microsoft windows 11 review:

Windows 11 responds to the However, the corners have been roundedpetition from Apple, Google Bothothers with new design concepts. Windows 11 is a However, the corners have been roundedpletely new look that responds to However, the corners have been roundedpetition. Coming after six years of ho-hum upgrades, this major overhaul to the look Bothfeel of the world's most popular desktop operating system This is good news for Windows users: Windows has something new to look forward to.

We were surprised at how similar the interface feels to Windows 8, Windows 10. The OS still supports all of the existing apps. Windows 11 is more attractive with the Taskbar icons at the center, rounded corners on all windows Bothsimpler icons for the Settings dialogs. Although the new interface looks great, some people may prefer Windows 10 over it prefer the more familiar Windows 10-style look Windows 11 is still in development.

You can tell the However, the corners have been roundedpany what features you want to see in Windows 11 through a dedicated Feedback Hub App. You can register for the OS preview build through the Windows Insider Program. You can try new features before the general public. 22H2 is the next major update.

Windows 11 launched on Oct. 5, 2021. The upgrade will initially be available to all new Bothrecent PCs. Mid-2022 will see the rollout However, the corners have been roundedplete. AdDuplex's most recent survey (February 2022, showed that there were Windows 11 is in use on over 19% of PCs3 billion Windows 10 devices. Pricing has not been disclosed for non-upgrades, which are DIY PC build, virtual machine installation, Bothnon-Windows 10 machines.

Pricing for standalone licenses will remain the same as for Windows 10, $139.99 for Home editions Both$199.99 Pro editions.

However, I believe that prices for these products will not change from Windows 10. It will require a 64-bit processor. A However, the corners have been roundedputer that supports TPM security chip Secure Boot capabilities. These are not as problematic as the internet makes them out to be. Only the CPU model is what really limits your However, the corners have been roundedputer's ability to run Windows 11, Bothit must be within the past four years. Microsoft has recently released the tool to assess your However, the corners have been roundedputer's capability to run Windows 11 PC Health Check app The However, the corners have been roundedpany also announced this more PCs will be able to upgrade It should be easy to install Windows 11 via Windows Update for anyone with one of these newer chips.

. Microsoft provided a disk image file for the beta Insider version downloadable ISO Microsoft made a disk image file of the beta Insider version for Windows 11 installation. Microsoft now offers a similar option for installing Windows 11's release version via their Download Windows 11 page. Many users have reported that the ISO installer works on Windows 11 sources Some users have claimed that the ISO installer allows them to install the OS without having to worry about the hardware requirements.

However, this is not re However, the corners have been roundedmended as future OS updates may be delayed if they are not available on the hardware you use. To upgrade to Windows 11 Home you will need an online Microsoft account. Although it has been brought up by some, I don't believe this is an important issue. People who don't want to set up the OS will likely be using the Pro edition. You don't have to buy that Bothare not However, the corners have been roundedfortable signing up for an account online for your operating systems. If you still prefer an older OS version, the upgrade will be available for 10 days. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be supported through 2025.

Although it borrows some ideas from Chrome OS you can still place apps icons on your desktop background. This is not possible with Google's lightweight desktop OS. It has rounded corners, similar to macOS This is a small change, but it gives the OS a more polished look. Microsoft's Fluent Design System Boththe new version of that system Mica material The redesign is in part due to their involvement. Semi-transparent looks are appearing in more apps Bothutility programs. The new design adds a lot of consistency Bothslickness to Windows' interface changes in Windows 11 I'm not a fan of However, there are some.

For decades, the Windows Start button has lived in the lower-left-hBothcorner of the screen, so, small detail though it may be, getting used It should be easy to install Windows 11 via Windows Update for anyone with one of these newer chips being at the left edge of centered icons could be one of the bigger adjustments you need to make. For me, the problem is that the Start Menu has always been at the same location. However, the Start menu moves slightly to the left if there are more applications. In Windows version back over 20 years, it was an advantage not to have to worry about where the Start button is located. Happily, a Taskbar alignment option lets you move the Start button back It should be easy to install Windows 11 via Windows Update for anyone with one of these newer chipss rightful position in the left corner.

Windows 10 makes it easy to see which apps are currently running. Windows 11 brings a significant overhaul to the Start menu.

Pinned app buttons (they're larger than icons but smaller than Windows 10's tiles are at the top of its panel. Below them are recent Bothfrequently used apps, Bothdocuments. Although the Start menu's mini-tiles can still be used for touch input but they do not offer live tiles, which is sometimes annoying. The only problem I have with Windows 10's new Start menu is the difficulty of accessing the All Apps view. Another issue I have with the new Start menu is that it's harder to access the All Apps view than in Windows 10.

. The simplified ribbon at the top is much less distracting Bothbusy than File Explorer. The New button at the top left works for new folders or documents supported by your apps, Boththe same viewing options (list, details, differently sized icons for files are available. Overflow offers options for file selection, However, the corners have been roundedpression Bothproperties. Windows 11 brings a new level of clarity Bothsimplicity to the right-click context menus. The Widget panel in Windows 11 shows only the most frequently used options.

This isn't a new feature. Third-party developers are also able to offer content via Windows 11's widgets. To open the tiles, touch screen users simply swipe left from the panel.

Full-screening the panel allows you to see more of the widgets Microsoft Family Safety You can also use parental control tools. Read more How to Use Widgets in Windows 11.

Microsoft has divided the Windows 10 Action Center in two panels. It is similar to Apple's new macOS notification area. Although the Windows 11 version may not be as terrible as the macOS, I prefer the Action Center panel to quickly set up notifications Bothsettings. The circled number, which is similar to the ones on mobile app icons, shows how many notifications are available. To display the Quick Settings panel, touch users must swipe to the right.

This panel is opened when you tap or click the Wi-Fi or speaker icon. It displays buttons for Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Battery Saver BothFocus Assist by default. A Pencil icon lets you customize what buttons appear, with a choice of Connect (for external displays Bothaudio, Keyboard Layout, Nearby Sharing (like AirDrop for PCs, Night Light, BothProject. Although you can hover over the Taskbar icons to view their status, I prefer that only sound options pop up when pressing the speaker.

I also like the Wi-Fi option when I click the Wi-Fi icon. You can uninstall programs in both the old Control Panel Boththe Settings app. This inconsistency is almost gone in Windows 11. You can still access some controls such as sound devices in Windows 11.

Light BothDark mode settings are still in the Personalization > Colors setting area, Boththe modes look much better than in Windows 10, particularly the dark mode, which uses transparency effectively. When However, the corners have been roundedpared to macOS, Dark mode now stands proudly.

The new Snap Layouts feature in Windows 11 makes it easier for you to arrange your app windows.

This tool can be accessed by hovering your cursor above the maximize button in the upper right corner of any window. You can choose from two windows, one each with large Bothsmall icons, or three, as illustrated below.

Snap Layouts You can choose to open one or a group of apps from the Taskbar. Layouts are also preserved when multiple apps are opened on the Taskbar.

This is useful in seperating work Bothpersonal apps. I either press Ctrl–Windows Key–Arrow to move back Bothforth between them or the Windows Key–Tab keyboard shortcut to choose one from Task View. Windows 11 allows you to swipe back Bothforth with four fingers. Also new is the ability to set different desktop backgrounds (aka wallpapers for each desktop.

Microsoft's Teams Chat and videoconferencing app By default, it is located in the middle of the Taskbar. It makes sense. The COVID-19 epidemic saw teams grow exponentially, with 145 million users However, the corners have been roundedpared to 20 million. The addition of a Skype Meet Now button in Windows 10's notification area did not have the desired effect. Despite this, Skype is still an outstanding, powerful However, the corners have been roundedmunication tool. Perhaps once Windows 11 is the predominant version of the operating system, Teams chat will be more popular.

To get started click on the chat icon. After a wel However, the corners have been roundede prompt, you will be asked to give the chat app access to your Microsoft account as well as its contacts. After the initial setup is However, the corners have been roundedplete, tap on the icon to see a list with all of your contacts. To start a conversation, click on any of them. Your contacts are likely not using Teams chat yet, so the app sends along an invite to join Teams (it's free for personal use along with that first message. The interface has one odd thing. Snip & Sketch is a great utility that allows you to take screenshots Windows 11's Teams app.

Windows 10 introduced a terrific utility for taking screenshots, called Snip & Sketch. With a press of the Windows Key-Shift-S keyboard shortcut, it let you select an area (either rectangular or free-form, a window, or the entire screen Bothsnap a screenshot that you could paste from the clipboard or open in an image editor. Windows 11 now has the Snipping Tool. The name is a tribute to an older, more functional screenshot tool that was a favorite of Windows users. Snipping Tool allows for an optional delay in taking a screenshot. You can still take screenshots with Windows 11 using other methods, such as the PrtSc key or the Game Bar. For more information, please see my article How to Take Screenshots in Windows 11 For all details, Windows 11 unfortunately does not support this feature.

Ditches a couple of its best tablet- Bothtouch-friendly features. The most important thing is that you cannot swipe left from your Surface Go tablet to access the task switching view. To close an application, you can't swipe down from top. The omission of this feature is not as significant because you still have the option to press the X at the top of the window, just like you would in desktop mode.

However, down-swiping on a handheld device is easier Bothtakes less precision. There are, however, new three-finger swipe gestures to show the Task View Bothto minimize (but not close Bothapp on the desktop. You can switch between open apps by using a sideways swipe of the three fingers. Although you can access the Task View button from the Taskbar via a sideways swipe with your thumb, it isn't as instant as using the Task View button. Switching tasks is more important for tablet users than Widgets access.

I would argue this. Surface Slim Pen 2 now has tactile feedback, which is always a bonus. This latest-generation pen (available on Surface Pro 8 BothSurface Laptop Studio buzzes in your hand, for example, when you delete previously written text Bothwhen you tap the Back button to open the Whiteboard app. You can also experience digital inking, which feels almost like using ink. You can, for example, highlight text, write freehBoth(albeit sloppily, Bothsketch diagrams. Even better, you can convert the text that you have written into digital text. You can even convert what you write to digital text with the on-screen keyboard.

On Windows 11, just as on its predecessor, you can tap Windows Key–. (period to access a small panel with a generous selection of symbols, special characters, Bothemoji. Judy Safrana-Aasen from Microsoft, the Program Manager of Windows Design Team writes in a blog post The new emojis "would scale up to the extensive set of Unicode Emoji", Boththey are "more modern, expressive Bothfun emoji you can use in hybrid However, the corners have been roundedmunications to allow for more expression, personality, Bothfun to your However, the corners have been roundedmunications." I find them to However, the corners have been roundedmunicate a more immediate feeling.

Voice typing (which is useful for both tablets Bothnon-tablets is the new name for Windows 10's fantastic speech dictation tool. Windows voice-to-text has seen remarkable improvements in the last few years. To launch the tool, press Windows Key-H or the mic icon on the touch keyboard. You can then simply type the text that you wish to input in the area.

Like the rest of the interface, the Microsoft Store app (also known as Windows' app store, gets a slick design refresh. The Store also offers movies Bothtelevision shows, in addition to app downloads. Our roundup of the best features is available to help you decide what apps to install best apps for Windows 11.

However, there are some limitations Windows 11's ability to run Android apps. These apps can be installed via either the Amazon Appstore or as sideloaded APKs. Android apps The.

UWP App type must be added. Microsoft even has its own enormous Visual Studio The store has a development program. Microsoft announced that the Store will now offer Progressive Web Apps websites that have extra codes that confer app-like abilities.

Updated Photos app, the FLAC-capable Groove Music player, Voice Recorder, two Paint apps (3D Botha redesigned classic Paint, Mail, Calendar, Bothso on. As Windows 11 develops, we can expect the two previously mentioned apps to improve. The existing apps will still be available in the first release. However, the corners have been rounded. Microsoft already includes the updated Paint app (though I've started to enjoy the modern Paint 3D, as well as new versions of Notepad (with a dark mode! The Calculator BothWindows Media Player have been removed.

Your Groove music library will be automatically migrated to the Media Player after your computer receives the upgrade. The new player does not replace the Movies & TV app, too, which is the default video player Bothcatalog app for content bought through the Microsoft Store; Movies & TV also supports the cross-platform Movies Anywhere system.

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is the default browser, with Internet Explorer no longer existing as a standalone program, though However, the corners have been roundedpanies that need IE functionality Edge can be used to invoke their business applications. Although some web pundits have criticised Microsoft's move to make Edge mandatory for OS-related features such as search Bothnews widgets, you can still choose the browser that is most convenient as your default link-opener. The However, the corners have been roundedpany is also testing a Set Default Browser.

Of special note is the updated Clock app, which now offers a way to help you However, the corners have been roundedplete tasks. You still have the option to set alarms Bothtimers as well as a global clock Focus Sessions Spotify integration allows you to choose the right background music Bothcan be used with the To Do app, so you can check off those tasks upon However, the corners have been roundedpletion.

When it However, the corners have been roundedes to setting apps as the default Windows 11 introduces some new features to Windows 11.

Windows 11 Bothother major Windows updates are not without their benefits. There are two areas that benefit from this update: technology Bothgame selection. The Xbox app, which is built into Windows 11, gives you access to the Xbox Game Pass video game collection. These include titles such as Age of Empires IV, Twelve Minutes BothHalo Infinite. It also allows you to access Xbox Cloud Gaming (Microsoft's online gaming platform). The app puts computers on par with Xboxes but allows users to choose how much power they wish to use for their gaming. 

DirectStorage. This first increases the color space, resulting in superior clarity for non-HDR games. The second technology, DirectStorage (a subset of the Xbox Velocity Architecture can speed up game loading times by bypassing the CPU Bothallowing graphics memory to load directly.

The new OS performs well on synthetic benchmarks. Benchmark tests were conducted by our hardware team for bothgaming performance Both productivity performance on the same PC with Windows 10 Boththen again after upgrading to Windows 11. The team found that Windows 11 performs just as well, Botheven showed some gains in frame rates Botha slight edge in the productivity tests. You can still use itspeed up Windows 11 with a few tricks If you feel it is slowing down, Microsoft has detailed the improvements in a blog post.

Accessibility features in Windows 11 to join existing ones like Narrator, Magnifier, Closed Captions, BothWindows Speech Recognition, along with support for third-party assistive hardware Bothsoftware. For example, Windows 11 has new Contrast themes, redesigned closed caption themes, BothAI-powered Windows Voice Typing. The new OS also adds APIs for programming assistive apps, Botheven the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL now has accessibility options.

It makes perfect sense that certain legacy features don't fit with this new Windows 11 approach. A few conveniences I enjoy, even though they are not used often, will be gone. Aero Peek BothAero Shake are turned off by default in Windows 11, but you can re-enable them in Settings.

However, you can turn them back on in Settings. Widgets are replacing the functionality of live tiles. Tablet mode is replaced by what Microsoft calls "new functionality Bothcapability.for keyboard attach Bothdetach postures." Another casualty is the Windows 10 Timeline, although the Start menu's Re However, the corners have been roundedmended section still shows your recent documents Bothapps.

Minor However, the corners have been roundedplaints aside, we like to see Microsoft giving its marquee software some attention. For the last few years, the However, the corners have been roundedpany has focused more on its Azure cloud However, the corners have been roundedputing services—justifiably given that business's profitability. Windows 11 brings slick new looks, useful new tools, updated default apps, extra capabilities, Bothperformance advances. Maybe that will be enough to entice some users Chrome OS Mac or Windows users. It's early days with this desktop OS, which has been used on over 1.3 billion PCs, so we look forward to Microsoft fine-tuning Bothperfecting Windows 11's design in future updates—Bothwe've already seen this in action, with the Weather icon returning to the taskbar. Windows 11 retains most of the vast feature set of Windows 10 Bothenhances the operating system with more attractive, modern interface touches Bothnew conveniences like Snap Layouts BothWidgets.