Seinfeld's participation

In "Bee Movie", Seinfeld returns to the public eye. He co-wrote and produced the film, which tells the story of Barry B. Benson, a newly graduated worker bee, who is trying to settle in at Honex Industries. At first, Barry is hopeful, but soon learns the limitations of buzzers.

Bee Movie has its share of laughs. Its cast includes Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Renee Zellweger. The film took three and a half years to produce. Seinfeld, who is known for his ability to make people laugh, was very proud of his involvement.

In addition to the film's trailers, there is a bonus feature on the DVD. Two live-action trailers promote the film and give an overview of Seinfeld's involvement. One extra features Seinfeld in his fuzzy bee costume. The DVD also contains a standard definition version of the movie.

There's an audio commentary track for Bee Movie. In addition to Seinfeld, co-writer Barry Marder, producers Christina Steinberg, and director Simon J. Smith and Steven Hickner also participate. The commentary features some interesting detours, but unfortunately, it ends before the 8-minute end credits.

The Bee Movie DVD has a few extras, but the quality of these videos is lacking. Inside the Hive: The Cast of Bee Movie opens with an introductory segment, but it's merely promotional fluff. There's a separate interactive feature called Meet Barry B. Benson, which consists of a collection of clips from the movie and some basic in-character comments from Seinfeld.

The Bee Movie DVD also includes a "World of Bees" feature that highlights background gags and interesting facts about bees. It also includes notes and information on the cast members and other actors. If you want to watch and enjoy this DVD movie on your smartphone or tablet, you can rip and convert it into popular digital formats playable on any mobile and portable devices with the help of DVDFab DVD Ripper. Then you will be able to enjoy this DVD movie without the limitations of time and space.

Seinfeld's character

Among Seinfeld's many gifts is his comedic talent. His character, Barry B. Benson, is voiced by Seinfeld himself. When he's placed into the Honex hive, he realizes that the life of a bee isn't very fun. So, he sets out on a journey of adventure.

The Bee Movie is Seinfeld's first major feature-length outing since leaving his show. The film offers the comedian the perfect vehicle to translate his observational humor onto the big screen. In fact, it has become Seinfeld's most popular movie to date. The movie was made at a budget of $150 million.

The movie follows the life of Barry B. Benson, a young bee, who's just graduated from college. His awe-inspiring journey begins as he tries to find a job in New Hive City. He eventually discovers that the job he picks will be with him for the rest of his life.

The Bee Movie DVD is available in single-disc, Widescreen, and Full Screen formats. You can also purchase the 2-disc "A Very Jerry" edition for an additional seven bucks. The DVD also includes deleted scenes from the film. The second disc contains a game that kids can play with the movie. The games are designed for children, but adults may find them a little slow.

The Bee movie DVD is a funny, family film. It features hilarious one-liners and slapstick humor. While there are some minor misfires, the film is generally a delight. Seinfeld, a comic genius, would surely approve of it.

Disc 1's audio commentary

The Bee Movie has been released on DVD and Blu-ray. The first DVD version includes Inside the Hive and Tech of Bee Movie featurettes, a music video, "We Got the Bee" and an interactive game. The DVD also includes filmmaker commentary, alternate endings and deleted scenes with commentary, live-action trailers, and additional bonus features. There's also a Bee Movie 2-Disc Edition that includes bonus features on both discs.

The Bee Movie features the usual DreamWorks extras, including the Tech Of Bee Movie, which gives an inside look at production. Featuring director Hickner and Smith as talking heads, this feature also includes the head of digital operations Derek Chan, who discusses the film's computer requirements.

The Bee Movie's Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack has a buzzing quality that adds to the sweeping visuals. The Bee Movie also includes an audio commentary with comedian Jerry Seinfeld. As with other CG-animated releases, the Bee Movie's audio track complements the movie's visuals.

In a number of ways, the Bee Movie feels like a four-episode television series. Each part is roughly 20 minutes long, and they all fit together to make one cohesive narrative. In addition to that, the four different sections also have different voices. While each segment takes a different direction, they fit together to create a single story that's both entertaining and memorable. Despite this, the Bee Movie is not DreamWorks' best film.

While Antz and Bee Movie had real insects as characters, Bee Movie is far more wacky. The characters drive tiny cars, work in factory-like hives, and worry about their job satisfaction. It's like a bee version of Seinfeld!

Disc 2's video transfer

Bee Movie looks great on DVD, especially in widescreen. The aspect ratio is 1.85:1, and the image enhancement is set to 16X9 for a more cinematic look. This DVD's video transfer looks excellent, with very little shimmering or jagged edges. It has a solid soundtrack, with no source flaws to speak of.

There are some nice extras on Bee Movie, including the Inside the Hive and Tech of Bee movie featurettes. In addition, the DVD features the music video "We Got the Bee," a "Meet Barry B. Benson" feature, and interactive games. Other bonus features on the Bee movie DVD include the filmmaker commentary, alternate endings, lost scenes with commentary, and live action trailers.

Bee movie DVD features an audio commentary by director Jerry Seinfeld, producer Scott Frank, editor Nick Fletcher, co-writer Barry Marder, and actor Jerry Seinfeld. The audio commentary covers everything from the production to the set and character design. In addition, the DVD includes subtitles in English and French.

The Bee Movie DVD also features a new unconventional ad campaign on NBC called "Bee Movie TV Junior." This new format packs over 20 minutes of commercials. The content is a hit or miss affair, though. One of the more funny ones includes a clip from Seinfeld ripping through the Super Chicken theme song.

Disc 3's extras

Bee Movie Blu-ray has all the special features that came with the Special Edition DVD, but it also includes bonus features that are exclusive to the disc. Bee Movie's extras are presented in high definition. However, the supplements could have been better produced or more comprehensive. Still, the movie is worth checking out. If you want to watch and enjoy the Blu-ray version of this movie on your smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere, you can rip and convert it into mainstream digital formats for playback on any mobile and portable devices with the help of DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

One of the extra features is titled "World of Bees," and it highlights all the background gags and interesting facts about bees. The extra also contains production notes and facts about the voices of the characters. There are plenty of extras to keep viewers entertained during the film, and the Bee Movie DVD is a good way to watch it at home.

The Bee Movie DVD also features audio commentaries with the director, producer, editor Nick Fletcher, and the co-writer Barry Marder. In addition, the DVD includes several segments about the film's casting and set design. There is also an early live action trailer. This extra material isn't the most interesting thing on Bee Movie DVD, but it is still fun to watch. The extras aren't bad, but they're only worth watching for one or two short viewings.

Bee Movie DVD comes with an enhanced widescreen transfer that is easy on the eye and packed with vivid colors. The DVD has four audio tracks; the default is the Dolby Digital 5.1 English track, which is crisp and engulfing. I'd like to see a DTS track, but it's not essential.

The Bee Movie disc 3's extras also include some deleted and alternate scenes. These features are included on Blu-ray and DVD versions. Those who want to see the full movie are recommended to purchase the Blu-ray disc, which contains the extra features from the DVD.