Part 1. What Could a DVD Ripper Do?

A DVD Ripper is a software application which is used to rip the content of a copyrighted or protected DVD onto a hard disk, or rip it to any video formats. Here in this article we are going to discuss about the top 5 DVD ripper software available on the market. Have a look together:

Part 2. 5 Best DVD Ripper Software 2020

1. DVDFab DVD Ripper

Price: Full Trial (30-Day Period), Free and Paid Versions (54.9$)

Available OS: Windows, Mac


⚬  Rip DVD to any popular video formats on any devices

⚬  Output multi-channel audio

⚬  Support 4K/H.265 Conversion Profiles

⚬  Remove DVD Copy, VTS and newest protections

⚬  Hardware (GPU) Acceleration

⚬  Upscale DVD to Blu-ray, from 480p to 1080p

DVDFab DVD Ripper is on the top of the list because of its awesome features and the ease operation as a DVD ripper. This DVD Ripper software, available both on Windows and Mac, provides 30 days free trial for its full function, if you are not ready for purchase, don’t worry, it can let you to try all the functions for 30 days. Isn’t it fantastic for a customer?

The DVD ripper is capable to rip any video or movie files on a DVD to the hard disk, various kinds of devices, including the recently released ones. Besides, with this DVD ripper, you could save DVD as ISO or folder file. Giving many customization options for user during the ripping process, users can have control over all the output parameters easily and make their own video editing. With improvement in integrating the usage of hardware like NVIDIA CUDA, QuickSync, and multi-core CPUs, DVD ripper software is capable to executing the request in a really fast speed. Most amazingly, with the help of AI super resolution technology, it could upscale DVD to Blu-ray resolution from 480p to 1080p, wonderful to reborn the old cherished DVD collections.

2. Aimersoft DVD Ripper

Price: 49.95$ (No Trial Version)

Available OS: Windows, Mac


⚬  Convert DVD to video formats

⚬  Extract DVD audio to MP3, M4A

⚬  Convert DVD to multiple devices

⚬  Rip home-made and encrypted DVD

⚬  Can’t rip DVD to ISO of folder

Aimersoft DVD ripper ranks the 2nd in the top list of DVD ripper software. The reason behind it is mainly the cost factor, that it is cheaper than many others, but also lacks some primary features even in the full version. This software enables you to rip files from your DVD to any format which can be played on a mobile device or a gaming console. That being said, the cons of this software is that it cannot direct rip raw DVD files as ISO or the video_TS folder.

This easy-to-use DVD ripper also give customization options for output as well as advanced settings. But the major problem is that the DVD ripper is not optimized for the performance based on the hardware available. Also, the codec support is low. Installation is pretty simple, but as the trial version is not available, so you need to purchase it to try it. Usage of the application is simple and with very minimal options, which makes the DVD ripper a good choice for newbies, but if you are a tech savvy it doesn’t offer you options to customize the output. It is like a bet you place on purchasing the software that it meets all your needs or not. Still it is worth to give a try if all you need is to convert files from DVD into any compatible media format, to be used on any devices.

3. WinX DVD Ripper

Price: 39.95$ (Free version with less functions offered)

Available OS: Windows, Mac


⚬  Auto-Detect & Choose Hardware Accelerator

⚬  Edit video before ripping

⚬  Convert DVD to various video formats

WinX DVD Ripper, as an efficient DVD ripper software in its class, has got a very huge library of customized output files. This DVD ripper is simple to operate, but it doesn’t offer a trial period. It does have a free version software, but the functions are limited as well. If you’d like to purchase a DVD ripper, undeniably the first thing is to look at whether its functions cover your need. You can check for features before making a purchase. The installation and usage of this DVD ripper software are pretty simple like others, but it gives very limited options for customization in output file.

As for advanced settings, it allows user to add subtitles, expand or crop video, but it lacks a very important aspect that it cannot add watermarks, and does not support contrast and brightness adjustments. Therefore, it is worth a try but the overall ratings for this software are medium, some people like it and some do not. The interface of the software will also remind you of the DVD ripper software that come bundled with Windows 98. This DVD ripper software, ranking the 3rd on the top list, supports conversion to popular video formats like AVI or MP4. Hope that our piece of information will help you in deciding the software you can go with. We have tried to cover every aspect and highlight only those points which are necessary for deciding. Ok, scroll down for the next best DVD ripper software.

4. Wonderfox DVD Ripper

Price: 39.95$ (Free version with less functions also available)

Available OS: Windows


⚬  Decrypt and rip DVDs with copy protections

⚬  Fix your scratched DVDs

⚬  Add or remove subtitles

⚬  Hardware acceleration (Nvidia NVENC, CUDA).

⚬  1:1 quick copy DVD to ISO image and DVD folder

Wonderfox DVD Ripper is indeed marketed as free best DVD ripper software, but the free version has only limited functions to offer. If you’d like a full function version, you could make a purchase after understanding the features of this DVD ripper software. It could achieve a fast speed in DVD ripping process like 5 to 10 minutes while preserving the quality as is, that is, 1:1. The operation steps are quite simple as well, you load the DVD, select a custom setting, and click on convert, and that’s it. Pretty straightforward.

Also, among DVD ripper software, there is a trend to leverage the hardware such as the CPU, the GPU or both in some cases. Wonderfox DVD Ripper is also capable of ripping protected videos, which is a sure shot selling point in terms of popularity. The removable copy protections of this best DVD ripper software are CSS, DRM, RCE, Sony's proprietary ARccOS as well as Disney’s protection standards. Thus, you can be sure of ripping any DVD, yes, just about any DVD you can pick off the shelf of any store. However, there is also a point about repairing your scratched DVDs, which is not completely feasible since it is a hardware issue, but probably it tries to imply that it can rip DVDs with scratches as well.

5. Leawo DVD Ripper

Price: 39.95$ (Free version with less functions also available)

Available OS: Windows, Mac


⚬  The instinctive UIs make it easy to use

⚬  Convert DVD to video/audio in 180+ popular formats

⚬  Convert DVD for multiple devices

⚬  Customize video with built-in video editor and 3D movie creator;

⚬  Select subtitles from source DVD for output;

Leawo DVD Rippper, as the last one on the best DVD ripper list, is a valuable DVD ripper software that allows users to rip DVD to video in many video and audio formats including WMV, MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, MP3, F4V, AAC, and more. You could also utilize the DVD ripper software to rip videos and DVD movies to most famous compact devices like iPad, iPhone, PS4, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, and so on. One thing to keep in mind is that this DVD ripper software works the best with Windows 10 OS.

Advertising as “Making home DVD movie enjoying anywhere anytime as you like”, this software has a built-in video editor that allows users to modify videos before ripping, including editing, cutting, watermarks and adding effects. You additionally can utilize it to make 3D films. The ripping procedure is might be a little bit slow according to customer feedback. Besides that, this DVD Ripper software also serve as a video converter to convert video and audio between various formats. Other user-friendly features include: set profile parameters, select subtitle output and audio track, merge files into one and so on.

Part 3. How to Rip DVD with One of the Best DVD Rippers——DVDFab DVD Ripper

In this part, we would offer show you a simple guide on how to rip DVD with one of the best DVD rippers: DVDFab DVD Ripper. Let’s take a look together:

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Step 1: Launch DVDFab DVD Ripper and Load the Source

Launch DVDFab DVD Ripper, and opt for Ripper from the option bar, then insert the DVD disc you’d like to rip into the optical drive, or click the “Add” button on the main UI if it is already in.

Note: if your DVD source is an ISO file or a folder, you can just simply drag and drop it into this best DVD ripper software.

Step 2: Choose Target Profile and Customize DVD

The second step is to choose one target profile. Move to the left panel and click the profile switcher to choose the one you need Then, select the audio tracks and subtitles, set the video and audio parameters regarding the output with the Advanced Settings. If you like, you can also customize your DVD video with the built-in video editor.

Step 3: Start the Ripping Process

Click the Start button, this best DVD ripper software will immediately begin ripping DVD, during this process, the DVD copy protections would be bypassed and removed. It would provide you with the detailed progress bar to keep track of the conversion.

Part 4. FAQs

Voila, 5 best DVD ripper software introduction finish here! Choose the most suitable one by yourself. Finally, we are gonna conclude this article with some FAQs that our users care about most.

FAQ 1: How Can I Rip Multiple DVDs at once?

Basically, you cannot do that with a DVD disc in your DVD drive. Even if your computer allows you to rip multiple DVDs at once, it is probably for your computer to crush due to over work. That’s the reason for finding a great DVD ripper software to help you out. With a good DVD ripper software, you could rip DVD fast and save a lot of time.

That being said, if the source DVD is an ISO file or a DVD folder, you can do that if you computer has a strong CPU processor. For example, DVDFab DVD Ripper could make the ripping process 2X Faster with VideoToolbox Hardware Acceleration function. That way you might try batch ripping with this strong DVD ripper software.

FAQ 2: Could I Rip the Copy Protected DVDs with the Above-Mentioned DVD Ripper Software?

The answer is definitely a Yes, but not all of them. From the above 5 best DVD Rippers, DVDFab DVD Ripper is the most powerful one to remove the DVD copy protections, for your reference, almost all DRM protected DVD can be ripped and removed of copy protections in order to back up them, like CSS, Region Code, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS Rip Guard, etc.

FAQ 3: Can I Upscale Those Old DVDs to Better Quality Using DVD Ripper Software?

Yes. You could achieve that with the development of AI. DVDFab DVD Ripper has integrated a new function that is backed by AI Super Resolution Technology to upscale old DVD to new Blu-ray standard, for example you could enlarge the image resolution and quality to full HD from 480p, a very good choice to refreshing those old DVD collections. As how to achieve it with DVDFab DVD Ripper function, please refer to this article: How to Rip DVD with AI.