how to add music to facebook profile

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have been changing their trend every after fortnight, and users jump on it apply on their accounts. Add Music to Facebook profile is another engaging strategy from a Facebook team that users start using the new feature. You open your Facebook account and see your friends add Music to Facebook profile. Immediately you feel you should try it and go with the latest trend. Don't think much about how to add Music to your Facebook profile as we are briefing you on how do you add Music to your Facebook profile. So if you are planning to add Music to your Facebook profile, keep with us and understand the steps of how to add Music to Facebook profile.

Facebook is the most famous social media platform that connects people globally. It offers the platform to upload photos, share posts, make new friends, chat with them, and connect unknown people worldwide. Apart from socialization, Facebook offers you to grow your business using the platform's user base, and it provides many other valuable features. So, before diving to know how to add Music on Facebook profile, let's go through its newly added features list.

In late 2022, Mark Zuckerburg announced that Facebook changed its name from Facebook to Meta. However, the name change does not reflect on your account, but when you try to be online, the bottom line of your phone screen pops up with the new name Meta along with its logo. Facebook will be known as Meta in the coming days, replacing the year-old name. The new name will bring brand new features and updates very soon.

Features of Facebook that keep users engaging

  • More emphasis on Live Events, Live for business, and go Live to grow your customer base
  • Add Music to your profile stories, even share with your friends through messenger
  • It launched a subscription-based business model that small and medium business people get benefits
  • Subscribed businesses can create content that focuses on the customer
  • It connects with your Instagram account, and you can share your Instagram post on Facebook as well
  • You can create groups events, manage ads manager for business
  • Customized group notification, filtered the content, and scheduled Post
  • It offers Royalty free music to add and prevent copyright issue
  • Contact transmission allows you to transfer the rights to operate your account when you pass away

Over time Facebook has become more intense for the user's growth, and the updates are leading the overall development of the small and medium businesses. Facebook marketing has changed the new dimension of social media and opened a new era to establish your financial growth while connecting with the world. If you want to make your Facebook profile more customized, you can read the post Best Software for Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size.

Music, Live Events, Live photo sharing are all these features that help users establish their credibility among their Facebook friends and followers. So, whenever you add Music, keep in mind that if you are in business, your choice of Music becomes your brand within a short time. Select the tune wisely.

Now let's know how do you add Music to Facebook profile.

How to add music to your Facebook profile?

Before going for the steps, you must be aware that the adding Music to your Facebook profile feature is available for the mobile version, including Android, iPad, iPhone, etc. Desktop users cannot have the feature to Add Music to Facebook profiles. Therefore, Facebook add Music to profile can only be accessed through your smartphone, don't try from your PC.

Be ready with your smartphone to rock amid your friends. Let's start!

Step 1: Through your smartphone, log in to your Facebook account

Step 2: Go to your profile instead news feed. Check the top right side of your profile.

Step 3: On your profile timeline, below your DP, you will see Life events, Photos, etc. There you can visit Music with its tune logo.

Step 4: Tap on the Music and a new page will open. Click on the + icon on the upper side of the screen, and you will get a music list.

Step 5: Select the song you want to add, tap on the Add option, and the music will be added to your profile.

The steps are simple, and you can select any of your favorite tune to add to your profile.

Once you add Music to your Facebook profile, you must want to listen and enjoy it. To listen to your added Music, follow the simple steps and enjoy the tune.

How to Play and Listen to Music you add to your Facebook profile?

After adding the Music to your profile, you must want to listen to check how its sounds. Here are the steps to denote how you can listen to the song you have just added to your profile.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account through Tab or your smartphone

Step 2: Go to your profile, tap on the Music option and open it.

Step 3: You can see the song list you have already added to your profile. Tap one, which is recently added

Step 4: It will start playing, and you can check how it sounds.

If you want to change the song and add a new one, you can click on the latest music, and it will be automatically added to your profile. Meanwhile, you can check how it sounds. Both jobs can be done with one or two clicks. Simple yet effective feature.

Have you noticed your Facebook friends upload posts songs on Facebook Stories? The Story features perfectly fit those users who don't want to share posts, photos, Music on Timeline, and show the world. Those who are selective about who should see their uploads use Story instead of Timeline.

You can use Story to share your favorite music tune and add stickers, text annotations, color, background, etc., to create the look more attractive.

How to Add Music to Facebook Stories with simple steps?

While adding the Music to your Story, the editing option is optional. You can apply effects on it or not; it's your personal choice. Let's know the simplest ways to add Music to your Facebook story.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook profile and open your Timeline.

Step 2: Click on Create Story option

Step 3: Click on Music

Step 4: Once you click on Music, it will open the music list

Step 5: Browse the list and click on the tune you want to add to your Story.

Step 6: If you want to add a photo along with the Music, open your photo Gallery and select an image that would be relevant to the song

Step 7: Once selected, click on Share to Story.

Once uploaded, you can check how it looks and sounds. Through Music and image, you can express your mood of the moment and share it with your Facebook world.

Tips: Your Facebook Story is visible to your Facebook friends, and they can view it through their desktop login. This feature is not limited to smartphone version but can be accessed through mobile and PC.

What if you mistakenly add a wrong song and you want to delete it? Facebook lets you do whatever you want, upload, or delete; the choice is yours. You can immediately delete the Music you upload right away. If you were or are beset with troubles in playing Facebook videos, you can read the article Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing.

How to delete the unwanted Music from your Facebook profile?

Wrong Music can spoil your impression of the virtual world. So whenever you select, it must go with your social media personality and grace. If you feel the tune, you added is irrelevant to your personality and does not sound good, delete it. How? Let's follow the steps.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and go to your profile, then Timeline.

Step 2: Tap on the Music icon and open the music list you have already added.

Step 3: Check the song you want to remove and tap on the three dots beside the Music

Step 4: Once clicked, it will show two options: Pinto profile and Delete the song from your profile. Click on the delete option ,it will be deleted permanently.

You can delete one or multiple songs you added mistakenly following the simple steps. Once removed, you can add fresh new music or go back to your Timeline.

The above-noted steps would lead you how to add Music to my Facebook profile, and you can enjoy the fullest using the most happening social media giant. If you have more questions, ask us in the FAQs session. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can add. To add your own Music, you can upload it like a post, share your own music thread and click on Post. It will be shown on your Timeline.

Yes. Facebook Story option comes with basic edits that you can add stickers, text notes, change color, etc., and share it.

You can visit Facebook Business Help Centre and follow the steps they ask for. Once you go through the process, your Facebook Subscription will activate, and you can avail the facilities.

Final Words

Expectantly, after going through our entire blog, you will come to know how to add Music to Facebook profile. To Add Music to Facebook profile, you need to follow some simple steps and enjoy your favorite tune on your social media handle. Your friends and followers would appreciate your choice and engage them in a healthy discussion on Music over the chat. Facebook provides the opportunity to connect with the world even if you want to maintain your privacy at the priority and grow rich by exchanging ideas, cultural customs and rituals, and many information of the countries across the globe.