DVDFab Profile Editor


DVDFab Profile Editor was released as a public beta on August 20,2008. It is a standalone utility designed to allow easy user customization of the xml profiles that control the conversion functions in DVDFab's DVD Ripper modes. It has an easy, intuitive user interface and can be used to edit or customize existing profiles or create new ones for devices or formats that are not supported otherwise. It is not a required download and DVDFab will continue to operate normally without the editor installed, but if you experiment much with the profiles it can save time and assure that the profile you're making is assembled in the proper order and with correct syntax.
The current features are shown in the screen below, and development on the Editor is continuing, so more may be added from time to time.

Using the Editor


Operation of the editor is intuitive and easy to learn. The basic steps are outlined below
  • With editor open, select the profile you want to use as the basis for modifications in the "Device" drop down, or enter the name of the new device in the text box and click the "Add Device" button. The "Remove Device" button will remove your mistakes or other profile you have currently selected, so use it with caution; the editor will ask once to confirm deletions.
  • Depending on the task and device chosen, some or all of the boxes and windows will populate. Any of the values can be deleted or set as defaults, and file type and other basic structure and format types chosen using the many drop down selectors.
  • To Remove, for example, a screen resolution, just highlight it and click the "Remove" button below. To add a new one, type the dimensions in the small boxes and click "Add". Framerate and audio settings are controlled in a similar way, but using drop down selectors instead of text boxes for input.
  • To make any of the screen/audio choices the ones that will be pre-selected on the Conversion Settings screen, click in the Default column so that a small blue arrow appears next to the value. The screen resolution settings chosen this way may be modified by DVDFab if cropping is enabled.
  • When all selections are complete, click Save to store the profile. If you were modifying an existing DVDFab-supplied profile, the editor will prompt you for a new name so that the original profile is preserved without changes.



If you have suggestions or questions, please post them in the Profile Editor announcement thread in the DVDFab sub-forum at