DVDs were introduced almost two decades ago but despite this fact, they are still enjoyed and loved by many people. However, it is not easy to maintain a DVD player along with a variety of gadgets in a small space. This calls for having a TV with a DVD player option as this reduces the weight and size of both the equipment and concise it to one. After comparing and examining we have shortlisted a few Tv options with a built-in DVD player but first let us get into some more details about a TV with a DVD player.

Advantages of a TV with DVD player

These are as follows:

  • Easy recording of favorite programs, videos, and movies.
  • Amazing viewing experience with enhanced video and audio.
  • Built-in storage capacity.
  • They save a lot of storage space and provide a compact solution to users.
  • Lots of versatile functions to stream Netflix, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Parameters to be kept in mind while buying a TV with a built-in DVDPlayer

Following points must be kept in mind while buying a TV with a built-in DVD Player:

  • Brand of TV with a good reputation.
  • Size of the device and space available.
  • Availability of numerous ports and connections along with wireless connectivity.
  • Multi-channel audio output for all your audio needs.

Top 8 TV options with DVD player built-in facility

Following are the top 8 TV options with DVD player built-in facility:

Supersonic SC-2412

small tv with built in dvd player Supersonic SC-2412

If you have been looking for a TV with a DVD player at a comfortable and affordable price then Supersonic SC 2412 is just your option. It provides an advantage of fabulous add ons such as Chromecast, Amazon’s fire stick, and many more along with the provision of being served as a computer monitor. There is also an availability that helps you in plugging and playing your favorite music for viewing any kind of photos.


  • Various ports are fully compatible with HDMI and USB and allow the user to make use of Firestick or any other similar hardware for easy control.
  • It provides a crisp picture in high definition for amazing and stunning details along with contrast.
  • The monitor has the availability of a good spectrum containing all kinds of vibrant colors for picture clarity.
  • It is a 24 inch TV with a DVD player available as a built-in and does not require the user to go for additional equipment to play a DVD.
  • You can watch all your digital content with the availability of Netflix, Showtime, Hulu, and many more.

Price: $204


  • Assists in watching series on Netflix, Hulu, and any other streaming service.
  • There is an easy return policy of 30 days in case there is an issue with the device.
  • There is a facility with a built-in DVD player.


  • Not compatible with DC 12.

Axess 24”

tv with dvd player built in asexx 24

If you are looking for a flat-screen TV with a DVD player facility in a smaller size then Axess is available in 24 inches to suit your needs. It is a full HDTV with 1080 p which is very compact for spaces like small apartments and dorm-like rooms. The facing speakers provide amazing sound quality to the user and allow them to enjoy crystal clear sound along with fabulous picture quality.


  • Amazing resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels to provide crystal clear pictures.
  • There are facilities of HDMI and VGA input for videos.
  • The earphone jack provides additional support to all your audio needs.
  • There is lifetime support from the technical team of the company.
  • There is a video and audio input in the form of a composite RCA slot.

Price: $203.99


  • Provides amazing sound quality for all your movies and videos.
  • Pretty easy to set up this device.
  • Quite affordable for low-budget users.


  • There is only one HDMI port.


tv with dvd player built in steptre

If you are looking for a 32 inch TV with a built-in DVD player then Sceptre can be your choice. It has an amazing full HD resolution that comes in the form of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The nice-looking sleek design makes it comfortable to watch videos Along with clear QAM showing all the available cable channels. The VGA facility provides amazing connectivity to TV, laptop, and other devices.


  • It has a VGA facility with great connectivity to the monitor, laptop, or even TV along with a variety of options for input.
  • The USB port is available to make the user in the form of a slideshow and makes the playlist listening experience a fabulous one.
  • Provides superior digital audio and video quality through HDMI which also connects to TV Other devices with the help of a single cable.
  • There is a built-in facility for a DVD player that helps the users in the enjoyment of their favorite movies on DVDs.
  • There is a single remote that helps in amazing control poof the TV device as well as DVD function.

Price: $130


  • Multiple ports are present for all audio and visual needs.
  • The VGA feature allows it to connect easily to multiple devices.
  • The headphone jack allows you to connect with any kind of audio device.


  • Sometimes there may be problems with the sound.

Supersonic SC-1912 19”

small tv with dvd player Supersonic SC-1912 19”


If you are looking for a TV with a DVD player for your child's room then Supersonic SC-1912 19” variant is just the thing you need. It offers just the right balance of all necessities required in a TV with a built-in DVD player combination. It offers a brilliant noise reduction along with clear and crisp images for your videos. Its compatible size allows you to enjoy the photos and music on the well-fitted screen.


  • Capable of an HDMI input.

Price: $205


  • Comfortable display for smaller rooms.
  • good input for SD card and HDMI.
  • can also be used as a computer monitor in a versatile way.


  • Provides very basic features at this price.

Westinghouse 32”

smart tv with dvd player Westinghouse 32”

Westinghouse TV with a DVD Player provides a good combination of 60 Hz refresh rate and 720 p resolution. There are two 8W channel speakers which are available to provide and advance sound while enjoying any kind of movie or show. Moreover, it also has 178 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles which provide comfortable watching from any position. It is a very lightweight product.


  • It is a TV with a built-in DVD player that provides 720p resolution for the amazing quality of HD images.
  • You can easily use it for your streaming device as this amazing model is fully equipped with the right connectivities.
  • Provides a crisp, bright, and vivid picture in full HD which is perfect for watching any kind of movies, shows, sports, or playing on a gaming console.
  • It has a built-in we checked that assists the user in blocking content which is based on the rating of the program and they can also check ok A rating of any kind of unfamiliar program.
  • It has a VGA, HDMI, and digital TV tuner connectivity along with a USB facility.

Price: $131


  • Provides a bright, vivid, and crisp picture quality.
  • There are multiple ports to assist the use of any device with the TV.
  • The built-in DVD player fulfills all your DVD needs.


  • The connectivity options are quite average.


smart tv with dvd player RCA RLDEDV3255-A

RCA TV with a DVD player is the thing you need if you wish to switch over to your movies with a great experience in picture quality. Along with this it also offers amazing navigation and it is available with on-screen displays in multiple languages. It also offers captions in digital closeness. With its exorbitant features, you will not feel a necessity for a separate DVD player as this 32 inch TV with a built-in DVD player will not let you feel that.


  • The built-in DVD player allows the users to enjoy their favorite DVDs without purchasing a DVD player separately.
  • It has a vibrant display that works on the technology of a direct-lit LED.
  • It has an HDMI port to equip you with additional enjoyment.
  • The device is wall-mountable and requires holes for screwing it to the perfect place.
  • It has an easy capability of switching between the DVD and TV mode on your desire.

Price: $400


  • Vibrant display with uniform brightness.
  • Can switch to TV and DVD modes easily.
  • Can be wall-mounted.


  • Maybe a costly product for some users.

Proscan 24” LED TV

tv with built in dvd player Proscan 24” LED TV

If you are looking for a 24 inch TV with a DVD player option then Proscan LED TV can help you with the same. It has a convenient built-in display with full HD resolution to provide attractive and crystal clear images. This is an ideal piece for a small room or a smaller space. The 60 HZ refresh rate makes it a great piece at this available price. 


  • Comes in a handy table mount facility.
  • The DVD player can also be used as a computer monitor for your needs.
  • There are plenty of connections and ports to assist with various devices' connectivity.
  • The remote control that comes with the TV helps you in easy control of all the available features from your seat.
  • It has a refresh rate of60 Hz and its picture quality is quite soothing for the eyes.

Price: $229.99


  • Availability at a low price.
  • Amazing resolution of full HD quality.
  • Including a DVD player is certainly a plus if you are a DVD fan.


  • Only one output is available for HDMI.

Continuus 28” HDTV LED

tv with built in dvd player Continuus 28” HDTV LED

If you are looking for a small TV with a built-in DVD player, then Continuus 28” is The most lightweight and amazingly Slim TV. It offers a wonderful audio quality along with crystal clear display features. It comes in a combination with a USB port, VGA port, 3 HDMI ports, and RF cable port. Along with its amazing features, it also offers 1 year of warranty and can be considered as the most reliable option LED HDTV. If you want to watch videos from Amazon Prime, you can click here.


  • It is a lightweight and compact design which makes it very easy and quick to mount on the available wall.
  • Now you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies along with sports on this fabulous smart TV with a DVD player that provides a stunning combination of light, dark along with rich colors.
  • Connect with multiple devices and has 3 built-in HDMI ports, along with 1 VGA port and an RF cable Jack input as well.
  • The customer service offered by the company is amazingly friendly and provides all sorts of technical support to help you out in times of need.
  • This fabulous device comes with a very simple and fully functional remote and the easy programmability of this universal remote makes it quite handy for the user.

Price: $249.99


  • Availability of ample ports for any future upgrades
  • Eye-catching design with a sleek body.
  • Connects easily with gaming devices, cable boxes, laptops, etc.


  • Availability of 720p resolution.

DVDFab Playerfab all in one media player

how to play dvds on tv with dvd player by playerfab all in one

If you are having a flat TV with a DVD player built-in then PlayerFab All In One media player is just the thing you need. It helps in playing your videos in 4K quality along with HDR effect and helps in managing your local library of media by using a poster wall. It lends its support to a variety of formats such as MP4, MKV, and many others. In addition to this, it is also available in numerous languages to play the video without any kind of problem.


  • Help in streaming any kind of video playback online in 100 pixels in FHD quality and EAC3 audio quality.
  • There are a variety of extra features such as adjustment for playback speed, an auto-sleep mode for the intro, selection of subtitles, and the audio type along with skipping of auto ads.
  • Helps in playing all kinds of media formats along with a great navigation menu to playback audio output in high quality.
  • If you have a great Media Library that is full of videos, movies, and audio and you are not able to manage them then this fabulous media player arranges it for you through poster walls.
  • It helps in editing the videos as per your requirement and choice by editing the metadata.

Price: Free trial for 30 days.

Paid version at $169.99


  • It helps in managing, making, and organizing your local music library where you can select any kind of music anytime.
  • It helps in supporting all kinds of audio formats such as MP4, MP3, APE, and many more.
  • Helps in easy customization for your playlist and an amazing audiovisual effect provides a cinema-like ambiance.


  • The paid version may be a little pricey for the users. 


Westinghouse and Sceptre are good options to consider for a 32 inch Tv with a DVD player.

If you have a small room then you can go for Proscan in 24 inches and Supersonic SC-1912 in 19” for your needs of a TV with a built-in DVD player.

DVDFab Playerfab all in one media player is the best software for a smart TV with a DVD player.


Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and smaller spaces people wish to opt for devices with multiple uses. In such times, they do not prefer to buy a DVD player separately and like to opt for a TV with a DVD player. However, with so many options at hand, it is obvious to get confused and opt for the wrong device. Thus, we are here to assist you with amazing options for a TV with a built-in DVD player. We hope with our fabulous varieties in price range and sizes you will be able to select the right device for your use. Besides, if you are looking for the best 4K 120Hz TV, another article is here for your reference.