The Children’s Day was just past. Had you converted the existing Disney DVD to digital to watch something with your children together? If you have the idea but don't know how to convert Disney DVD to digital, you cannot miss this post and the plenty of movies and songs I have collected for your reference.

Disney DVD

1. Top Disney DVD Movies You Cannot Miss

Here are the best DVD movies suitable for children to watch. Let’s introduce them one by one. You can choose anyone and rip Disney DVDs to digital with a free DVD ripper

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Disney DVD is a story of a girl named Alice, who mysteriously finds herself in a different world after falling into a rabbit hole under a tree. The story progresses as strange incidents happen one after another, leading her to find her true destiny, which is to restore the White Queen to power, ending the Red Queen’s reign of terror.

Alice in Wonderland Disney DVD

Peter and The Wolf

Peter and the Wolf Disney DVD is an animated adaptation of Sergei Prokofiev’s musical. It’s a story about a young boy Peter who goes on to hunt a wolf, making friends along the way.

Peter and the Wolf Disney DVD


Disney Cinderella DVD is a romantic fantasy, about a girl named Ella, who is mocked and bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters, after the unexpected death of her father. However, her fate drastically changes, when the prince falls for her.

Disney Cinderalla DVD

Song of The South

Disney Song of the South DVD is an animated musical drama based on a collection of Uncle Remus stories. It is thought that the backdrop of the film is set up in Reconstruction Era, after the abolition of slavery.

Disney Song of the South DVD

Disney Moana DVD

Based on the Polynesian island of Motunui, it’s a story of Moana, daughter of the chief of the Island, who seeks Demigod Maui, when her island is cursed. A series of events follow as she begins her journey to set things right.

Disney Moana DVD

Sleeping Beauty

Disney Sleeping Beauty DVD is a Disney classics DVD. This animated musical fantasy film centers on the princess Aurora who is cursed by a malevolent fairy, to die on her 16th birthday. 

Disney Sleeping Beauty DVD

Disney Sing Along Songs DVD

It is a collection of videos of musical moments from different Disney movies, TV shows. Various volumes were released after the original series of Disney Sing-along songs on DVDs.

Disney Sing Along Songs DVD

Inside out DVD Disney

The movie is set in the mind of a girl named Riley, whose actions are controlled by the basic emotions - sadness, disgust, joy, fear, and anger. As her family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco, her emotions try to navigate through the new life and surroundings.

Inside out DVD Disney

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Disney DVD is the memory of my childhood. Upon disowned by her stepmother out of jealousy, Snow White was left on her own in the woods, by the huntsman who was ordered by her stepmother to kill her. She was then rescued by seven dwarfs who befriend her and offer her to live with them.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Disney DVD

Disney Treasures DVD

It is a series of DVD collections, consisting of Disney cartoons and other materials. There are 9 waves of it for over 30 titles, ranging from Disney’s earliest to most recent content.

Disney Treasures DVD

Disney Zorro DVD

What is the main content of this DVD movie? Disney Zorro is a TV series revolving around the adventures of a masked swordsman named Zorro. If you like rising, this is Disney DVD is a good choice.

Disney Zorro DVD

Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and the Beast Disney DVD is a musical animated fantasy. It tells the story of a prince turned into a beast who finds love to break the spell so that he could restore his original human form. 

Beauty and the Beast

Disney's Halloween Treat DVD

Disney’s Halloween treat is the compilation of spooky or supernatural-themed cartoons. It also consists of several sections of villains from Disney movies.

Disney's Halloween Treat DVD

Classic Disney Cartoons DVD

Disney cartoon classics is a series of Disney cartoon compilations. In total 5 volumes, consisting of different cartoon series, were released one by one.

Classic Disney Cartoons DVD

Robin Hood Disney DVD

It’s the story based in England, of Little John and Robin Hood who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. For that the de facto king sends his troop to catch the two, but fails, leading to a series of interesting scenarios.

Robin Hood Disney DVD

Walt Disney Christmas DVD

It is a Disney DVD collection of six short films which are listed below.

  1. Once upon wintertime: About a couple who go ice skating, and meet a pair of rabbits.
  2. Santa’s workshop: It is a story of Santa’s helpers, making gifts and toys before Christmas.
  3. The night before Christmas: Animated presentation of the iconic poem,” A visit from St. Nicholas.”
  4. Pluto’s Christmas tree: Two cheeky chipmunks are shown playing tricks on Pluto, from behind the Christmas tree. 
  5. On Ice: Disney characters, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie, Mickey, Donald enjoy Ice sports
  6. Donald’s snow fight: Donald and his nephews fight against each other in a snowball fight. And an animated Christmas card.

Walt Disney Christmas DVD

Hercules Disney DVD

Revolves around the life of Hercules, who is a son of Greek Gods Zeus and Hera. Depicts the life of Hercules, entangled in the fight for power and politics, and his journey to reclaim himself.

Hercules Disney DVD

Disney Descendants DVD

It is a musical fantasy film about the children of Disney characters who refuse to follow the footsteps of their parents and instead go out of their ways to incorporate goodwill in the hearts of children from the banished land.

Disney Descendants DVD

So much for the most popular Disney DVD movies. Most of these Disney channel DVDs are old and classic films for children to watch. Subsequently, I will introduce some new DVD releases on Disney.

2. New Disney DVD Releases 2022

What’s new on Disney? There are the newest Disney movie on DVD released or to be released this year. Follow me to explore such new Disney DVD releases.


  • Release date: 29th January 2022, based on the 2017 non-fiction book Nomadland: Surviving America in the 21st century written by Jessica Bruder.
  • Cast: Linda May, Frances McDormand, Peter Spears, David Strathairn

New Disney DVD Releases 2022

Flora & Ulysses

  • Release Date: 19th February 2022, a superhero comedy, based on a children’s novel of the same name, by Kate Dicamillo.
  • Cast: Ben Schwartz, Alyson Hannigan, Matilda Lawler

newest disney movie on dvd

Raya and The Last Dragon

  • Release date: March 5th, 2022, an animated fantasy action-adventure film, depicting Raya, the warrior, and her quest to find the last dragon.
  • Cast: Gemma Chan, Kelly Marie Tran, Daniel Dae Kim, Jona Xiao

new disney movie on dvd

The Woman in The Window

  • Release date: 14th May 2022,a psychological thriller based on the 2018 novel penned by pseudonymous author A.J. Finn
  • Cast: Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Fred Hechinger

new disney dvd releases


  • Release date: 28th May 2022, crime comedy-drama, based on the character Cruella De Vil.
  • Cast: Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Emma Stone

disney dvd


  • Release date: June 18, 2022, an animated, coming of age, fantasy, comedy film.
  • Cast: Maya Rudolf, Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan

disney channel dvd

Summer of Soul

  • Release date: 2nd July 2022, a documentary about the Harlem cultural festival 1969.
  • Cast: Nina Simone, Chris Rock, Lin Manuel Miranda, Stevie Wonder

newest disney movie on dvd

Black Widow

  • Release date: 9th July 2022, superhero movie based on the marvel comics character
  • Cast: Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh

new disney dvd releases

Jungle Cruise

  • Release date: 30 July 2022, fantasy adventure movie, based on Walt Disney’s theme park attraction
  • Cast: Jesse Plemons, Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt

disney movies dvd for sale

Free Guy

  • Release date: 13th August 2022, science fiction action comedy
  • Cast: Jodie Comer, Ryan Reynolds, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Taika Waititi

New Disney Movie

The Night House

  • Release date: 20th August 2022, a psychological horror revolving around a widow, who discovers the secrets of her late husband.
  • Cast: Stacy Martin, Sarah Goldberg, Rebecca Hall

Disney DVD for the upcoming Children's Day

The Beatles: Get Back

  • Release date: 27th August 2022, a documentary about the making of the album, ‘Let it be’ (by Beatles 1970).
  • Cast: Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, Ringo Star

disney dvd collection

Shang Chi And The Legend of The Ten Rings

  • Release date: 3rd September 2022, based on the marvel comics character Shang-chi
  • Cast: Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Ronny Chieng, Michelle Yeoh

newest disney movie on dvd

The Eyes of Tammy Faye

  • Release date: 24th September 2022, based on the documentary.
  • Cast: Jessica Chastain, Cherry Jones, Andrew Garfield

new disney movie on dvd

The Last Duel

  • Release date: 15th October 2022, based on the book by Eric Jager, The last duel: a true story of trial by combat in medieval France.
  • Cast: Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, Adam Driver

new disney dvd releases

Ron’s Gone Wrong

Release date: 22nd October 2022, story of a middle schooler Ron, and his digital device.

newest disney movie on dvd


  • Release date: 29th October 2022, the story of a school teacher and her brother and their encounters with her student and some ancestral creature.
  • Cast: Jesse Plemons, Jeremy T. Thomas, Keri Russell

new disney movie on dvd


  • Release date: 5th November, 2022, a tale of immortal beings shaping history and civilisations of the Earth.
  • Cast: Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek,Gemma Chan, Richard Madden

new disney dvd releases


  • Release date: 24th November 2022, story about a girl who is the only member in her family without magical powers.
  • Cast: Stephanie Beatriz

newest disney movie on dvd

Nightmare Alley

  • Release date: 3rd December 2022, based on the novel by William Lindsay Gresham by the same name.
  • Cast: Cate Blanchett, Bradley Cooper, Rooney Mara

new disney movie on dvd

Westside Story

  • Release date: 10th December 2022, it is a story of the rivalry between two street gangs, an adaptation of a 1957 musical.
  • Cast: Ariana Debose, Ansel Elgort, Rachel Zegler

new disney dvd releases

The King’s Man

  • Release date: 22nd December 2022, based on the comic book,’ The secret service’, by Mark Miller and Dave Gibbons. It is the third installment of the Kingsman film series.
  • Cast: Harris Dickinson, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton

Disney DVD new releases 2022

These are the new Disney movie on DVD. Have you seen any of them? If no, this is a good chance to watch a DVD new release with your child at home. I hope your family can spend the upcoming Children’s Day happily.

3. Convert Disney DVD to Digital

Tired of changing DVDs on your player to view that favorite Disney movie? Do you need a way to watch “Zootopia” on your mobile in the ease of your bed rather than in front of a TV on a couch? In order to make your Disney DVD easily enjoyed on your mobile devices, the best way is to rip Disney DVD to MP4 format. Here, I will show you how to do that?

Convert Disney DVD to Digital

DVDFab DVD Ripper is the best Disney DVD to digital converter. It is compatible with Windows and Mac, and offers a 30-day free trial for you to watch MP4 Disney movies easily.

Main Features of this free DVD Ripper:

  • Convert Disney DVDs to digital like MP4, MKV, MOV, MPEG, FLV, etc.
  • Rip DVD audio to MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, AC3, AIFF, WMA, WAV, DTS, AP, and others
  • Rip subtitles from DVD to SRT format
  • Add subtitles to the video or turn off DVD subtitles
  • Copy DVD to hard drive, mobile devices, or upload DVD to YouTube
  • Support DVD rip in batches
  • Allow you to customize your DVD like ‘trim’, ‘crop’, ‘speed up/down’, ‘zoom in/out’, etc.
  • Improve video quality up to 1080p or 4K
  • Rip a Disney DVD to digital within 3 to 5 minutes

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How to use DVDFab DVD Ripper to rip Disney DVDs:

  • Free download the latest version of this Disney DVD to digital converter
  • Select the module of ‘Ripper’
  • Insert your Disney DVD(s) into this free DVD Ripper
  • Select your preferred DVD title, audio track, and subtitle to rip
  • Click ‘Choose Other Profile’ and set the output video format
  • Set the output destination for your ripped Disney movie
  • Start to convert Disney DVD to digital

Rip Disney DVD

How to decrypt Disney DVD copy protection

According to Disney copyright laws, it is illegal to rip a DVD for commercial use. So before converting Disney DVD to digital, read your regional law carefully. If it is allowed, still try DVDFab DVD Ripper, since it can decrypt any DVD copy protections automatically. With the help of this software, you can also know which Disney copy protection is embedded on your disc. Besides this free DVD Ripper, you can also try Passkey for DVD to remove DVD copy protections easily.


Have you picked out the best Disney DVD collection to watch after reading my recommendations? No matter which one you like best, watch it before a TV or convert Disney DVD to digital for easy enjoyment. DVDFab DVD Ripper and Passkey for DVD are always your best free assistant. Besides Disney movies, you can also rip Netflix DVDs and other types of DVDs at will.