Dragon Ball Super: Broly Blu-ray & DVD release date

The release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly on Blu-ray and DVD is just a few days away! Funimation has listed the film's release date as April 16 at their site. You can also find the film on Digital HD at Amazon Video and iTunes.

This movie has already made around $100 million in the United States. It's a hit with fans and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD formats. The film is so popular that many people have already seen it multiple times. There is a SteelBook version of the film as well. If you wish to watch the Blu-ray or DVD formats on your portable devices, DVDFab DVD Ripper or Blu-ray Ripper would be your top choice. This tool allows you to convert your Blu-ray and DVD movies into popular digital formats for playback on many devices.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will feature special features, including interviews with voice actors, exclusive clips from Anime Expo and Twitter Q&As. The box set also contains textless opening and closing songs. Fans can also enjoy the film's music via the disc.

While this release features English and Japanese dubs, it also comes with a few technical flaws. The movie's English-language version has a green tint due to conversion and transfer problems. However, the problem was not present in the theatrical run. Despite this, Funimation has refused to fix the issue.

The English dub includes the song "Blizzard". It's a Japanese track with English subtitles. Daichi Miura is the original singer of the song. The English dub of the movie has been translated by Steven J. "Daimao" Simmons.


Dragon Ball Super Broly has already received incredible critical acclaim and box office numbers, and the release date of its DVD and Blu-ray is fast approaching. You can pre-order the movie from Amazon now for as low as $30 for the DVD and $35 for the Blu-ray.

The DVD will be released on Amazon sometime in June, which is one month later than the United States. You can watch the movie in Digital HD on Amazon Video or iTunes. The DVD will be available in the same format as the Blu-Ray and will contain the same features as the original film.

Amazon has the movie on sale in the UK. The UK release had an earlier date than the US. However, it's important to note that the movie's English subtitles are in dub spelling, as opposed to the US release. If you're a fan of the original Japanese manga, you can also find Dragon Ball Super Broly on Amazon. It will be available in 1080p.

If you're on a tight budget, you can also find the film on other digital platforms. There's no need to register or give your credit card number to watch the movie online. Plus, there are no ads or pop-ups. It's a free service that's a great way to watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero on the go.

The first season of the Dragon Ball franchise focuses on the newest Super Saiyan, Broly. In the series, Vegeta and Goku are directed to defeat Frieza, while Broly has adaptive fighting abilities that help him defeat Vegeta. Vegeta and Goku then go to the Arctic to find the seventh Dragon Ball. When Broly's Super Saiyan blue form begins to manifest, Vegeta and Goku team up to defeat the villain.

Best Buy

If you're interested in watching the latest Dragon Ball movie on DVD, you can pick it up at Best Buy on April 16. The film was a huge hit when it first came out in theaters, breaking box office records and earning fans worldwide. Best Buy is the exclusive retail location of the SteelBook case edition, and you can also pick up a Goku standee as a gift when you buy it.

The new movie is a retold version of the original story, and it's worth seeing if you're a fan of Dragon Ball Z or Super. The animation has improved greatly, and it's clear that it was needed with the popularity of the series.

In this new adventure, Vegeta and Goku must fight the evil forces of Frieza. Frieza has sent a band of soldiers to steal the six dragon balls. To find the seventh, they have to journey to the Arctic and fight Frieza's soldiers. Meanwhile, Broly and Paragus are working for the evil villain. Eventually, Broly wins, and Goku and Vegeta merge to save Broly and defeat Frieza. In this way, Vegeta and Goku accept their Saiyan heritage and unite.

Pre-order page

If you're interested in pre-ordering a copy of Dragon Ball Super: Broly on DVD, you've come to the right place. Amazon has created a pre-order page for the movie, and it contains a variety of information about the movie, including how to buy it in advance and what the different formats are. You can also find links to the product itself, and a full listing of what's included in the pre-order package.

Although the movie is quite long, you can watch it at home on your home DVD player with your family or friends in ultra high definition. You can even order a couple of snacks and enjoy a good movie. The pre-order page also has information about the movie's release date.

This new Dragon Ball adventure takes fans to a world where a scientist clones Broly. Broly's cloned form is a dangerous weapon, and his powers are far beyond the realm of ordinary humans. The new incarnation of the Saiyan warrior must be defeated to take over New Namek. As a result, Goku, Gohan, Trunks, and Gohan are faced with a range of new challenges. Additionally, the Z Fighters must battle Dr. Gero's androids as well as Paragus and his son Broly. In addition to the challenges that Broly poses, the Red Ribbon Army will invade Earth and the Z Fighters must stop them. And as the final battle between Goku and Broly begins, Gohan will be forced to face many of his former enemies.