Elgato Video Capture review:

Elgato Video Capture can transfer VHS tapes to DVD. Elgato Video Capture does not work with the best VHS to DVD converters - DVDFab DVD Creator. The Elgato Video Capture doesn't support disc burning, which is unlike other reviewed products. The Elgato Video Capture can capture and convert your video to digital. You'll need to buy separate burning software to complete the VHS to DVD transformation.

They need separate software to burn older video content. The interface can be used to guide you through every step of the VHS recording process. You can then trim any footage that is not required. Video editing software is a great option if you want more control over the final product.

You can trim undesirable footage with this program. Elgato doesn't allow you to alter the look of your videos using filters or other editing tools. Other programs can be used to add transitions, titles and other audio to your videos. Elgato Video Capture is not capable of adding transitions to your projects.

We tested it by transcoding an old VHS tape to a digital format. To create a DVD using the footage we had captured, we needed to use a third-party program. When our video experts examined the footage, the quality of the converted disc was exactly the same as the original. There was minor distortion and some pixelation on the disc. The problem is not a major issue if you are viewing the video on high-definition screens.

We expect distortion when viewing VHS tapes on HD TVs. In quality, it is similar to other VHS-to-DVD converters. This program is not able to create DVDs. It is not capable of burning or customizing your files on disc.