Operating system is the main body of a computer that manages all the computer hardware and software resources, providing common services and supports for computer programs. It is essential and crucial for normal computer running.


Protecting the OS of computer is of great importance to stop the occasional or future system crash disaster. To accomplish this task, a system backup software is what you need first. As a specialized yet super easy-to-use PC backup software, DVDFab PC Backup is strongly recommended to you. It well performs with almost all the Windows OS including: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and even Windows 10. Actually, it is a total Windows PC backup software.


Now, let's begin the trip about how to backup system with DVDFab PC Backup in details.


First of all, download a DVDFab PC Backup, either on the download page or the product page of DVDFab official website. And then install it according to the wizards. 


Backup system with system backup software, step 1->

Double click the desktop icon to call up DVDFab PC Backup, and click the New Task button near the top left corner of the main window.



Backup system with system backup software, step 2->

Check the checkbox before the System backup option under the This PC section, and you will see all the other options are automatically grayed out, meaning the task is solely for backing up the operating system.



Backup system with system backup software, step 3->

Choose a location from your hard disk drive to save the backup OS, and then name the backup plan and give it a general description. If necessary, you can also set up an automatic backup plan, and to do that, click the Scheme section and set up the details when and how you want your OS to be backed up.




Backup system with system backup software, step 4->

After customizing the backup plan with all parameters you need, you can take the last step. Hit the Proceed at the bottom right corner, the backup task will be executed immediately, and it will show on the main window with the detailed progress information.



That's the whole process. No matter how specific your needs with regard to the backup are, you will be satisfied by DVDFab. It will give you a high-quality system backup. But without the advanced parameters, DVDFab is a super simple and efficient data backup program.