Jeremy Malcolm

Jeremy Malcolm's List is a new romantic comedy on Netflix that follows a man who is obsessed with a woman. The film centers on the love life of an eligible bachelor who has a long list of things he needs in a bride. The story is set in Regency-era England, where the most eligible bachelor competes against each other to find a wife.

The film stars Freida Pinto and Sope Dirisu as two women who are swept off their feet by Mr. Malcolm's witty and charming personality. It was directed by Emma Holly Jones. The movie is set for release in the US in 2022. A UK release date has not been announced yet.

Jeremy Malcolm's List is a romantic comedy set in Regency-era London. The movie is based on the novel by Suzanne Allain. The story follows a wealthy bachelor who becomes obsessed with finding a wife. He has a list of 10 things that a woman must meet to be eligible for his love. The film is set in a Regency-era London, and the characters are incredibly particular.

Jeremy Malcolm is the most eligible bachelor in London society. He is well-connected and handsome. However, his list of qualifications leaves a trail of broken hearts behind him. He is not averse to flirty tricks, but Julia Thistlewaite is a young lady with very high standards. However, she is not as ruthless and meticulous as her handsome companion, and her reputation in London is being destroyed.

The plot is a bit thin and there are a few plot holes. However, the movie does have its moments. It has a good cast. Sope Dirisu plays Mr. Malcolm, Freida Pinto plays Selina Dalton, Zawe Ashton plays her best friend Julia Thistlewaite, Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays Lord Cassidy, Naoko Mori plays Mrs. Thistlewaite, Ashley Park plays Gertie.

Jeremy Malcolm's list does not reconcile the real events of 1818, but it does offer a fantasy world of escapism for characters of colour. While Mr. Malcolm's List is a good romantic comedy, it doesn't do enough to make it great.

Jane Austen

A satirical adaptation of the classic novel by Jane Austen, Mr. Malcolm's List is a fun, lighthearted entertainment that is more watchable than the Netflix adaptation of Persuasion. While there are some flaws in the adaptation, it understands its limitations and celebrates the tradition of leaving the fourth wall intact. The film's Bridgertonian intrigue is more in the spirit of Georgette Heyer than Jane Austen. It is also playful and gleeful, delighting in the ridiculous bows and bonnets of the characters.

Though Mr. Malcolm's List is not an adaptation of Jane Austen's novels, it does draw inspiration from her work. While there are no explicit scenes, it has elements of the novels Mansfield Park, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice. Overall, the movie is a wholesome, enjoyable romantic comedy.

While the script does embrace the Regency rom-com genre, it is still largely lacking in substance. The movie does manage to do the job almost as well as the original, but it lacks the details that make it a classic. It will be hard to recommend it for the sake of its charm, but if you're looking for a fun movie adaptation of the classic novel, this one is worth checking out.

The cast of the movie is excellent and the performances are great. Jackson-Cohen and Sope Dirisu reprise their roles as Mr. Malcolm, and actress Zawe Ashton plays Julia. Aside from the great actors, the film has an excellent musical score. In addition, the witty script and the gorgeous costumes are a plus.

The setting of Mr. Malcolm's List is reminiscent of Regency dramas, but it lacks the political and social hierarchy of the time. While the characters are of different backgrounds, they are all a part of the same world. Their stories intertwine, and this makes Mr. Malcolm's List a unique Regency story.

Julia Dawson's cousin tells her about Mr. Malcolm's secret list, and Julia is determined to get her revenge. Together with her best friend Selina, she devises a plan for revenge. Selina knows the ten traits listed on Mr. Malcolm's list, and she knows that she will meet them all. She plans to present her own list of qualities to Mr. Malcolm.


Mr. Malcolm, a wealthy celibate in London, has compiled a list of his 10 most desirable characteristics in a woman. When Julia Thistlewaite discovers that she is not one of the qualities he wants in a wife, she vows to get revenge on Mr. Malcolm by marrying one of the women on his list. So, Julia invites her friend Selina Dalton to London to pose as Pygmalion and become Julia's ideal match.

Alicia's reaction to this news is hilarious, and the play does a fine job of portraying the inevitability of love. The characters are rich and noble, and there is a sexy side to Julia's personality as well. However, she is also vulnerable to manipulation and deceit. She lays out a strategy to make Mr. Malcolm fall in love with her great girl, who will publicly reject him.

The film is directed by Emma Holly Jones, who makes her feature film debut. She establishes a strong style from the start. Although the film does follow a conventional plot line, it is light and enjoyable. Emma Holly Jones doesn't waste time on obvious plot points, and her characters are fully rounded.

Dawn Bradfield is another solid character in Mr. Malcolm's List. Although she doesn't have a Wikipedia biography, she has been active in the acting industry for 20 years. Her IMDb resume lists over 40 acting credits, including a host of roles in television series and radio dramas. She also works as a voice-over artist and has appeared in several radio productions, including King Arthur, The Gigli Live, Pygmalion, and King Arthur.

Mr. Malcolm's List is an entertaining period drama with modern sensibilities. It will be released in US cinemas on July 1, 2022. A UK release has yet to be announced. This film has a great cast and will appeal to fans of period romances.

Adapted from the Suzanne Alain novel, "Mr. Malcolm's List" is as faithful to the original as it is to the genre. It also offers plenty of diversity in the casting.

Regency marriage market

The Regency era is rich with visual content. The gilded era is rich with sweeping music and corseted dresses. But the Regency marriage market isn't all about monarchy or political hierarchy. It's also about navigating social class.

Based on Suzanne Allain's romantic novel, Mr. Malcolm's List is a witty tale of London's competitive marriage market. It's similar to Netflix's Bridgerton, with its multicultural showcase and Jane Austen influences. But it leans more towards satire.

Regency romances are on the rise again. Autumn de Wilde's Emma, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, will debut in early 2020. The premise must have piqued Netflix executives. A similar concept was tried with Persuasion, starring Dakota Johnson. So it's no wonder that Ms. Allain adapted Mr. Malcolm's List from her 2009 novel.

The Regency era has a long and storied history. And this story is no different. While Mr. Malcolm's List shares some of the same DNA with Bridgerton, the Regency romance genre is marked by a focus on the social manners and relationships between women. The story revolves around the connections that women make outside of their families.

The Regency marriage market is just as competitive as it is today. As in a real life game, it's best to make the best match possible. With the help of Cassidy, Jeremy's cousin, Julia devises a plan to groom a worthy candidate for him.