DVDFab HD Decrypter

A Fantastic Option for Lossless Backup, Enabling Free Conversion of DVD/Blu-ray Videos

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  • Freely Decrypt DVD/Blu-ray Discs for Backup and Conversion

    Have you purchased a Blu-ray disc and are looking for a method to decrypt it? If you wish to have seamless access to the freshly released Blu-ray disc, you must deactivate the encryption. The free DVDFab HD Decrypter software streamlines your process and allows you to back up the Blu-ray disc to your system storage using cutting-edge technology.

    The specialized software can handle any conversion needs effectively, even if you want to create non-H.265 or non-4K videos. You receive everything for free, which is a good deal. Isn't it?
    Freely Decrypt DVD/Blu-ray Discs for Backup and Conversion
  • Combo of The Best Free DVD & Blu-ray Copy and Converter Software

    Have you ever encountered software that offers essential dual-mode functionality? If not, you should give the DVDFab HD Decrypter program a try. By combining copy and conversion, unique technology makes your task easier. For instance, you can combine the copy and converter features in one step or choose a different program depending on your needs. So why do you waiting for?

    Additional Blu-ray/DVD copies can be made to empty discs, or ISO files kept on a PC hard drive. You can also convert your Blu-rays and DVDs into MKV or MP4 files that work with the most popular devices. What else do you want?
    Combo of The Best Free DVD & Blu-ray Copy and Converter Software
  • For Flawless Playback on a Home Media server, Use a Lossless Backup DVD or Blu-ray

    Do you favor relaxing at home to watch movies or videos? If so, a Full disc and Main movie mode are available with DVDFab HD Decryption. The complete content can be backed up with its free lossless backup options. In addition to a BD50 Blu-ray disc, ISO, or folder, you will receive the best quality DVD size as DVD-9, thanks to its turbo-speed.

    Since the original video quality is preserved, the lossless backup improves your viewing experience. The Blu-ray code is also decrypted, the disc is ripped or converted, and the content is saved to your system storage for later viewing. DVDFab HD Decrypter offers a top-notch watch.
  • Convert DVDs, Blu-rays, and Videos for Free to MKV & MP4 Formats

    While MP4 is the format that works with every device, MKV allows unlimited storage of videos, movies, audio, and even subtitle tracks. The good news is that DVDFab HD Decrypter supports MP4 and MKV file conversion; non-H.265/4 K videos can be ripped and converted using the free DVD, Blu-ray ripper, and converter program DVDFab HD Decrypter.

    The output videos will be available at 480p quality with lossless thanks to its MKV Passthrough and.MP4 free conversion. In addition, you may quickly improve your MP4 and MKV file accessibility by taking advantage of the many benefits offered by a single piece of software.
    Convert DVDs, Blu-rays, and Videos for Free to MKV & MP4 Formats
  • Customize Your Video with a Built-in Video Editor

    Are you looking for a DVD decrypter to modify your output video file? With the help of DVDFab HD Decrypter, it is indeed pratical. The essential editing tools available during ripping include cropping, trimming, rotating, merging videos, applying watermarks, and adding subtitles. You can modify the video color functions if you're extracting outdated recordings because you can't afford to miss your parents' wedding. It's a fantastic feature you must utilize.

    With the assistance of DVDFab HD Decrypter, you may rip or convert brand-new discs as well as vintage ones that require little tweaking during the conversion process.
    Customize Your Video with a Built-in Video Editor
  • Compatible with Various Devices

    Do you worry about whether you can access your backup files on a tablet or a smartphone? No longer. The output files can be compatible with various devices, including smartphones and DVD/Blu-ray Standalone players, thanks to DVDFab HD Decrypter. You can watch the video on any device with the aid of multi-device compatibility.

    Device accessibility provides you the freedom to decrypt DVD or Blu-ray content and watch it in a pleasant home corner.
    Compatible with Various Devices
  • Multitasking Mode for DVD/Blu-ray to Digital File Conversion

    With the assistance of its multitasking mode, DVDFab HD Decrypter software is capable of adhering to all of your instructions. If you need to change, resize, or customize your output file in any way, the software can handle it automatically during conversion. It can also simply arrange your output files alphabetically.

    Its Multitasking mode can assist you in modifying your output files because it operates in automatic mode to incorporate all personalized adjustments. Use DVDFab HD Decrypter to be orderly and organized.
    Multitasking Mode for DVD/Blu-ray to Digital File Conversion
  • Friendly Access Meta Information and a .nfo File

    Are you interested in creating your own media library organized by genre and language? If so, you must choose DVDFab HD Decrypter. With its .nfo file capability, the software lets you download all the metadata, including movie titles, file formats, storylines, casting, narrative details, and director-producer names in the downloaded video.

    Once you begin watching it on any media server, all this meta information will appear. Even when you organize your own movie collection using the metadata and watch your favorite movie with your loved ones.
    Friendly Access Meta Information and a .nfo File

HD Decrypter VS Paid Version

  HD Decrypter Paid Version
Newest released disc 1 year before
Cloud Decryption Service
Backup to DVD-9/BD-50
Compress Video Size
Multitasking Mode
Hardware GPU Acceleration
Copy Modes Full Disc/Main Movie Mode only 6 For DVD
5 For Blu-ray
Metadata Output
Powered by AI Solution boosts frame rate up to 60 FPS
Upscale Videos Quality and Resolution
Remove Cinavia
Create video to disc format

How to Use DVDFab Decrypter for Free


Step 1: Launch DVDFab Copy product after free DVD decrypter download, and load the DVD source

Download DVDFab 12, and then opt for Copy from the option bar when it runs. You can copy DVDs to the computer using DVDFab HD Decrypter. Next, insert the DVD disc you want to back up into the optical drive, or navigate it through the Add buttons on the main UI if it has already in. When the source comes to be an ISO or a folder, you can just simply drag & drop it into the main UI for loading.


Step 2: Select one copy mode this free Decrypter supports and customize the output file

Move to the left pane, and click the Copy mode switcher to choose the Copy mode between Full Disc and Main Movie after loading the source. DVDFab HD Decrypter allows you to set the output DVD size as DVD-9, define the volume label, and select the copy options.


Step 3: Start to copy DVD

Click the Start button to trigger HD decryption, and then this free HD DVD decrypter will immediately begin the copy task with fast processing speed while displaying detailed progress info during the backup process. You can cancel the task anytime you don't want to continue, set your PC to automatically shut down, exit the program, hibernate, or do nothing when the task is done. Likewise, you can choose other modules in the first step to use this decrypted HD DVD ripper as a DVDFab DVD Ripper.

System Requirements

  • ★ Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit)
  • ★ Pentium 500 MHz
  • ★ 2GB of RAM or above
  • ★ 100GB of free hard disc space
  • ★ A DVD-R (W)/DVD+R (W)/Blu-ray Drive
  • ★ Live Internet connection required to register DVDFab (little network traffic used)

  • Input

    DVD-Video disc, Blu-ray Video disc, DVD/Blu-ray folder,DVD/Blu-ray ISO image file, non-H.265 & Non-4K videos

  • Output

    DVD-Video disc, Blu-ray Video disc, DVD/Blu-ray folder, DVD/Blu-ray ISO image file, MKV videos, MP4 videos

Frequently Asked Questions

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