Original DVDs from media companies are packed with a bag full of content, multiple chapters, audio tracks, subtitles and even more content which you probably don’t need or are even not going to use. While you don’t have an option to buy only the part you need, you can select what you need when you are making a copy of your DVD.

Let’s take a professional DVD Copy utility - DVDFab DVD Copy for example. It offers 6 modes of copying - Clone, Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split, and Merge. It can read and copy DVD of all major types including DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL. Or, if you want, you can also copy DVD content and create an ISO file/folder on your computer storage or media device without losing any of the multimedia quality that is present on the DVD.

However, as discussed before, you don’t need to clone DVDs completely. To understand which mode to use to clone DVD, let us discuss the 6 modes of copy DVD offered by DVDFab Copy DVD solution.

How to copy DVDs with 6 different modes

Before we start, we suggest downloading the software  DVDFab 12 DVD Copy and install it on your Windows or Mac computer. It can copy any DVD disc/ISO/folders to a blank DVD-9/DVD-5 disc, ISO file or folder.

Start the software by double clicking on the icon of DVDFab or searching it from your Start menu. Select the Copy module and insert your DVD disc, and then DVDFab will load the disc automatically. If the disc is already present or is in the form of an ISO or folder, just drag and drop it on the main screen.

Click on the Profile Switcher option and you will see the multiple copy DVD modes available to you.


* When you load a DVD source into the software, a copy mode will be selected by default by DVDFab. Before switching it to another copy mode, please remember to toggle off the current mode. See the picture below.


* “To DVD”, “To Blu-ray”, “UHD to Blu-ray” modes in the mode switcher are not for DVDFab DVD Copy. “To DVD” is the option of Blu-ray to DVD Converter, “To Blu-ray” is the option of DVD to Blu-ray Converter and “UHD to Blu-ray” is the option of UHD to Blu-ray Converter.

1.    Copy DVD with Full Disc mode

This mode for copying DVDs is used to copy everything from the original DVD disc/ISO/folder to a blank DVD5 or DVD9 disc or an ISO/folder which you can keep anywhere.

Preview - Once you have added the content, you can use the Play button appearing on the main screen along with added file details to preview the content of the ISO/disc.


Advanced Settings - Use the Tool icon to open the Advanced Settings window. Use it to change the output DVD format (DVD5 or DVD9), decide whether you want to just copy DVD content like VIDEO_TS folder or other content too. If your DVD is Cinavia protected, just tick the Remove Cinavia (the option requires DVDFab DVD Cinavia Removal) checkbox to not add it in the output of the clone DVD.

Info - Once you have done the settings, verify the information using the Info icon on the ISO/DVD entry on the main screen and then hit the Start button to start the copy process. Before that, use the “Save to option to specify the output folder/ISO or choose your blank DVD drive location if you plan to directly burn your DVD.

2.    Copy DVD with Main Movie mode

When your DVD contains more than 1 video title in it and you want to burn a disc with only one of those videos, like when DVDs come with a sample part of the movie and the whole movie in one file, you can use this option to copy only the main movie video.

To the profile switcher menu and select the Main Movie option to copy DVD. Now, on the main screen, you can notice from the input/output size that only 1 of the video files from your DVD is selected for copying and this will be the main movie, the biggest video file.

Use the “Choose Other Titles” option to see all the video files and select the one you want to use in copy DVD. As you can see in the image below, you get a Preview button as well in the window to see which video you are copying while making the selection.

You will notice that in the main screen, you have the option to select the chapter you can to copy to DVD. You can also choose audio and subtitles to copy to the output clone DVD. You can choose to copy none of the available subtitles if you don’t need them.

Use the Advanced Settings window if you want to change any of the Output/Copying/Removing options.

3.    Copy DVD with Customize mode

This mode to copy DVD is exactly similar to the Main Movie mode with the exception that here you can choose more than one video title to copy to the output clone DVD. Just make use of the Choose Other Titles option to select the videos you want to copy and press okay. Make any changes in the Advanced Settings window if required and hit the start button. The output file(s) will be stored in the path specified in the Save to: section.

4.    Copy DVD with Split mode

This copy DVD mode in DVDFab Copy DVD is to be used when you want to create different DVD discs/ISO/folders from the content of a single DVD.

Add the content to the DVDFab interface and choose Copy title and then Split option from the Profile Switcher. You should now see on the main screen how DVDFab has split the contents on the DVD randomly to be divided into different discs.

If multiple Chapters, Audio tracks or Subtitles are present, you can choose the ones you want to copy to DVD. Make sure to use the Play button to preview the track so that you can make sure that the right track is going to the targeted DVD. Use the Info button to see the protections currently present on the disc and/or  Advanced Settings button to select the DVD format or change any other setting.

Once all settings are done, just go ahead and click on the Start button to create an ISO/folder or burn a DVD.

5.    Copy DVD with Merge mode

This mode of copy DVD is used to merge content from multiple DVDs to a single DVD disc, ISO or a folder. You can use the Full Disc copy DVD option to first create an ISO of all your DVDs and then add all those ISOs in the merge mode to create one DVD. Or, if you have a media server attached or some way to read multiple DVDs at the same time, you can use that.

After adding all DVDs, select the titles, chapters, audio tracks and subtitles you want in the output clone DVD, do the required settings in the Advanced Settings window, select the output directly and Start the creation of this merged DVD.

6.    Copy DVD with Clone/Burn mode

This mode of copy DVD is the traditional method of making a DVD clone. When you want to make exact replicas of your DVD, use this option. Insert the disc or select the ISO/folder and create similar output ISO or folders or a disc.


There is no option to customize anything here with no option to choose titles, do Advanced Settings (you can only choose data to clone on Advanced Settings panel) or selecting which audio track/subtitles to go into the output.

All these modes of copying can run in parallel which you use DVDFab for other tasks. You can at anytime go to the Task Queue to find out the status of a running task or see the Finished/Archived tasks. You can also schedule the copy DVD task to run at a later time.

Since burning DVDs can take time, you can set DVDFab to Shutdown or Standby your computer after the task is complete.

All in all, DVDFab DVD Copy is a complete solution for any copy DVD tasks. Cloning complete DVD, filtering out unwanted content like subtitles or audio of other languages, filtering unwanted video clips or merging multiple DVD content; DVDFab supports them all. Go ahead and get your copy of DVDFab DVD Copy now!

If you also want to rip your DVD to video formats for backup, please click how to convert DVD to MKV to learn more.