Does PS4 play 4K?

Can PS4 play 4K Blu-ray?

Does PS4 Pro play 4K movies?

Can PS4 Pro play 4K Blu-ray?


When browsing through Quaro and Reddit, I found some would-be users of video games console are haunted by these questions: ‘What’re the differences between PS4 and PS4 Pro?’ If you are going to buy games console like PS series or seek the best solution for 4K media playback, this post eliminates your confusion and helps you make the right choice to play 4K media content.

1. PS4 vs PS4 Pro

Does it mean a lot for would-be purchasers: PS4 or PS4 Pro? If you have the intension of buying a video games console, PlayStation 4 models produced by Sony will be right up your alley, since this brand takes the wind over its rivals. But you need to figure out the true differences between PS4 and PS4 Pro before making the final decision.

Optical Drive

Since PS4 and PS4 Pro have built-in Blu-ray drive, playing regular Blu-ray discs is a piece of cake. But neither of them is capable of playing 4K Blu-ray discs. Considering Sony’s brand strategy and tactical decision, it currently has no plan for 4K Blu-ray upgrading. In a nutshell, PS4 Pro 4K Blu-ray is still unavailable.


The original PS4 supports 1080p, while the latest PS4 Pro reaches 2160p, or 4K. Even so, it’s up to game developers as to whether to take full advantage of PS4 Pro features. If there is no PS4 Pro mode in the game, video game lovers still fail to enjoy real 4K resolution on PS4 Pro games console.

2. Does PS4 Play 4K?

As mentioned above, PS enables regular Blu-ray playback based on its Blu-ray drive. Due to its maximum resolution capacity (1080p), it fails to support 4K video playback, let alone 4K Blu-rays. Up to till now, the questions of ‘Can PS4 play 4K?’ and ‘Can PS4 play 4K Blu-ray?’ is an understood thing. Therefore, PS4 4K Blu-ray playback will not happen. You have to blaze a new trial. Alternatively, play 4K videos on PS4 but get 1080p resolution eventually.

3. Is PS4 Pro 4K Blu-ray Available?

Though PS4 Pro does not support 4K Blu-ray playback, it can play 4K movies, 4K videos and 4K video games, regular HD and 3D Blu-rays, as well as ordinary DVDs, on premise that your PS4 Pro is connected to a 4K compatible display or monitor. Besides, High Speed or Premium High-Speed HDMI cable is needed to connect 4K television or monitor. Make sure the HDMI input on your device supports 4K, which can be verified via ‘Automatic’ > ‘Resolution’ > ‘Video Output Settings’ > ‘Sound and Screen’ > ‘Settings’. Only by meeting all requirements can PS4 Pro play 4K movies and video games at 4K UHD resolution. By this token, PS4 Pro plays 4K movies rather than 4K UHD Blu-rays. Hence, next time when someone asks ‘Can PS4 Pro play 4K Blu-rays’, you can tell him or her the truth without the slightest hesitation.

4. Best 4K Media Player: DVDFab Player 6

It might be a great pity that PS4 Pro is unable to play 4K UHD Blu-rays. But 4K Blu-ray enthusiasts shall hold no fears in that regard. There is the most cost-efficient and professional solution waving at you. To seek an all-inclusive 4K media player, DVDFab Player 6 shall be your top priority. This 4K media player supports playback for all DVDs, Blu-rays, 4K UHD Blu-rays, and H264/H265 videos, which fills the gap that PS4 Pro 4K Blu-ray cannot be achieved. Here is a simple list that best describes its marvelous features.

• Menu playback on DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays

• Support 4K UHD and HEVC/H265 videos, other media files, and BDAV discs

• HDR 10 and Hi-res audio output support

• 3D playback on all forms of 3D media contents

• Import DVD and Blu-ray discs to the local library as ISO files

• PC and TV modes optimized for small or huge screens

• Fast and precise smart preview with adjustable thumbnails

• Organize and manage local media library by poster walls

• Customized settings for a flexible playlist and playback control

• Available on Windows and macOS, 30-day free trial

To put things simply, these are the master card that makes this 4K media player stands out from the crowd. Does PS4 play 4K? Is PS4 Pro 4K Blu-ray be available? No need to be troubled by such questions, since this 4k Blu-ray media player will bring you unexpected viewing results.

5. How to Play 4K Blu-rays with DVDFab Player 6

After knowing the highlighted features of this 4K UHD media player, it’s a must to get the hang of how to use it to enjoy your 4K media content. The following guideline will be for your reference on how to make the best of this 4K Blu-ray player software.

STEP 1: Launch this 4K UHD player and choose PC or TV mode

Download and install this 4K UHD Blu-ray player, and choose PC mode when the program runs. If you dislike this pop-up reminder, go to ‘Settings’ to change the default choice. This post takes PC mode as an example.

STEP 2: Load your desired 4K Blu-ray movie

If the movie to be loaded is 4K UHD Blu-ray disc, make sure there is an external drive on your computer. Otherwise, import 4k UHD Blu-ray ISO file/folder to the local media library. If you use this program for the first time, it will ask you to ‘Add Files’. The 4K UHD media player can update the latest Poster Walls and meta-data information for the loaded media files when connected to the internet.

But if you hate to insert 4K UHD Blu-ray disc or choose a file from the Library, the 4K media player allows you to locate source file from ‘My Computer’, which equals to the PC desktop. ‘File Explorer’ comes in handy to facilitate your follow-up process. Hence, choose you wanted movie and press ‘Open’, you will be taken into playback interface.

STEP 3: Customize playlist and play 4K UHD movie

When the playback interface appears, several buttons for specific uses will pop up. Beneath the display screen is function buttons that indicate Stop, Play/Pause, turn to Next Chapter/Past Chapter, Fast Forward/Rewind. Smart preview helps you get a quick glance at your desired movie clips. You can zoom in or zoom out thumbnails, and change their display numbers. However, smart preview for DVDs and Blu-rays will come soon, since you can enjoy this feature for regular videos or movies at present.

In addition, this best 4K UHD media player supports 3D content playback, with four modes available for your option: Anaglyph Red/Cyan, 3D-Ready HDTV (Checkerboard), Micro-polarizer LCD 3D (Row-interleaved) and HDMI 1.4 enabled 3D TV.

What’s more, you can go to ‘Settings’ (inverted triangle in the upper right corner) to choose UI language, Play Mode, enable Hardware Acceleration and 3D Playback Engine, customize audio output and subtitle, select region code for Blu-ray, set file directory and screenshot type. Above all, different sorts of hotkeys are accessible to help you fast enter your wanted interface.

By the way, this 4K UHD media player supports playback on 4K UHD TV, which means once you install this player software, it will work seamlessly with a desktop and 4K Ultra HD TV. Can PS4 Pro play 4K Blu-ray? Up to till now, this is a no-brainer. But DVDFab layer 6 is an exception.

6. Final Thought

Now you might have found your wanted answers to questions ‘Does PS4 Play 4K’ and ‘Is PS4 Pro 4K Blu-ray Available’, and know the most reliable 4K Blu-ray player. Always keep in mind it’s impossible for a video game console to possess all possible features of a media player. After all, video game playback is the bread and butter. If you intend to watch 4K Blu-rays and all other sorts of media files with the optimal viewing experience, DVDFab Player 6 is the best yet the only choice. Needless to say, it kills two birds with one stone, not only a media player but a powerful media manager.

One more word, when you find 4K UHD Blu-ray drive on your computer is unfriendly or incompatible, you can downgrade firmware on the current 4K UHD drive so as to make legal backups of your 4K Blu-ray discs with 4K UHD backup tools like UHD Copy and UHD Ripper.