There are several complaints about the Blu-ray transfer of Dune. First, it looks like an old Laserdisc. Secondly, the scan of the film is poor and lacks any sort of color revitalization. It is also filled with scratches and dirt, which are clearly visible even at the beginning, when the Universal logo appears on screen. Lastly, there are some speckles throughout the film.

For fans of the film, this DVD also has some extras, such as a 60-page booklet. It also includes five essays by authors Charlie Brigden, Andrew Nette, and Ric Gentry. A 60-page art book and two trailers round out the extras. In addition, a steelbook limited edition has an extra art book.

For those interested in finding more information on the movie, Arrow Video is also releasing a separate version of the movie, swapping out the 4K movie disc with the remastered Blu-ray. This Arrow Video version has a Blu-ray bonus disc, but it does not include the previously released feature documentary. The reason for this decision is unclear, but the Arrow Video release was previously announced to include a feature-length documentary that was intended to accompany the film. It's possible that the documentary got cut due to tight replication schedules.

Arrow Video has brought back David Lynch's ambitious science fiction movie. Dune is a cult classic, and the new 4K UHD disc is a nice addition. Though it isn't the ultimate edition, it still represents a quantum leap over previous home video releases.

The film's sound design is fascinating. The Guild Navigator's complex mechanical pumping noises are fascinating to listen to. There are also some very atmospheric sounds, such as the crashing waves against the walls of the Caladan palace. The far-off sound of wind howling in the Fremen caves is also interesting. While Lynch's use of whispers for thought voiceovers in the film was controversial, it's perfectly intelligible on this Blu-ray release.

Dune is an impressive film that has been faithfully restored. Fans of the Dune books and David Lynch may not love the movie, but science fiction fans will be delighted with the film. This adaptation of the popular novel is a fine example of how the genre has developed.

Minor damage

While the Blu-ray version of Dune isn't without faults, it's hard to fault Arrow Films' fidelity to the original. This restoration of the iconic film uses 4K resolution and was graded with 4K HDR/Dolby Vision, which improves the image quality while preserving every nuance of color. This Blu-ray edition also features new production design and handling of minor damage and deterioration.

Dune's Blu-ray transfer doesn't look good, though. The picture is reminiscent of a late 1980s Laserdisc. There are a number of obvious scratches, dirt, and speckles, and the color is a little flat. These flaws are visible as early as the opening Universal logo.

The audio on Dune is also impressive. Although the film's sound design is somewhat eerie, it's still interesting and worth a look. The Guild Navigator's mechanical breathing and pumping noises are fascinating, as is the faint crashing of waves in the walls of Caladan palace. In addition, the sound design evokes a distant wind howling through Fremen caves. Though Lynch's use of whispers for thought voiceovers was criticized by some audiences, the voiceovers are perfectly intelligible. But it's important to note that the video master that Universal UK licensed is inferior to the original German master.

Lack of photo gallery

The Blu-ray disc of Dune includes more content than a typical new release movie disc, but the disc is surprisingly light on comprehensive bonus material. For example, there is no feature-length documentary, audio commentaries, or deleted scenes. Plus, the disc's menu system is wonky and similar to the one found on most new release movies, which is disappointing since it is the most complete release of this movie to date.

Despite the lack of photo gallery, the 1080p transfer of Dune looks surprisingly good, especially considering the fact that the film is over an hour long. However, the film presents a unique challenge in terms of Blu-ray transfers, with its subtle color tones and ultra-fine gradients. While there are a few artifacts and posterization, the overall picture quality is very good.

Dolby Atmos soundtrack

The Dolby Atmos soundtrack for Dune on Blu-ray is a mighty monster, blending deep bass and epic scoring with sweeping surround pans and pin-point effects placement. The soundtrack is filled with plenty of overhead action, including space ships. And the sound design is so immersive, it feels like you're actually there.

The film features a Dolby Atmos soundtrack and a standard version. A special Limited Edition computer game version is also available. The extras include two featurettes that explore key scenes from the film. You'll also find some informative extras on the production design and key locations.

Dune is a visually stunning epic directed by Denis Villeneuve. The film features a stellar ensemble cast, superb set design, and top-quality visual effects. The movie is filled with iconic imagery, a rich but not overly complex story, and a top-tier Atmos audio track. It also comes with over an hour of extras and is a must-own for fans of the film.

The film is also available in 4K Ultra HD, which features a Dolby Atmos soundtrack. A digital code is also included with the Blu-ray. The 4K UHD version of the movie also contains an exclusive 32-page booklet featuring exclusive images and text by Paul Sammon. In addition, the film features exclusive images and text from Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

The Dolby Atmos soundtrack for Dune on Blu-ray is a dazzling enhancement to the film's 7.1-channel audio. The film is available on DVD and digitally as well. If you're interested in buying the movie, you can purchase it on Amazon using the link below. It will likely become one of the Top 10 discs of 2022.

The digital design of Dune is also impressive. The movie was clearly designed for a large screen, with super-sized spice harvesters and sweeping views of Arrakeen. In addition, there are dragonfly-inspired ornithcopters. Though the 5" smartphone screen may crush the vision of the movie, the director still managed to create something incredibly immersive.

The film's audio is equally impressive. It has been encoded with Dolby Atmos sound, enabling sound designers to map the acoustic space. It allows for 118 sonic objects to exist at the same time, which helps enhance the action scenes and the overall immersion.