Are you looking for a professional but easy-to-use UHD copy program to copy UHD Blu-ray movies for better viewing or personal collection? DVDFab UHD Copy would be a great choice. DVDFab UHD Copy is the first 4K UHD copy solution that can clone an unprotected 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray to lossless ISO file, copy the entire disc or main movie title to ISO or folder with BD-100/50/25 2160p quality, or burn and compress the UHD source to BD-50/25 discs. Now let me show you how to copy UHD Blu-ray.

First of all, please note that only 64-bit version DVDFab can copy 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.  Before getting down to copying UHD Blu-rays, you need to check whether the firmware inside your 4K UHD drive is friendly. Otherwise, you need to downgrade unfriendly firmware to the UHD friendly drive version with the world's only professional UHD Drive Tool , then reboot your PC to proceed with backup tasks.

Step 1: Choose Copy Mode

Run DVDFab 12 (the 64-bit version), go to “Copy” module, and choose Full Disc, Main Movie or Clone/Burn mode according to your need. Here we take the Main Movie mode as an example.

How to Copy UHD Blu-rays with High Quality

Step 2: Load UHD Blu-ray source

Insert an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc or click the “+” icon to load a source. If the source is an ISO file or folder, you can drag and drop it to the main interface directly to load it.

Load UHD Blu-ray Source to UHD Copy Program

Step 3: Customize output movies

The main movie has been selected by default here, and now you are free to choose the chapters, audio tracks and subtitles you want. You can also go to “Advanced Settings” panel to choose the output as BD-25, BD-50 or BD-100.

Customize Output via Advanced Settings

Step 4: Select output directory

Go to “Save to” part at the bottom of the main interface and select an output directory. Select your optical drive from the drop-down list box as the directory is to copy the UHD source to a Blu-ray disc; click the “Folder” icon is to save the movie as a folder; click the “Image” icon is to copy the 4K source to an ISO file.

Step 5: Start to copy UHD Blu-rays

Click the “Start” button to start the process of copying 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Start to Copy UHD Blu-rays with Turbo Speed

If your computer has a good performance, the whole copy process will be completed within a short time. Powered by advanced hardware acceleration technologies, the HDR10/Dolby Vision video quality will be retained throughout the copy process. Also want to rip 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray? Go to How to Rip UHD Blu-ray with DVDFab UHD Ripper to have a look.

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