Apple has last week released its new series of iPhones dubbed with the name 7 and 7 Plus, breaking the previous rumors on the iPhone Pro thing, but proving at least one thing — Apple does change the two-year release circle of making drastic outer designs to its iPhones to three year, meaning if you put iPhone 6, 6s and 7 together, bet nobody can tell a single difference among the three models. This might be the only reason why most iPhone users try not to upgrade this year, until the all-new iPhone 7s, or maybe iPhone 8 comes out the coming year.


That said, there are still quite a lot of users who do want to upgrade, and to those part of users, we’ve prepared this tip teaching them how to watch their favorite DVDs on the new iPhone 7, with the help of the most powerful DVD ripper software from DVDFab. Now read on for detailed illustration.


Rip DVDs to Watch on iPhone 7: Step 1-> Download and install the latest DVDFab 9 onto your computer;


Rip DVDs to Watch on iPhone 7: Step 2-> Launch DVDFab 9, choose the Ripper module from the top menu, and then load the DVD you are about to rip;


Rip DVDs to Watch on iPhone 7: Step 3-> Click the Profile Switcher to find the iPhone 7 from the built-in Profile Library and then just hit “Start” button at the Main Interface to let go of the ripping.



Note: selecting the iPhone 7 profile from the built-in Profile Library is the key point of the whole process.


Software you need: The latest build of DVDFab 9

Product you need to order: DVD Ripper


For more information, please visit the product page of DVDFab DVD Ripper at