Xbox One is not only meant to play games. You can also use it to watch TV, stream movies from Netflix or Hulu and even turn it into a versatile media player.

Let’s learn more about the Xbox One Media Player.

Xbox One Media Player

With Xbox One Media Player, you can play almost any media files, just like you would play them over a software media player.

The Xbox One Media player supports most of the popular video, audio and image formats used by consumers.

Apart from the MPEG formats, it also supports the not-so-popular formats like 3GP, WAV and M-JPEG.

And talking about image formats, almost the entire range from animated GIF to TIFF is supported.

That said, how do you locate Xbox One Media Player app and use it?

Install Xbox One Media Player

Let it be known that your Xbox One doesn’t come installed with its official media player. You would have to install it yourself.

To do this, head to the Xbox Store and under apps, search for media player.

You can easily find Media Player there and install it.

If for some reason you aren't satisfied with the functionality of the official Xbox One Media Player, check out the following list of alternative Xbox One media players.

Xbox One Media Player App: Blu-ray Player

Fair enough, you could plug in a pen drive with a movie file into Xbox One to play through the Media Player.

What if you want to play a DVD? It would be possible via the Blu-ray Player.

The Blu-ray player app allows you to play Blu-ray and DVD movies on your Xbox One based on the Blu-ray/DVD region it's manufactured for.

The Blu-ray Player also supports 3D Blu-ray if played on 3D television.

Here are the steps to install the Blu-ray Player a useful media player for Xbox One.

After powering on your Xbox one, head to the Xbox app store.

In the search bar, type Blu-ray and the Blu-ray Player app would appear.

Proceed to install this Xbox One media player app.

An easier way would be to insert your DVD or Blu-ray into the Xbox disc tray.

The Blu-ray Player app would appear on the menu. Select it and you can proceed to download it to your Xbox One.

You’ll now be ready to play your favorite DVDs or Blu-rays over Xbox One just like you would do over any DVD/Blu-ray player.

XBox One Media Player: VLC

VLC requires little introduction. It's the app or program one turns to when a particular media file format is unplayable elsewhere.

It has often been referred to as a Swiss Army Knife of AV playback. With it, you don't have to worry about downloading additional codecs or plugins.

Version 3.0 has added DVD/Blu-ray playback functionality and this would make it an ideal media player for Xbox One.

So, if you want something with a ring of familiarity and a slew of useful features, then you should opt for VLC as an Xbox media player, especially if you're concerned about playing digital media files.

If you've an external storage device containing media files connected to your Xbox, VLC can detect and play them over your HDTV.

VLC will also qualify as a good Xbox One subtitles media player with its excellent support for subtitles.

Now that we’ve discussed the best Xbox One media players, let’s take a look at a versatile media player for the Windows platform.

DVDFab Player 5

DVDFab Player 5

The reinvented DVDFab Player 5 features all-new playback engine that significantly improves stability, compatibility and playback smoothness; besides, it offers totally different PC and TV playback modes both with distinctive media entertainment experience to satisfy users. 

DVDFab Player 5 is a versatile Windows media player which has a slew of features which would impress any movie viewer or music listener.

DVDFab Player 5 is available for free download to get a feel of its state-of-the art technology behind the media player for the future.

If you're looking for a smooth-playing media player high on compatibility and stability, then DVDFab Player 5, should be your automatic choice hands down.

It supports media playback on PC and TV.

If you're playing DVDs or Blu-ray, you would love this media player as supports navigation menus.

That's not all DVDFab Player 5 has one eye on the future supporting 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback with HDR10 and Hi-Res audio output, to mention a few.

Download it today and give it a try by following the steps below.

On launching DVD Player 5, you would be presented with two options on the opening screen - PC or TV.

In most cases you’ll be choosing PC if you want to play your media files on your computer or from your computer to your TV via an HDMI port in your computer.

On clicking on TV, the next screen that appears is a one with a + button in the middle.

Clicking on the + button will give you the following options shown in the screenshot.

You’ll likely choose Disc or My Computer.

In the Disc mode you could play DVD or Blu-ray (if you have a Blu-ray drive installed in your computer.

The popular option would be to choose My Computer where you can navigate to any storage media - hard disk, pen drive, DVD drive etc and select the media files you wish to play.

It’s a pretty straightforward process.

Give DVDFab Player 5 a try today and you’ll not be disappointed with the results.