Statistics State: According to market research, the DVD copy software market is expected to attain growth at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period till 2028.

dvd decryption download:Introduction

Before heading to select any random DVD decryption software, download the most effective and popular one while having a brief idea about DVD decryption and its importance in commercial and personal use. Though there is some controversy involved in the legal usage of any DVD decrypter for commercial purposes to control the hugely increasing black movie piracy market, there is enough leniency for DVD decryption software downloaded for personal use.

DVD decryption is a process to copy or backup DVD or Blu-ray discs on your PC. With a few clicks and steps of the best free DVD decrypter, you can copy, record or burn any encrypted Blu-ray Disc or DVD content while cloning them in your computer for your purpose. While using this DVD decryption process, you can customize the profile setting of the new file format in which the decrypted file will be converted, or you can use "decrypter wizard" to automate the entire DVD decryption process. So, there are a few reasons for the increasing demand for DVD decrypters in the video industry. Here you go with the primary 6 reasons for DVD decryption software download.

  • Make a copy of your DVD content for later watch on any device.
  • To prevent the damage and data loss of your valuable and favorite DVD content.
  • To keep a backup of your old DVD collection.
  • To enjoy the current encrypted Blu-ray movies or shows on any device, copying them on your PC with DVD decryption is the best option.
  • To get rid of physical DVDs to save storage space in your home and on your devices.

While selecting any DVD decrypter, you have to remember that any poor quality DVD decryption software can either completely damage your DVD or the output videos after decryption could be compromised in quality. So, to avoid both risks, you must go through the given list to pick the best one.

DVDFab HD Decrypter: Best DVD decryption software free download

dvd decryption download:DVDFab HD Decrypter: Best DVD decryption software free download

To explore the all-in-one service of copying, ripping, converting, and decrypting DVDs or Blu-ray Discs through the DVD decryption software, download the DVDFab HD Decrypter on any of your Windows or Mac PC. With this DVD decryption software free download, you can decrypt and convert encrypted Blu-ray Disc, Non-H. 265 encoded video files, non- 4K videos with MP4.Free conversion profile, and MKV passthrough.


  • With this free DVD decryption download, you can copy any DVD with or without encryption to any blank disc as an ISO file that will be saved on the HDD of your computer.
  • After copying, you can also convert them to MKV passthrough or MP4.Free file format video compatible with mobile or portable devices for your convenient playback.
  • Through this HD decrypter, you can copy any DVD or Blu-ray with its full length without compressing its size.
  • After converting DVD/Blu-ray content to MKV or MP4 format, two audio channels, and 480p video quality support will be provided.
  • With this DVD decryption software free download, you can explore smooth, speedy, and lossless decryption processes.

Decryption steps

  • After installing the DVDFab decrypter go to the "Copy" option & click on the "copy mode" icon to select either "Full Disc" mode or "Main Movie" mode.
  • After inserting the disc into your computer, either clicking on the "Add/+" button or using the "drag and drop" option, take down the file from the PC to the program.
  • Under the "Full Disc" mode, the DVD source will be loaded, and it can be previewed.
  • While previewing the title, you can change the audio track and subtitle.
  • You can also go to the "Advanced setting" option to select the loop playback mode for your output file.
  • Or you can select the "Copy non-DVD file" option for your output.
  • Finally, click on the "start" option to initiate the DVD decryption/copy process.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

dvd decryption download:WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Being one of the leading DVD decryption software, download this Winx DVD Ripper Platinum to decrypt any highly encrypted DVDs or Blu-ray discs in any format of your choice by bypassing the DVD-protected encryption such as notorious 99 title code, etc., or regional lock.


  • This DVD decrypter provides support to the analysis kernel and title check mechanism.
  • With level-3 hardware acceleration, you can decrypt DVDs within 5 minutes.
  • A high-quality engine with deinterlacing technology provides a lossless output of 1:1 video quality.
  • There is no missing out on audio-video sync.
  • There is neither aspect ratio change error nor FPS error.

You can decrypt DVDs and convert them to any format, including MPR, MKV, MOV, etc., with more than 210 audio-video codecs; you can playback them on any device like iPhone, laptop, Android mobile, etc.

Decryption steps

  • Download and install Winx DVD ripper platinum on PC.
  • Insert DVD to decrypt it in DVD Drive.
  • Click on the "Disc" option at the top left corner.
  • If you have only one DVD Drive, your DVD will be selected automatically.
  • Or, if you have more than one driver, you have to select the DVD from the list.
  • Go for selecting the output file format profile.
  • Tab on the "run" option to start the decryption process.
  • With this process, the encryption of your DVD will be automatically removed.

Leawo DVD Decrypter

dvd decryption download:Leawo DVD Decrypter

In the DVD decrypter industry, Leawo DVD decrypter is one of the popular names that make any encrypted DVD region-lock free by bypassing the CSS-DVD protection. Through this decrypter, you can also convert the DVD to more than 180 video file formats after decryption.


  • Decrypt DVDs by removing complex high-end encryption and region code.
  • Decrypt and convert DVDs to save space on your device.
  • This decrypter allows you to convert 2D DVDs to 3D with six different 3D effects.
  • The GPU acceleration technology makes the decryption process faster, very fast, and flawless.

Decryption steps

  • After installing the Leawo DVD decrypter, go to the Leawo ripper option.
  • Go to Leawo Prof. Media> "DVD Ripper">" Convert" module.
  • Under the "convert" Module, tap on the "Add UHD or Blu-ray or DVD" option.
  • To import a DVD disc, click on" Add from CD-ROM."
  • To import the folder, click on " Add from folder," and for the ISO file, click on "Add ISO file."
  • Or you can use the drag & drop option to put the DVD file in the main interface.
  • Tap on the " Dropdown" box.
  • Among three Edit options, Change and Apply, click on the "Change" option to go to the "profile" panel.
  • Select the format from the "Format" option or the "Device" group option.
  • While clicking on the "Edit" option, you can customize your output profile format parameter, including bit rate, frame rate, video codec, resolution, etc.
  • Next, tap on "OK" > big green "Convert" option>"SaveTo" box.
  • To start the decryption process, click on the " Convert" option.

So with these top 3 best DVD decryption download processes, you can easily make your favorite Digital library on your PC by removing the DVD encryption to enjoy physical DVD dependency-free playback on any of your convenient devices.

FAQs of DVD decryption software

What does the region-locked DVD mean?

It is a technology that allows a region-locked DVD player to play only limited DVDs that are encoded to that particular region. These DVDs are divided into nine region codes.

Is a DVD decrypter legal for commercial purposes?

There is a controversy about whether DVD decryption is legal or not. In some countries, there is a strict law against decrypting Copyright DVDs, even for personal use. On the other hand, in some regions, there is leniency in DVD decryption for personal use, but there is a restriction for commercial purposes. So, the legalization rule of DVD decryption is different in different regions.

What are the DVD decrypters for Windows or Mac?

There are various DVD decrypters available in the market with their multiple tools and techniques of decryption.

1. DVDFab DVD Copy software for Mac
2. VLC Media Player
3. DVD Shrink
4. HandBrake
5. DVD Decrypter

Last Lead

So, if you have been looking for the easiest and smartest HD Decrypter download, you have got the 3 best options for DVD decryption software download available on the market. From the free DVD decryption software download to the DVD decrypter best for Windows and Mac. So, select the best-suited one after going through the details, features, and decryption steps of these three DVD decryption software.