What is MP4?

MP4 was created by the Moving Picture Experts Group. The format supports different video codecs, especially the H.264 video codec. It is supported by a number of modern devices. Speaking of file size, while using this format, users get relatively small file sizes with good-quality footage. MP4 videos are difficult to soft-sub and add different audio tracks. MP4 videos are easy to stream. They show support for both the MPEG-DASH and HLS streaming protocols.

What is MKV?

Matroska Video, better known as MKV, is a video format that stores multiple subtitles and audio tracks in one file. It is widely well-known for storing movies. The videos are relatively small in file size and come with good-quality footage. This format has the ability to save multiple subtitles and audio tracks. MKV files might not work on some devices. Users cannot upload MKV files to YouTube and these files are relatively small. However, the files might get bigger if there are too many audio tracks. These videos are difficult to stream.

The Benefits of MP4

Now that you know about what is MKV vs MP4, below are some of the benefits of the MP4 format. The format provides several advantages.

  • When it comes to MKV vs MP4 file size, MP4 files are less in size as compared to the MKV files. A small size indicates faster downloads along with saving of memory.
  • The format has huge support in operating systems, browsers, and commercial software. Full MKV is not compatible if you wish to stream video to a Web browser.
  • The players offered by mobile device makers are far more expected to support MP4 as compared to MKV. Hence, in MP4 vs MKV handbrake or plex MKV vs MP4, MP4 is the preferred format.
  • The format has the support of an industry association and has gone via different checking processes to make it an ISO standard. MKV’s specifications are yet to be considered works in progress, although the format has been present for years.
  • When it comes to MP4 vs MKV quality, with support of H.264 encoding, the format offers high-quality video with comparatively small file size.

The Benefits of MKV

Now that you had a look at the benefits of MP4., below are some strengths of the MKV format.

  • Support in MKV for some functionalities, such as multiple subtitles and tracks, is better in the MKV vs MP4 quality battel.
  • It is an open format with no licensing need. Hence, it is better supported by free tools.
  • The format can offer good video quality. The audio and video quality relies on the codecs employed, and MKV permits almost any type of codec.
  • The chances of long-term retention are more with MKV, considering users make the correct decision. The fully open nature of the format counts in its favor, and attachments can make files self-documenting. Long-lasting archives must use only popular attachment formats and codecs, though.

Bonus Tip: Best Player to Support MP4 and MKV Format Video Files

Even though you choose any of the formats, you will need a player that is capable of playing both formats efficiently. One such player is PlayerFab Ultra HD Player. The tool is the best option for playing both MP4 and MKV videos. Not only these formats, but the tool shows support for different formats as well. The tool comes with different enhanced features such as the ability to play Blu-ray & 4K Blu-ray Discs along with ISO folders and files with HDR10 and menus. Below are some features of the PlayerFab Ultra HD player. Have a look.

  • Different menus

Getting playback control is one of the primary factors accountable for an outstanding watching experience. This comprises having navigation menus for the videos you watch. Using this player, you get a premium experience, as the player features a Menu Mode that has navigation menus on all the video formats.

mkv vs mp4

  • Supports ISO folders and files

People copy their data on their computer HDDs from physical discs as ISO files or movie folders. This is done because the odds of getting a physical disc damaged are high. If users want to see the ISO movie files and folders on a PC, then this player is best option to play them without any problem.

  • Region free support

Commercial discs such as DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Blu-ray discs, have region codes that can be a problem if you are attempting to play a disc that is aimed to play in a specific region. With PlayerFab, you do not need to be worried about this issue. This is due to the fact that the player is compatible with all the DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Blu-rays, regardless of the areas and nations they belong to.

  • Enhanced audio output

PlayerFab Ultra HD Player also offers lossless audio quality. To get the enhanced sound effect, you can be reliant on this tool since it provides Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X audios, Dolby Atmos, and DTS-HD Master.

mp4 vs mkv

  • No ads

An exceptional experience comes when you can see a whole movie without any disturbance. This tool has Simple Mod, which provides the same. The mode lets users to skip all the commercials, extras, and ads on a disc, and jump directly to the main movie to start enjoying instantly.

  • HDR10 effect support

HDR10 can create brightness up to 1000 nits to make the videos look more aesthetic to you. If your device is compatible with any kind of HDR variants, the tool will offer the best HDR effect, including HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HDR10 as well.

mkv vs mp4 quality

  • Improved hardware decoding

Playing videos with a software decoder can consume a lot of your CPU memory. This is true when you play 8K and 4K videos along with Blu-ray videos. This may impact other processes too. On the other hand, if your device is supported with a powerful GPU from AMD, Intel, or NVIDIA, then this tool can use hardware decoding to improve the flawlessness of playback.

  • Management of local media library

Managing tons of TV shows, music videos, and movies can be difficult and it becomes even trickier when you are attempting to look for a particular file in this humongous collection. The tool can be useful here as it is able to download all the metadata in your local library for all the files, displaying you an organized collection. Therefore, choosing your favorite TV episode, music album, or movie is simple now.

  • 3D videos support

To take your 3D movies watching experience to the next level, this tool supports 3D ISO files, top & bottom or SBS (side-by-side) 3D videos, and Blu-ray discs. Four 3D output modes are provided by this tool such as 3D-Ready HDTV (Checkerboard), HDMI 1.4 enabled 3D TV, Anaglyph Red/Cyan, and Micro-polarizer LCD 3D (Row-interleaved). All you require to do is use your 3D glasses and watch the movie.

  • Import as ISO files

Buying new DVDs and Blu-rays and including them in your local media library can be a difficult job since it requires disc backup software. On the other hand, this tool can do all the backup tasks without any human intervention. With just a click, the tool can import a DVD disc or Blu-ray from the optical drive to your local media library.

  • Various media formats

Apart from supporting MP4 and MKV files, this tool can also playback all the popular and peculiar media formats. When it comes to video, the player supports H.265/HEVC, FLV, H.264, M2TS, MOV, and VOB. When it comes to audio formats, the player supports FLAC, AAC, AC3 5.1, MP3, and other HD audios.

mp4 vs mkv handbrake


Is MKV higher than MP4?

No. Even though MKV has a greater size of the file as compared to MP4, majorly due to subtitle tracks, audio tracks, and other functionalities, this does not apply that the quality of MP4 is degraded. For example, both can be encoded with the same codec.

Why is MKV smaller than MP4?

This is not true. MKV normally has a bigger file size as compared to MP4 videos owing to the support for the additional features, subtitle tracks, and multiple audio tracks. This does not mean the MP4 files’ quality is lower as compared to MKV. Hence, in simple words, MP4 and MKV are both container formats and they can capture the same audio and video.

Do you lose quality converting MKV to MP4?

If you only wish to change the container to MP4 from MKV or convert m4v to mp4, you normally do not require to encode anything, you just alter the "wrapping" around the video. This does not lose quality, and it will be a much quicker process.


In short, you just ha a look at the detailed review between MKV vs MP4. You also had a look at the benefits of both formats. Lastly, you had a look PlayerFab Ultra HD Player, which is the best option for playing both MP4 and MKV videos.