Decrypt DVD is not a new term for those associated with the entertainment industry. You will get DVDs with encryption to prevent data security from curbing piracy in the media sector. If you are using it for personal use, you can decrypt DVD and access the content. In this context, DVD decrypt and download DVD decrypt do not lead to a legal trial. Some countries impose it for commercial purposes to prevent duplicity for mass use.

However, we will discuss DVD decrypt legal software, and you can use them for your personal use. Additionally, we will show you how to decrypt DVD with the help of the software within no time, and you can enjoy the content throughout.

Before going for DVD decrypt software details, you must know a few facts about DVD decrypt.

Why does Encryption Necessary?

Dvd encryption protects the content from unauthorized access, and the method is called Content Scrambling System or CSS. CSS is applied to prevent unauthorized access of the DVD content and protect it from copying the content.

Dvd encryption is necessary to protect the data from commercial access. Some countries impose strict laws to protect intellectual property from piracy to prevent circulation in large numbers.

For your personal use, you can DVD decrypt and watch your favorite movie on your device with the help of decrypt software. Decrypt software decrypt your DVD after following simple methods, and you can watch whatever you want.

Here we present you the top DVD decrypt tool; check out their features, price, pros, and cons. We hope the list will help you select the best tool that serves your purpose.

Additional tips: Before going with a decrypt DVD, check whether it is legal in your country or surrounding locality. Next, check if there is any intellectual property protection law in your nation or not. You need to know the legal terms and conditions before starting the process to avoid unwanted situations.

Top 8 Software to Decrypt DVD: Download DVD decrypt to enjoy the content


decrypt dvd by DVDfab dvd copy

If you want to decrypt DVD and backup the content, DVDFab DVD Copy is the best one to serve the purpose. It helps you remove the copy protection mark and allow the DVD to run on your system. It offers extensive features that perfectly suit your needs.

The features

  • It can remove all kinds of disc protection, including CSS, APS, RC, DADC, etc
  • It offers DVDFab Cloud Decryption Service that complete the process in quick notes
  • It can copy any DVD with six copy modes that include full disc, main movie, customize, split, merge, clone/ burn, etc
  • You can copy your DVD to a blank disc or ISO/ Folder for playback
  • With the help of the batch copy function, you can copy multiple discs at the fastest speed
  • It can remove Cinavia protection and copy DVDs with ease

Price: $39.99. A free download option is available


  • It's compatible with Windows and Mac
  • It helps to retain the original quality after copying
  • Meta info of DVD generate smoothly
  • It can remove all kinds of DVD protection codes region-restricted codes and copy the DVD


  • No cons

How to decrypt a DVD with DVDFab DVD Copy?

If you want to decrypt the DVD and copy it with DVDFab DVD copy software, get ready with the system requirements.

  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32/64 bit)
  • Pentium ll 500 MHz
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 20 GB of free hard disc space
  • A Dvd-R (W) or Dvd + R (W) Drive
  • Stable internet connection

Let's know the steps to decrypt a DVD.

Step 1: Install DVDFab DVD copy

steps to decrypt dvd by dvdfab dvd copy


Install DVDFab DVD copy on your device, double click the DVDFab DVD 12, select the copy option. Insert the DVD you want to backup and press the Add button on the main page. If your source file is an ISO, the drag and drop option is there.

Step 2: Choose the Copy mode

steps to decrypt dvd by dvdfab dvd copy

On the left pane, click the Copy mode. Select the output DVD size. You can adjust the volume level and modify other copy options.

Step 3: Click on the Start to copy button.

steps to decrypt dvd by dvdfab dvd copy

Click on the Start button to copy DVDs in your desired option. Within a few minutes, it'll complete the process.

The steps are easy, and you can follow them without prior knowledge of software operation. Decrypt DVD free with DVDFab DVD copy tool without any hassle.


how to decrypt dvd by handbrake

Handbrake decrypt DVD works flawlessly to provide you with smooth copying of the original DVD. Free DVD decrypt Handbrake comes with a simple interface that bypasses Dvd encryption with several readymade preset options. You can adjust the setting of each DVD copy session's location and customize it as per your needs.

The features

  • Dvd copying option is available and can access DVD without copy protection code
  • Copying Dvd into multiple formats
  • The readymade preset option is available
  • Line up numerous encoding tasks with a single click

Price: It's a freeware


  • The batch encoding option saves time
  • Simple interface
  • It's an open-source tool


  • It supports only two output multimedia containers


how to decrypt a dvd by makemkv

Suppose you're looking for a comprehensive tool to rip DVDs after removing the encryption code, then MakeMKV could provide you with good service. It is one of the best DVD decrypt software available in the market. Its newly launched feature AACS and BD+ allows you to bypass the copy protection code. With elementary steps, you can copy any DVD with ease.

The features

  • Decrypt DVD with super-fast speed
  • You can break the complex configuration with it
  • With the latest AACS and BD+, you can bypass the copy protection code
  • You can preserve metadata info

Price: freeware


  • The oldest software to decrypt DVD
  • It doesn't support ads
  • It can break the complex configuration


  • Convert option is limited with MKV
  • Customization option is restricted for users

Freemake DVD Ripper

how to decrypt a dvd by Freemake DVD Ripper

Freemake Dvd Ripper can decrypt, bypass the encryption code, and copy the DVD with ease with its robust features. Its simple interface with an easy process encourages you to decrypt, convert, and many more. You can select the output video files as per your preferences.

The features

  • It can decrypt with the fastest speed
  • You can convert the DVD into multiple file formats
  • You can go for full decryption or partial; the choice is yours
  • Customize video ripping option is available

Price: Freeware


  • It's an All in One DVD ripping software
  • Cloud storage facility is available
  • You can rip DVDs from YouTube and other digital platforms


  • The update is not frequent
  • The conversion speed is not up to the standard

Vidmore DVD Monster

dvd decrypt by vidmore dvd monster

Vidmore DVD Monster plays a significant role if you opt-out of this software for DVD decrypt. It's a fantastic tool to rip your DVD to any file format with unparalleled speed. Its multi-core CPU and GPU Acceleration provides you with convenient ripping and converting DVD. It's equipped with the latest encoding and decoding technology to ensure standard quality in ripped DVDs. We also recommend the post How to Decrypt Blu-ray?[Top Blu-ray Decrypter] to you.

The features

  • It's an effective tool to decrypt DVD
  • It can extract audio from video
  • 1:1 copy mode ensure the protection of the content quality
  • You can copy DVD to ISO file

Price: $29.95 for 1 PC/ month, $39.95/ year, $59.95 for lifetime for 3 pcs


  • It offers a wide range of DVD processing, management, audio extraction, and video editing
  • It offers batch conversion
  • It can remove any copy protection code with ease


  • Less access of features in Android and iOS devices

WinX Dvd Ripper Platinum

how to decrypt a dvd by WinX Dvd Ripper Platinum

If you're looking for software that can settle down damaged DVDs and decrypt DVDs, click on WinX Dvd Ripper platinum. It's a powerful tool that can crack Disney's 99 title codes and other region-restricted codes. Its unparalleled backup speed gives your time. If you want to have a better watching experience, you can try Blu ray decryption tools.

The features

  • You can rip DVD within the shortest time
  • 1:1 quality ratio maintained
  • Title check mechanism option is available to bypass the encryption code of DVD
  • You can restore and convert damaged DVD

Price: $29.95 and Free trial also available


  • It's a powerful DVD decrypt software
  • It can restore and convert damaged DVD
  • 210+ video audio codecs are available


  • The editing feature is less

DVD Shrink

how to decrypt a dvd by DVD Shrink

Free DVD decrypt software DVD Shrink plays multiple roles; it can shrink copies of dual-layer DVDs. Its DeCSS decryption algorithm can decrypt DVD, a powerful DVD ripper, and it can decrypt an old DVD as well as a new one.

The features

  • DeCSS decryption algorithm is available to decrypt DVD
  • It's famous for shrink DVD approx the size of 8.5 GB
  • It can shrink dual-layer DVD
  • It can rip DVD with outstanding speed

Price: It's a freeware


  • It's a powerful tool for video compression
  • It can decrypt old DVD efficiently


  • Its function doesn't support decrypting new DVD

DvdSmith Movie Backup

decrypt dvd DvdSmith Movie Backup

DvdSmith Movie Backup is an incredible tool to decrypt DVDs for Windows and Mac users. Its advanced decryption technology bypasses all kinds of local codes. It gives you access to the DVD, and it can copy the DVD with a 1:1 ratio with the quality intact. In addition to the above-mentioned software, you can also check the post Free DVD Decrypter and Blu-ray Decrypter from DVDFab All-In-One.

The features

  • It offers a Full Disc feature that can copy encrypted DVD to any hard drive
  • It can decrypt all kinds of codes that include CSS, RCE, UOP, APS, etc
  • It can create an ISO folder out of the copied DVD
  • It decrypts old DVD

Price: It's a freeware


  • It's famous for its Main Movie mode or Full Disc function
  • The user interface is intuitive
  • It maintains the quality of the DVD after the decryption process as original


  • No editing option is available

The top-notch eight software would help you to decrypt DVD, and you can convert the DVD to any other format that suits your device. You can decrypt all kinds of region-restricted codes and enjoy the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it decrypt DVD legal?

Check your country's DVD copyright and protection law as it's not similar to each country.

Is Linux decrypt DVD being different from Windows or Mac?

No, there are no significant changes seen in Linux decrypt DVD tools. Tools are different, but the functions are similar.

Is it safe to decrypt a DVD?

If it's not illegal in your country, then it's not unsafe. Instead, you can use a tool to decrypt DVDs and copy them into another disc.

Concluded Words

In the technologically advanced era, mere a region-restricted code does not hold you back from watching your favorite movie. Decrypt DVD software is available to bypass the restricted code and allow you to watch the content. But, if it's not legal in your country and there is a law to protect copyright issues and protection law, you should think before download DVD decrypt software.