How to Convert DVD to iPhone (11/Pro/Pro Max)

2020-05-28 03:31:35

Summary: This essay provides users with a free and fast way to convert DVD to iPhone with DVDFab DVD Ripper, and further guide them to play DVD on iPhone (11/Pro/Pro max) without a hitch. One thing worth mentioning is that DVD disc/folder/ISO file can be converted to videos in mainstream formats with the aid of this powerful ripper.



It is an undisputable fact that DVD ripper makes it accessible to convert DVD to popular video and audio formats, and therefore play on smartphones like iPhone family with various media players. Indeed, with the advent of latest release of iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max this September, an increasing number of iPhone users take pleasure in exploring and verifying iPhone’s new features. Against such backdrop, is it possible to rip DVD to iPhone, thus playing DVD on iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max? If it is, how to convert DVD to play on iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max? Is there any ripper that helps users rip DVD to iPhone free? Is there any good media player to play DVD on iPhone with a high quality?


No worries! Here DVDFab DVD Ripper aims to guide you to convert DVD to iPhone, or say convert DVD to iPhone movie, bringing users a sense of home-cinema experience. In the meantime, with this ripper, you can rip DVD to iPhone free at a fast speed and with a stunning quality. After all, ripping DVD to play on iPhone gives you much convenience compared with storing large piles of DVDs at home. Besides, most DVDs contain copyright protection and region restriction. Once DVDs are damaged, they fail to present you smooth HD video experience.  


OK. Now let us hark back to the subject. Before you play DVD on iPhone, it is highly recommended that you skim through the following guideline, since it takes you, from the beginning to the end, to master the operating procedures.


Step 1: Launch DVDfab 11 and choose ‘Ripper’ module


1. Install and launch DVDFab 11 (tap here to download), a main user interface will pop up as below.

2. Choose Ripper module from the upper menu bar, standing on a par with Copy, Converter and Creator.

3. Tab ‘MP4’ icon by default from the left sidebar, you will see a profile switcher filled with supported format, showing ‘General’ and ‘Filter’ option, which means you can select output format as hoped within its supportive feature of the program.


Say you want to get a resulting video in MP4, there is no need to make any change further in output format. Actually, DVDFab DVD Ripper can support almost all popular video formats such as AVI, FLV, M2TS, MKV, TS, VOB WMV except for MP4. See the following interface.



4. Next press ‘Device’ button, the profile offers various kinds of devices for you to choose. Locate and tab ‘Apple’ and ‘iPhone 11’ from the given profile library, the output video will be eventually transferred to the format that your iPhone supports.




Step 2: Load source DVD and choose ‘Save to’ directory


Insert the DVD disc you want to rip into the optical drive, or merely click ‘+Add’ button to load source DVD disc (2D and 3D are both OK). Alternatively, drag and drop source disc to the ‘+’virtual box if the source is DVD folder or DVD ISO image file.



After loading source DVD, you need to choose ‘Save to’ as the temporary directory. Here, DVDFab DVD Ripper makes it available to save your output videos as DVD folder or ISO file where you can locate its specific directory from the wrench icon, namely advanced settings. Of course, you can save the resulting video to your mobile device like iPhone 11/Pro/pro Max. Meanwhile, DVDFab DVD Ripper allows users to share the final video onto social network platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.




Step 3: Customize Advanced Settings


As can be seen from Step 2, the wrench icon and the inverted triangle at the upper-right corner of the tool bar navigate users to advanced settings like parameter selection in terms of video, audio and subtitle.



Above all, to rip DVD to iPhone with a stylish resulting feature, DVDFab DVD Ripper provides users with easy access to adding subtitles or watermark in the form of text and image, cropping redundant video display area, trimming unwanted video clips, or merging several clips into a single piece. Moreover, ‘-5’ and ’+5’ allows users to play trim before or after 5 seconds. Usually, if you unsatisfied with the personalized outcome, you can press the ‘dustbin’ icon to delete previous customized settings. Then start newly settings.



Here note that when you intend to trim inconsecutive clips from the whole video, it is necessary for you to click ‘Trim’ icon a few times and set ‘Start’ and ‘End’ duration respectively. More importantly, if you tab ‘Merge trimmed clips’, the trimmed clips will be merged into a single video. However, once you click ‘Trim Invert’, the program will auto-merged the untrimmed clips.  



Step 4: Start to convert DVD to iPhone


Once all customized settings done, please click the ‘Start’ button on the lower-right corner of the interface. Then the Ripper begins to convert DVD to MP4 with a blue progress bar reminding you of the real-time ripping process.



For example, the interface shows the process of encoding speed and time left for the whole ripping task. What’s more, you have choice to decide what to do next when all tasks are completed. ‘Do Nothing’, ’Exit Program’, ’Hibernate’ and ‘Shut Down’ are for your options. This feature facilitates users to do other job instead of keeping an eye on the PC screen during the conversion of DVDFab DVD Ripper.



Step 5: Play DVD on iPhone with certain media player


When the program has wound up, ‘success’ with green color will show up on the progress bar. In addition, there is a green triangle icon right to the ‘success’ that navigates users to play output video with DVDFab Player 5 on PC directly, the world’s best 4k UHD media player that supports HDR 10 and menu navigation, letting alone playing DVD disc/folder/ISO at a high quality.



For more information about DVDFab Player 5, you can find answers on its official website. Otherwise, just download this player from the shortcut icon inserted in the above progress bar, and try it free of charge, since DVDFab Player 5 has a 30-day trial for every potential user.


Alternatively, you can choose other media players like iTunes to play the final output video, because iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max supports MP4 format and offers HD video play.





Up to till now, you have got the hang of how to convert DVD to iPhone (11/Pro/Pro Max), to rip DVD to iPhone has made your valuable DVD stored in another format that can be direct playable on iPhone whenever and wherever possible.


It is worthwhile to make a purchase of DVDFab 11 or your necessary single product of its all-in-one bundle. One more word, do not forget DVDFab Player 5. Upon your purchase, you will gain easy access to experiencing their advanced features, because the free and trial version of these tools have restrictions to some advanced features such as Cinavia Removal for DVD, an audio watermark inserted into the original affected DVD, having an impact on the smooth video play.

① Rip and convert DVDs to watch on PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.
② Extract the audio tracks from DVDs and output as pure audio files
③ Support all the popular audio & video formats like MP3, MP4, MKV, etc.
④ Support to edit the videos like cropping, trimming, and more
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to convert much faster