How to Backup and Sync Videos to Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud Drive with DVDFab?


Movie enthusiasts won't miss any good movie, either classical movies or the newest blockbusters. Over these years, you may have collected a myriad of DVDs, Blu-rays and videos. And your need is still growing as good movies are constantly released. How to deal with the growing possession problem against your limited physical space? Of course, making digital copies of these video discs is the best way to keep the original discs safe while we can still view the videos time and time again, and also release your physical space. But like what, hard drives and any other disk space also have limited storage. Then, what should we do?

Recent years, cloud technologies have been developed to be more and more mature. Google Drive, OneDrive, something like that, which offer users hosting on various files like video, music, images, etc. have gained a vast range of favor over the world. Those services enable per-users data storage and sync in your apps without any backend programming required, and save data in the cloud database with well managed. All the stored data and files will be totally safe and at your disposal. What's more important, the database automatically scales with your need.


Set Google Drive as an example, detailed guide about how to backup and sync videos to Google Drive are shared as follows:


Step 1: Make sure that you have installed DVDFab and Google Drive correctly


Step 2: Run DVDFab, and load in the source

Get DVDFab run. All DVDFab products are integrated in the program, and you can easily switch one to another to enjoy the services you have purchased. According to your specific need like DVD/Blu-ray copying, DVD/Blu-ray ripping, video conversion and DVD/Blu-ray creation, choose the tab you need among Copy, Ripper, Converter and Creator. Then load the source you want to backup and sync following the prompts on the main UI.


Step 3: Set the output path the same as the folder location generated after the installation of Google Drive

Seconds of source loading, you enter into the operation interface. Choose one copy mode or making a preset for your later operation, and then make settings like audio tracks, subtitles, resolution, video editing, etc. to make the output video more suitable for your need. 

Usually, when Google Drive is installed successfully, a folder will be generated automatically to store and sync the backed up files. The folder location is changeable, or it will be selected by default if you did nothing. The next requires you to make an output directory for the output video storing, which has to be the same as the folder location of Google Drive.





Step 4: Start the video backup

Things get ready, here you go. Just make a mouse click to trigger the Start button, the video backup task will be executed immediately and finished soon.


When the video backup is accomplished, go to the location where the generated folder of Google Drive housed at. The backed up video has been synced right there.



Likewise, videos backup and synchronization for hosting on OneDrive and iCloud Drive are the same as what processed with Google Drive.











You shall use iCloud Drive on iOS devices (iOS 8 or later), Mac computer (OS X v10.10 or later), and Windows computers with iCloud for Windows 4.0. Your devices and computers must be signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID.



That's the process of copying videos to Google Drive, One Drive and iCloud Drive, really simple, right? With DVDFab, even if your smart phone is not along with you when you make backup of your video, you can also view the backed up video by accessing the synced videos stored on Google Drive,One Drive or iCloud Drive  with your phone.

Wish you every beautiful day!

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