Time to Come Home for Christmas

'Time to Come Home for Christmas' is the latest addition to the Hallmark movie line up. The film features a handful of Hallmark movie stars such as Lucas Bryant, Josh Henderson and Tenille Townes. The film is a slow burn as the story is set up over the course of a few days, culminating in a memorable Christmas Eve.

Besides the plethora of Hallmark movies, the company also has an offshoot, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The company has a handful of original movies and a long list of remade titles to choose from. Some of the more recent entries include Time to Come Home for Christmas and Time to Change the World. The latter is the most noteworthy. The movie is about an aspiring country singer who is caught in a Christmas-related faux pas and his hapless best friend, a doomed high school classmate. Ultimately, the two are reunited.

While the movie is not without its flaws, it does make for a worthwhile Christmas movie night. Among other things, the movie's biggest draw is its cast. Besides a handful of Hallmark movie stars, the film features other notable characters like Stephen Huszar, Alison Sweeney and Lindsay Maxwell. The film also demonstrates the enduring power of the Hallmark brand. The movie is available on DVD. Among the other major winners are the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries : Time to Change the World and The Magic of Christmas.

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The Shop Around the Corner

Originally based on a play by Miklos Laszlo, The Shop Around the Corner is an American romantic comedy film. It features a classic mistaken identity premise. The plot centers on an anonymous pen pal that brings two employees at a Budapest gift shop together. Despite not knowing one another, the pair are enamored of each other.

The Warner Archive has recently released the film on Blu-ray, and the presentation is a welcome upgrade over the previous DVD edition. Its transfer is clean and stable, and it features a range of beautiful silvery tones.

The film features a DTS-HD 2.0 Master Audio soundtrack that has been enhanced slightly. However, the improvements are not dramatic. The soundtrack has an excellent ambience, and the track hasn't been overly processed. The film has also received a dual-layered disc with optional English subtitles.

The Shop Around the Corner is an exemplary example of Lubitsch's touch. It's a romantic comedy that transcends the usual romcom. It's an ensemble piece that shows Stewart and Sullavan as they can handle a textured script. The film has timeless themes.

In addition to the remaster, Warner Archive has also added a dual-layered Blu-ray disc. The film has been enhanced with optional English subtitles, and it features a DTS-HD Master Audio track.

The Warner Archive Blu-ray presents the film in a clean, immaculate transfer that's free of age-related damage. It also offers a 1080p transfer that's clean, stable, and provides more refined contrast levels.


Amongst the numerous Christmas movies on DVD, there are some standouts. One of the more notable is Scrooged. This is a slapstick update of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It's a well crafted movie with plenty of sight gags and medleys to savor.

Scrooged is a fine seasonal offering that will make you appreciate your family in December. The movie is well made, with a talented ensemble cast making the most of the holidays.

The movie is not for the faint of heart, but if you're looking for a Christmas movie to pass the time, Scrooged will get the job done.

A workaholic businesswoman is visited by a spooky ghost of Christmas past. There are also some gimmicky and outlandish sequences.

The movie also has a few other notables, including an entertaining dog, a golden labrador. It also has a well-designed set of marketing ploys.

The ad campaign for Scrooged cleverly paired Bill Murray with an implausible Ghostbusters connection. The result is a film that is a mix of good, better, and best.

The movie's best sequences involving special effects are not overpowering. In fact, Scrooged is one of the more entertaining Christmas movies of all time. It also has some of the most genuinely humorous scenes in any film.

The movie is a clever mashup of some of the most popular Christmas stories of all time. In the process, it manages to make Charles Dickens' most famous tales seem fresh and modern.

The Bishop's Wife

Despite the fact that The Bishop's Wife is not the lightest confection, it is still a well-crafted Christmas film. It has a great cast, a strong story line, and stylish photography.

The story revolves around an angel who comes to earth to help the bishop. The bishop is overworked and losing touch with his family and priorities. As a result, he is drifting away from his mission as a churchman. Eventually, he is convinced that an angel is the answer to his prayers.

This movie is a classic, and the special effects are not too over the top. The director has a sensitive touch, and the music is in keeping with the soft mood.

The film stars Cary Grant and Loretta Young. Grant is a charismatic angel. He has a great performance, and his facial expressions are humorous. It is one of Grant's best performances.

Grant plays an angel who comes to earth to help the Bishop. He has to convince the bishop of his angelic nature. It takes him time, but he eventually convinces Dudley. Despite his charms, the bishop is still suspicious of him. The bishop becomes jealous of the angel's relationship with his wife.

The Bishop's Wife is a classic Christmas movie that will not disappoint. It is a good choice for the entire family. The film features beautiful cinematography, a great story line, and cute special effects.

Kris Kringle Comes to Macy's and Has the Court in an Uproar

During the Christmas shopping season, a man named Kris Kringle becomes a surprise visitor at the Macy's department store in New York. He claims to be Santa Claus. Kris's job is to help promote Macy's presents. He is also a popular salesman who is known to speak in many different languages.

Kris is determined to make sure children get what they want. Kris's main goal is to make Christmas a special time for children. He has a plan to promote Macy's presents and also to convince parents to become loyal Macy's shoppers.

When a young divorcee's daughter finds out that Kris is Santa Claus, she becomes suspicious. She is unable to believe that Kris can truly get her a house. Eventually, she writes a letter to Kris. But she is still skeptical. She even sees a picture of her dream house in a magazine.

A man named Fred Gailey, who is in love with Doris, agrees to represent Kris. Fred will help Kris prove that Kris is not insane. He will also help Kris win the heart of Doris.

The court case is a media sensation. The trial demonstrates how people's beliefs can be tested.

Throughout the trial, the participants are looking for ways to reconcile their duties and their identities. The judge, Harper, dismisses the case half concealed behind mailbags.

Fred Gailey is a good lawyer. He is able to show that Kris is sane and that the Post Office has recognized him as Santa Claus.

The Fruitcake

Featuring some of the sexiest characters you've ever seen on television, Hermie and Friends: A Fruitcake Christmas is a must-see for the whole family. The King family is on a big fruitcake kick. Their biggest batch of this tasty treat is shipped to family members across the country. In their quest for the perfect holiday cake, they encounter a few of the usual suspects.

There's also the old adage "the best laid plans..." Those plans are foiled when Cousin Mel decides to add reindeer-nip to Grandma's fruitcake, thus sabotaging the aforementioned best-kept secret.

For the sake of brevity, we're not going to talk about Cousin Mel's naughty list. However, the movie does offer a little bit of good news for Jake. His grandma refuses to sell the family store to Austin Bucks, the town's richest man. With a bit of luck and a hefty dose of family bonding, the King family is able to save their store and their reputation. This is especially impressive when you consider that Austin Bucks has only one property outside his palatial home.

The movie is also a little more than a 60 minute tidbit. Aside from the aforementioned sexiest characters, the movie also features a high-powered marketing firm that is hired by the Varma family. As a result, Mira is forced to make some big decisions. She must decide between keeping the heart of her business or passing it along to her daughters.