DVDFab DVD Copy - Customize Split


DVDFab DVD Copy - Customize Split is designed to allow users to split a DVD-9 to 2 DVD-5 discs automatically by Title, and manually split Titles by chapter, equalize the size of the two output discs/folders if necessary. This mode is perfect for TV Episode discs or other sources that have the material in different titles.

Following is a tutorial on how to split a DVD-9 to two DVD-5 discs with a professional dvd copy software.

Customize Split Guide

If you don't want to look at the text guide bellow, please scroll down this page to bottom for video tutorial.

Customize Split includes two screens throughout the process, which is a 2-screen mode. The first shows how DVDFab has split the Titles (which can be changed by the user). The second screen allows the user to retain or remove menus, set the output Volume names and begin the custom split processing.

Step 1) Load DVD disc
Start up DVDFab, open the main interface, click on "Customize Split", insert your DVD9 disc to DVD drive, then bring up the first screen.

If you choose to split a DVD from a file you already have on your hard drive, you need to click folder icon

or ISO icon to select the source files, remember your files have to be ripped by DVDFab.

(This guide uses DVD disc as source, using default output location as the target.)

The first screen shows how DVDFab has split the Titles (which can be changed by the user), the sizes of the two discs and the usual audio and subpicture selection boxes that are found in the other DVD Copy modes. DVDFab will compress the files for each output disc independantly if needed.  

Step 2) Customize Split settings
To more evenly distribute the bits between discs by splitting the title by chapters, add a checkmark to the movie title under Disc 2 so that it appears on both discs and press the "Title Start/End Settings" button to access the box shown here:

Highlight the movie title (1 in this example) and use the drop down selectors to set the chapter ranges for Disc 1. In this example, this produced 100% Quality for output Disc1, as shown below.

Step 3) Start splitting process
When all choices and adjustments have been made, click "Next" button to access the second screen with additional options.

The second screen allows the user to retain or remove menus, set the output Volume names and begin the Custom Split processing. Not all settings/options on this page may be active, depending on the original DVD structure and DVDFab settings.

When all selections are complete, click "Start" to begin the split process.


After some time you will get a message that the process has completed successfully, press the Finish button, then you will get two backup folders on your output location, like:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\DVDFab\GOTHIKA_Disc1
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\DVDFab\GOTHIKA_Disc2

If you want to burn these two folders to blank disc, just need to choose Disc1 folder as source, set DVD burner as target to burn directly. Then do the same burning sequence for Disc2.

Details on the burning reference can be found on the Full Disc option.


For a detailed video tutorial, you also can visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIdd7HCjZM8

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