VLC play dvd:

When there is a competition for a free media player, VLC always stands at the top because of its versatility and open cross-platform support. It helps to play DVDs, audio CDs, and other popular formats and codecs. The player is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. The VLC media player can copy DVDs, making it a unique choice for streaming purposes. You can use it to play music, videos on your computer and blu-ray discs rather than DVDs and CDs.

This guide article will thoroughly describe how to play a DVD with VLC. Besides this, we will also highlight some issues, including why users fail to play DVDs using a VLC media player and their solutions. We will ensure that these unique fixes will work perfectly; 

Part 1: How to Use VLC to Play DVDs?

VLC play dvd:Part 1: How to Use VLC to Play DVDs?

VLC plays DVD in the same way as described;

  • First, download and install the VLC media player and open it.
  • Now tap on the "File" and then "Open Disc.
  • Choose the "Video_TS" folder and tap on the "Browse" to search the folder.
  • Click to choose and mention the "VIDEO_TS" folder and tap on "Open."
  • You will see a video playing now. Click on "Video," "Fullscreen," "Video," and then Subtitle Track to do the manual setting. 

Part 2: Why VLC Media Player Won't Play DVD – 3 Best Ways to Fix if VLC Doesn't Play DVD

Numerous users reported, "VLC media player won't play DVD." Here are the most complained problems and their fixes;

  • VLC is unable to read the DVD. Users cannot open DVD and VIDEO_TS files. The DVD is deleted, and you cannot find it. 
  • The VLC DVD play software cannot play DVDs properly. The DVD video and audio files are irregular. They show the yellow warning.
  • VLC is not working after getting Mac operating system X or Windows 10 operating system updates.  
  • The player does not play the entire DVD. It just supports DVDs to play for a few seconds. 

Now let's come to the solution to all these problems discussed above;

Way 1. Rearrange VLC Favorites

Most DVD-related issues have been easily resolved while rearranging VLC favorites. If you are not aware of the DVD region code or unfamiliar with its DRM security or encryption, apply these fixes;

  • Reinstall VLC and update it to the newest version 

VLC play dvd:Way 1. Rearrange VLC Favorites

Missing updates sometimes also cause serious problems. For example, if your DVD uses the newest codecs, your older version VLC will not recognize it. Hence, it will show an error. You have to uninstall the previous and reinstall the newest version to solve the "vlc won t play DVD '' problem. You can see updates after opening "VLC''> "Help"> "Check for Updates."

  • Adjust Preferences in VLC and restart it

VLC play dvd:Way 1. Rearrange VLC Favorites

Sometimes setting preferences also supports playing DVDs. For it, check "Tools" and then "Preferences." The "Show Settings" option will appear in the bottom left corner. From here, go to choose "All" > “Video” > “Filters” > “Dentlessless”. After it, click on the drop-down icon under the Deinterlacing video filter. Finally, choose "Yadif Mode" and click on the "Save." If your problem has been solved, you should restart the player. 

  • Install Libdvdread

VLC play dvd:Way 1. Rearrange VLC Favorites

Most business DVDs are encoded and apply numerous encoding and copy protection techniques. To play such encoded DVDs on VLC, users have to install libdvdread, libdvdnav, and libdvddcss, which perform to decode the encoded DVDs.

Moreover, if users have updated their Mac or Windows to a current operating system and are searching for the solution to "why VLC will not play DVD," here is the process?

Click on the "security," "maintenance," "Troubleshooting computer problems," "Programs," and "Run programs," which are before made for windows, and click on the "Next" option and select "VLC program." Finally, click on the "Try recommended settings" and choose "Test the Program."

Way 2. Change DVD to VLC Compatible Format

Above mentioned solutions are effective enough to solve your "unable to play DVD on VLC '' problems. Can Wii play DVDs? It is also a problem to solve.  However, it may also happen that you still face the "VLC wont play DVD on Windows 10 or Mac '' issue. So, we recommend you convert DVDs to VLC compatible formats in this situation. Here you can utilize Wondershare UniConverter, initially known as Wondershare UniConverter.

  • Wondershare UniConverter

It will help you convert your DVD to VLC compatible formats, like MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, etc. The software supports over 1000 formats for conversion without compromising quality. Moreover, the program helps you edit, crop, cut, trim, and many more. 

How to convert DVD to VLC compatible format with Wondershare UniConverter?

  • Download and install the program and choose the "Video Converter" option.

VLC play dvd:Way 2. Change DVD to VLC Compatible Format

  • Now insert the DVD into the computer and choose "inserted the disc."
  • Select the required files which you want to convert.
  • After uploading DVD files, choose the desired VLC compatible format.

VLC play dvd:Way 2. Change DVD to VLC Compatible Format

  • You can also choose the resolution from the Video tab.

VLC play dvd:Way 2. Change DVD to VLC Compatible Format

  • Click on the Output tab and select the location where you want to keep your converted content.
  • Lastly, hit the Start All button to start conversion. 

Finally, you can play your desired DVDs with VLC or other devices according to your preferences. Uniconverter is also best to support particular video formats for various devices.

Way 3. Try VLC Alternative Free DVD Player: 4 Reliable VLC Alternatives of 2022

If troubleshooting and changing the VLC format is not a viable solution, it's time to look at the best VLC alternative. Many other free DVD players, including KMPlayer, 5K Player, and SMPlayer, will work to play your desired DVDs. But our recommendation is for an All-In-One software that was tested as a unique program in the DVD player's market;

1. PlayerFab All-In-One 

VLC play dvd:Way 3. Try VLC Alternative Free DVD Player: 4 Reliable VLC Alternatives of 2022

It is a modern edition of the original DVDFab Player 6. As the program can work with Windows and Mac, it is the entire solution to your confusion about "why does DVD not work on the windows media player." This VLC media player alternative comes with effective features that will support you to enjoy the non-stop watching experience. You can use it to play DVDs and enjoy videos from all streaming websites while delivering high-quality content. The menu support will let you play DVDs, Blu-ray movies, 4K UHD, and HEVC videos.

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  • It lands with HDR10 and HD audio result assistance, and 3D playback on 3D media content.
  • The program ensures high-quality video and audio results. 
  • Its Ultra edition will deliver ultra-modern watching of digital films with the support of playback on 4K, Ultra HD Blu-rays, 4K UHD, and HEVC.
  • Conclusively, PlayerFab All-In-One is a rich feature multipurpose media player.

How to Play DVDs with PlayerFab All-In-One?

  • After downloading and installing the software, you will see two modes: PC Mode or TV Mode.

VLC play dvd:Way 3. Try VLC Alternative Free DVD Player: 4 Reliable VLC Alternatives of 2022

  • You should select PC mode if you want to see a DVD movie on your computer or laptop screen. 
  • You can also use this function to see the DVD on HDTV. However, you must have an HDMI out port in your PC linked to HDTV. This will support you to see your computer display on your TV screen.
  • If you choose PC mode, you should click on the + button from the center of the interface.

VLC play dvd:Way 3. Try VLC Alternative Free DVD Player: 4 Reliable VLC Alternatives of 2022

  • After inserting your DVD, hit the Disc icon to start playing your DVD movie.

VLC play dvd:Way 3. Try VLC Alternative Free DVD Player: 4 Reliable VLC Alternatives of 2022

Now let's come to the reasons and solutions of "why does DVD not work on Windows media player" with DVDFab player six on computer mode. 

Functions Of VLC Play DVD by PlayerFab All In One

Reason 1:

  • Once selected PC mode, insert DVD and upload your disc.  
  • When your video display appears, right-click the interface and set the video, audio subtitle, playback speed, shaders, and according to your preferences.
  • Hence, you will get an amazing result. 

Reason 2: 

To avoid illegal copyright, your DVD may be inserted with reservation. This may happen if your DVD is encoded. The normal DVD security contains region code boosted, Vinavia, Sony ARccOS, RipGuard, 99-Titles, Apple FairPlay, APS, and UOPs. So, you must have to decode your DVD. After that, your DVD will be played on Windows Media Player, PlayerFab All-In-One, or any other video player according to your desires.

2. KMPlayer

VLC play dvd:Way 3. Try VLC Alternative Free DVD Player: 4 Reliable VLC Alternatives of 2022

It is a free versatile media player that plays various formats and codecs like AVI, MKV, FLV, ASF, WMV, etc. You can run it on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It comes with an internal codec and features a matrix function/normalizer. It is the best companion for new users with a smooth interface. You will find it with fast and easy playback. Moreover, the player also supports 3-D formats and will allow you to add an album. 

3. 5K Player

VLC play dvd:Way 3. Try VLC Alternative Free DVD Player: 4 Reliable VLC Alternatives of 2022

It is another free and versatile well-known VLC alternative when you are facing "VLC media player wont play DVD." You will enjoy its work as a video player, music player, digital video downloader, and AirPlay media streamer. The program will let you play DVDs, 4K, 5K, and 1080p HD videos. It will smoothly work on Windows and Mac systems with its default radio player.

4. SMPlayer

VLC play dvd:Way 3. Try VLC Alternative Free DVD Player: 4 Reliable VLC Alternatives of 2022

SMPlayer, while working as a free player, comes with pre-built codecs and supports playing almost all video and audio formats. It is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems without downloading and installing external codecs. It will save the played files if they are paused during the process. The video again will stream from the same stage with some adjustments. Furthermore, the program is best to play YouTube videos, adjust numerous skins and icon themes, download the subtitle, apply video and audio filters, balance videos, and supporting multi-languages. 


VLC is very popular among numerous other media player software around the world. It has a lot of video playback functions. But there are different reasons: "VLC player won't play DVD." To resolve the issue, first, you should analyze what is exactly the main problem. Is its software configuration, Player compatibility, or error reading this disc?

Common program configuration issues may include DVD adjustment, VLC versions, and player support. You can look at each reason and try to resolve the issue perfectly. If all fixes fail to work as mentioned above, you should try another player like PlayerFab All-In-One. It will let you move with an ensuing route and allows ripping DVDs to an online MKV video. This way, your DVD will smoothly work with VLC or any other media player.