How to copy a DVD on Windows 7/10 and Mac? What is the best way to copy a DVD free? The answers are easy to seek. No matter you want to copy a DVD to a ISO file, a blank DVD disc or a hard drive, there is the best DVD copy software helping you copy protected DVDs free.

Data storage, transfer and backup are mainly done through USB and cloud storage presently. However, DVDs still have a lot of value and importance attached to them, which makes DVD copy essential. Gamers might know the fact that a lot of video games still come in the form of DVD. Even data, for that matter comes in the form of DVD. Although DVDs are not quite a part of the current trend, they’re not useless. They’re still preserved as a useful asset. You will be able to store important information without having to worry about the security. Corruption and damage are possible, but not necessarily.

Copying or moving data in a DVD is quite different from how it’s done in your hard disk/PC. You require a special DVD burning tool and software to go about this process. DVD burning tools are available in abundance, but not all of them perform very well. So, for better assistance in selecting a proper DVD copy software, we have listed the top 11 DVD copying software programs for you below. Check them out.

DVD Copy Software

1. The Reasons for DVD Copy

Why do you want to copy DVDs on Windows or Mac? The reasons can be divided into 4 aspects?

(1) Save money: No matter what is embedded in your DVDs, whether movies or study materials, they need money to get. Sometimes, DVDs can be very expensive. If they are lost or damaged, it will be a great loss. So, “make DVD copies” is essential.

(2) Protect DVDs: DVD is prone to scratches. With the growth of scratches, your DVD may fail to be played back someday. If your DVD contains important information, it can never come back. So learning how to copy a DVD is very important.

(3) For sharing: Suppose you have a terrific DVD film which cannot be found on the market, would you like to share it with your best friend? YES. It will be great if you copy this movie from DVD and give it to your friend as the best birthday gift.

(4) For convenience: Facing a collection of DVDs at home, could you find a DVD easily and fast? Is it convenient to take it anywhere for enjoyment? What if your computer doesn’t have a drive for DVDs? What will you do? The best way is to copy DVDs to your mobile devices, such as iPhone or iPad. Now, you need the best and free DVD copy software.

2. DVD Protections

Most commercial DVD discs are protected by DVD copy protection. So we need to consider DVD copy protections removal. “Will a copied DVD play on Region 2”? Continue to explore and find your answers.

For intellectual property protection, DVDs are protected by various methods.

(1) 99 titles: This is one of the common DVD protections usually seen in Disney videos. When you copy DVD to hard drive or other device, the DVD file may be displayed by 99 titles, making you confused about which one to choose.

(2) APS (Analog Protection System): This DVD protection is developed by Macrovision. Copying DVDs protected by APS, videos will be garbled and unwatchable. So DVD copy isn’t that easy.

(3) Sony ARccOS DVD protections: ARccOS DVD protection is commonly found in Sony DVDs. DVD copy with such protection will be told errors for corrupted files. So you need methods to copy protected DVDs.

(4) DRM (digital rights management): DRM is also known as TPM (technological protection measures), which is used to stop people from accessing, modifying and distributing copyrighted works. When you convert DVD to digital copy free, remember to be cautious about this DVD protection.

(5) DVD Region Code: Some DVDs have region codes, like A/b/C or 1/2/3. It means these DVDs are only available in special and fixed regions. Just as illustrated below, DVDs with region code of A can be played only in that district. The same goes for the region code B and C.

(6) Cinavia: Cinavia is the highest DVD copy protection, which requires advanced technology to finish Cinavia removal. In this article, there is DVD copy software free meriting your attention.

DVD Copy Protection Removal

3. What You Need for DVD Copy

To copy a DVD out of a certain reason, you need to prepare such things ahead.

(1) DVD copy software: DVD copy software can help you read and back up a DVD to a blank disc or a ISO file or folder.

(2) A DVD/Bu-ray drive: Considering most computers nowadays are not equipped with a drive for DVDs, you need to prepare a DVD or Blu-ray disc in advance. A Blu-ray disc can play both DVDs and Blu-rays, which is highly recommended.

(3) 50G-100G hard disk space: When a DVD is processed in your computer, it will occupy huge space, especially for a protected DVD. So you need a big hard disk for DVD copy.

(4) A blank disc (Optional): If you want to backup a DVD to a blank disc, you are expected to prepare a blank disc like DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL. If you are going to copy a DVD to a ISO file or folder, a blank disc is unnecessary.

DVD Copy Preparations

4. How to Choose The Best DVD Copy?

There are many DVD copy software, whether free or paid on the market. No matter which one you have heard, remember to make a wise decision from such aspects.

(1) Copy speed

“How long does it take for movies to be transitioned into digital copies/DVDs”? This is one of questions from one of users. Obviously, copy speed is the priority of DVD copy. To win the recognition of users, DVD copy software should be competent to finish its task as fast as possible.

(2) Ability to remove DVD protection

“Is there software to copy protected DVD” reflects most people are baffled by DVD copy protections? So when you are choosing a DVD copy, ask whether it is able to remove DVD protections such 99 titles and DRM.

(3) Output formats

“Is it possible to copy a DVD into my phone? How can I copy a DVD to my hard drive? How can you copy a DVD into a blank DVD”? From such questions, it is apparent that people have different demands for the output formats of DVDs. So your DVD copy should provide multiple output paths to satisfy users’ needs.

(4) Copy modes and output quality

There may be multiple videos in a DVD. So how to order a DVD copy to copy one of them or merge some videos in the same DVD? It requires multiple copy modes. Besides that, a good DVD copy should offer lossless output quality or even higher than the source.

(5) User Interface

Ease to use is the pursuit of all users, especially for beginners who are going to copy DVDs.


Which DVD Copy Software Is The Best

5. Top 11 DVD Copy Software

There are many DVD copy software which can help you make a DVD copy. Subsequently, I will brief you on the top 11 DVD copy programs available on Windows or Mac. It is easy to copy a DVD with any of them.

(1) DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab is well known for 15 years of free experience in DVD Cloner and burner. It’s termed as one of the best DVD copy software overall. This DVD burning tool can easily read and burn any ISO file/folder to any blank disc. In spite of the flash processing speed, this tool can produce a great resultant DVD, with no loss or compromise in the quality whatsoever. With its clone mode, the resultant DVD would turn out lossless. It has outstanding UI, copy speed and its performance is simply marvelous.

The Best DVD Copy Sofptware- DVDFab DVD Copy

The tool also has 6 different copy modes, namely, Full disk, Main movie, Clone/Burn, Merge and Split. With just a single click, you will be able to burn all the content present in the DVD. The user interface is absolutely amazing as it is both user-friendly and attractive. The background can be personalized as per your accord and it works well with popular Operating Systems like Windows, Mac etc. In addition, there is a wrench icon helping you custiomize your DVD files.

(2) DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner comes second in our list. It’s yet again, a great tool to burn DVD content. DVD Cloner is a good pick when it comes to easy usage and high definition output. You will be able to make the exact clone of the original data, which is why the term “Cloner” has been used. Your data can also be compressed to fit discs with a smaller storage. The data of various DVDs can be put together in a single disc. Cloner, unlike DVD Fab,has two copy modules, namely, Express and Expert. Express mode lets you do minimal work in the process of burning data. However, under Expert mode, you will be able to customize your data to a large extent, merge and split data etc.

(3) 123 Copy DVD


Although 123 Copy DVD is ranked third in the list, it’s an amazing Copy tool. It’s multifunctional and lets you make a 1:1 copy of both your movies and data. However, for non-tech users, understanding the interface would pose as an issue due to its complex nature. This is because it has features to convert videos even for your smart phone. It can also create data discs. Decryption however is not possible as commercial discs are generally secured using anti-piracy encryptions. So, 123 Copy DVD needs you to install a decryption plugin before you proceed to copy DVDs. You will be easily able to find plugins and you just need to do it once. After that, you will be able to burn data to blank discs or make copies.

(4) Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare is compatible with Windows 2003/7/8/XP and Vista, except Windows 10. You can use it to learn how to copy a DVD in Windows 7, and resort to other DVD copy software for Mac. This DVD copy software can copy a DVD from such sources as DVD disc, ISO/IFO file and DVD folder. This DVD copy software is said to offer fast speed, allowing users to convert DVD videos to hard drives directly. But, there is a limit in its output formats and output quality.

Copy DVD on Windows 10

(5) Xilisoft DVD Copy

Xilisoft DVD Copy is a helpful to copy a DVD on Mac which is fit for home DVD copy lovers. You can use this DVD copy software to copy home DVD discs and folders to blank DVD discs and folders. It makes DVD copies in 1:1 ratio without quality loss.

DVD Copy Software

(6) Tipard DVD Cloner 6

For those who want to copy DVD on Windows 10, this DVD copy software is a good choice. Tipard DVD Cloner 6 is compatible with Window 10 (32/64 bit), Windows 8, Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows Vista (32/64 bit) as well as Windows XP. But its free version has a limitation in file size. Your imported DVD should be less than 18.8 MB. If you want to copy a larger DVD disc, $55 is needed to enjoy the comprehensive DVD copy service.

How to Copy DVD on Windows 10

(7) Aimersoft DVD Copy

Aimersoft DVD Copy can be used on both Windows and Mac. As for DVD copy protection, this DVD copy software is able to remove CSS, RC, and RCE. It copies DVDs by 1:1 ration and outputs DVD movies to DVD disc or a hard drive. Similar to DVDFab DVD Copy, it allows users to compress D9 to D5, or split D9 to two D5. If you like this DVD copy software, just use it to copy DVD to hard drive.

Copy DVD on Mac

(8) 1 Step DVD Copier Ultimate

1 Step DVD Copier Ultimate can be installed to Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP as well as Windows Vista. This DVD Copy software is perfect to copy DVDs to blank disc, PC or other mobile devices such as iPod and iPhone. After your DVD are copied, it will take up 10% less than the source video you import. Many users turn to it for help to learn how to copy a DVD on Windows 7.

Copy A DVD to Hard Drive

(9) Magic DVD Copier

Magic DVD Copier is compatible with Windows. Following this DVD copy software, you can copy DVD movies to blank DVDs and computer hard drive without any loss in quality. When you use this DVD copy software to compress a DVD 9, your compressed file will be 4.7 GB, less smaller than the source. But the compression may take a time of 30 -60 minutes.  

Copy DVD on Windows 10

(10) Winx DVD Copy Pro

WinX DVD Copy Pro always updates to meet users’ growing demands for DVD copy. Install this DVD copy software on Windows and send orders to it. You can clone a DVD movie to a DVD disc or ISO file. Similar to DVDFab DVD Copy, this DVD copy program is also able to recognize the main title of your DVD, even if there may be 99 titles.

How to Copy A DVD


(11) 1 Click DVD Copy 5

1 Click DVD Copy 5 is compatible with Windows 10. You need to pay $79 for its comprehensive DVD copy service. After that, you are allowed to make a high-quality copy of your DVD movies to a blank disc or a hard drive. This DVD copy software supports NTSC and PAL DVD movies, ensures a lossless copy and will be updated every year.

DVD Copy Software Free


All the eleven in the list perform DVD copying function very well. However, DVD Fab is the best Copy tool in our opinion. It is an easier option as the userface is simple and the number of features that is has is commendable. Go check it out, you’ll love it.