss

• Match appropriate settings with your hardware automatically

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10



(6) DeepBurner (Windows)

• Interface is out of date

• Video DVDs are not available to import

• Works as a app in portable devices

• Able to deal with ISO images

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10


(7) DVDStyler (Windows, macOS, Linux)

• Interface needed to be updated

• Audio and data discs unable to be input

• Provide menu templates

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10


(8) Wondershare DVD Creator (Windows, Mac)

• Easy to use with several clicks

• Output DVDs as ISO files, DVD folder

• Allow users to customize chapters, audio, subtitle

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10


(9) AVS Free Disc Creator (Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP)

• E-mail needed to be told

• Save DVDs as ISO files or DVDs

• Set the time of DVD copy

• Offer editing tools

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10



(10) IQmango DVD Ripper (Windows)

• Video DVDs can be the only source

• Export DVDs in ISO versions or discs

• Pleasant interface for users

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10


(11) DVD-Cloner (Windows 10/8/7/Vista, Mac)

• Diverse copy modes

• Copy speed

• Eliminate usual copy protections

• Rip files in MKV format of lossless quality

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10


(12) Freemake DVD Copy (Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10)

• Remove region code of your DVDs

• Copy DVDs with subtitle and custom menu

• Output DVD ISO images and DVD folders in MP4 format

• Copy DVDs to PC, DVD disc, USB, TV, iPad and external hard drive

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10



(13) AnyMP4 DVD Copy (Windows 2000/XP/2003, Mac)

• Copy DVD disc to DVD disc/folder/ISO image files

• Versatile copy modes like Full Copy

• Set audio/subtitle information at will

• Offer high quality and fast speed in DVD copy


(14) Leawo DVD Copy (Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10, Mac)

• Copy DVDs as 1:1 ratio

• 3 copy modes supported: Full Movie, Main Movie, Custom Mode

• Copy DVD to laptop/blank disc/DVD folder/ISO file

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10


(15) AVCWARE DVD Copy 2(Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10)

• Clone your DVD in 1:1 ration with perfect quality

• Convert DVD to DVD folder or DVD ISO file

• Copy DVD folder/ISO file to DVD

• Adjust DVD audio, subtitle and angle

• Free DVD copy software on Windows 10



3. How to Fix Difficulties in DVD Copy


There may be many difficulties in the way of DVD copy. But with the help of the DVD copy software Mac or Windows, you can copy DVD to Windows/Hard Drive or copy DVD to ISO/MP4, etc. easily. Among the top 15 DVD copy software, I will take DVDFab DVD Copy as an example, showing you how to copy DVD to blank DVD disc/ISO file/DVD folder. And DVDFab DVD Ripper is followed to tell you how to rip DVD to various video formats playable on any device.


(1) How to Copy DVD on Windows 10

• Download and install DVDFab DVD Copy on Windows 10

• Start it and choose the module of “Copy” on the top

• Load your DVD file from the “+” icon at the center

• Choose one copy mode like “Full Disc” as listed below

Video enhancement can only be achieved under "to Blu-ray" mode)

• Customize your DVD using “Advanced Settings

• Choose preferred DVD output destination at the bottom

• Start to copy DVD at high speed


After saving you copied DVDs in your Windows, you can transfer it to any external device using USB. Alternatively, use DVDFab DVD Ripper to rip DVD files to portable and mobile devices directly. Besides them, you can choose other free DVD copy software on Windows 10 to meet your demands.



(2) How to Copy DVD to MP4 on iPad

• Get DVDFab DVD Ripper launched on Windows or Mac

• Choose the module of “Ripper” 

• Select preferred output format as MP4

• Continue click “Device” and choose “iPad”

• Set output directory and click “Start”

DVDFab DVD Ripper is more popular than any other free DVD copy software.





The pursuit of free DVD copy software ends here. Wish you find the best free DVD copy software like DVDFab DVD Copy to copy your DVD on Windows 10 or Mac. There are numerous ways to enjoy favorite DVD movies offline on portable devices. The same goes for copy Blu-rays with special Blu-ray/UHD copy software like DVDFab Blu-ray/UHD Copy. If you are passionate about more video/audio/image tools, DVDFab Toolkit merits your attention.

Backup DVDs at home with up to 6 different copy modes

Featuring the most advanced DVD copy technologies, DVDFab DVD Copy allows you to make premium backup copies to your legally purchased DVD movie/TV Show discs at home, for non-commercial use. With 6 versatile backup modes catering various demands, you can copy your DVDs in the way that fits your situation best.

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